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A Doctor’s Epic Frustration

I received an email from Dr. Joseph Mercola just a few minutes ago stating that his website had been shut down in the early morning of Friday September 23rd, 2022. From the sounds of it, he doesn’t know when it will be up again. He didn’t take it down. He’s been the victim of a deep state attack. Again.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dr. Mercola, he writes on vitamins, nutrients, exercise, and the science of health. Not the medicine of health, even though he was trained as a medical osteopath and holds an M.D. degree. He talks about the actual science behind what keeps our bodies healthy.

The establishment evil has been after him for years. They’ve labeled him a mass superspreader of misinformation (#1 on their list). He’s been banned from social media, harassed on bike rides, been wiped off Google searches, and had hit pieces on him written in the New York Times. For writing on keeping people healthy.

What does this tell you?



Think harder.

There’s a war on for control of your body. Literally.

People in power want you sick.


When you’re sick they can siphon money off of you offering you demon-attached pills and potions. When you’re sick, you’re a drain on your family, in time and money and energy. They’ve got you by the proverbial cojones. And if you get desperate enough, you will turn to their cures, and their system. This, I believe, is the end goal. They want you to willingly acquiesce to come to them to beg for help. Willing compliance is what Satan wants from you as you descend the stairs into the hell of his system.

But wait a minute you crazy person, you might be thinking, there’s nothing wrong with the medical system, it’s there to HELP people.

No it’s not. And if you still think it is after reading the rest of this article, all the linked sources, and the yellow affidavit, well, I guess we’ll have to seriously agree to disagree.

This is a post in the affidavit series, tied to release #5.

Also involved in release #5 of the affidavits, I’ve written a post about the main software company that provides the EMR software for 70% of the USA’s hospitals, Epic Software, out of Verona, Wisconsin. I’ve also published two videos on Epic Software, here and here. I think it’s important enough to talk about again.

A few blogs ago I talked about primary sources (again), and it’s still important here. Steve Kirsch published a letter to the general public from an M.D. practicing in California who talks about his experiences with Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s). This MD is a primary source, someone to listen to closely. I’ve reprinted his letter here:

Dear Steve,

You ask why doctors are silent. The electronic medical records (EMRs) are a ball and chain to physicians. We are tracked through them. When I wrote a prescription for Ivermectin for a patient, with informed consent (she was vaccinated), I received 5 letters threatening my medical license, my hospital privileges, and my insurance contracts. I would not have received 5 letters if I killed someone in negligence or malpractice. If I have my license pulled, I will no longer be able to help my patients.

I speak to patients on a one-on-one basis, but speaking out would destroy my family. I have children. Quite frankly, I have seen that patients want me to risk myself for them, but are wholly unwilling to support their physician. The population is lazy.

I can save your life, but I get paid less for my work than some hairdressers. My education is not valued by society, as supported by the rise of the “advanced practice provider.” I am almost done with my profession. I hope to retire in the next 1-3 years, decades before I had planned. I love what I do, but cannot take this toxic and broken system any longer. This is why so many have retired in the past couple years, and this trend will continue.

I am attaching the latest California bill to throttle physicians. I hear no outcry. I told patients over a year ago that the vax would not prevent them from getting COVID. It was never studied to do so. I actually read the studies. This of course was disinformation, but has now been proven to be true.

Who will be the truth czar for healthcare? How am I to keep up? I am left to assume that the population wants the government to guide their healthcare. That is, in fact, the plan. The healthcare system will be socialized within the next 5 years I predict. And the population will be shocked. No one is paying attention.

Anonymous M.D. in California

We are tracked through electronic medical records, Anonymous M.D. says. “The electronic medical records (EMRs) are a ball and chain to physicians,” he says. The EMRs administered through companies such as Epic Software that are in 70% of the hospitals in the USA aren’t just designed to track patients, but doctors and nurses, too. Why? Probably because Obamacare implementation instituted top-down controls that most people aren’t aware of that strangulate the ability of Doctors to tailor treatment to patients.

I’ve had serious and increasing concerns for a long time that the Western medical system in the US is not a good thing for human beings. Sky high insurance prices that ended private practices and clustered almost all doctors into HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organizations), clinics and giant chain medical institutions was big. The release of liability for vaccines and the establishment of a “vaccine court” brought to us by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s was another bad move. Obamacare was another nail in the coffin. Epic Electronic Medical Records is one of the final nails, I believe, one that is an important antecedent toward their goal of digital ID, digital cash and complete digital slavery of the population.

Obamacare was bad, you say? Yes. Except I didn’t have the exact underlying reason why it was bad until recently, when my research partner brought the following to my attention. It’s a quote from David Lester Straight on the purpose of instituting Obamacare. For those of you reading from outside of the USA, Obamacare was a health care revamp/overhaul in the USA with thousands of pages of legal instructions, that one of the people in our legislative branch famously quipped that we had to “pass the bill to see what was in it.” Why, as a legislator, would you not need to see what was in a bill? Because as a member of Satan’s Brotherhood System you didn’t care what was in that bill. Because you knew its purpose, which is two words long: child trafficking. Obamacare was set up to institute a nationwide network of government-aided-and-abetted child trafficking according to David Straight:

What if I told you Obamacare was set up for one reason one reason only and that’s to traffic children. Obamacare– that’s the only reason it was set up. What if I told you that they invested so much money they built three super computers in the university in Austin, Texas, that a mother can go to her gynecologist, find out that she’s pregnant, and the moment he puts in the code, the child traffickers are following that mother and her pregnancy. They know whether she’s going to get an abortion, whether she has a live birth, they follow the kid through the first few years of school they know if it’s got blond hair, blue eyes or red hair, green eyes or whatever. …They got blood type DNA, all your medical records. Obama Care coding system removed doctor patient confidentiality from the United States and the world. It don’t think it just happened here. It happened all over the world and every United Nations country one that was passed, we started. So it’s a five digit coding system with over 80,000 codes. We call a medical kidnapping in this country. I have parents that have walked into Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and they can be up there with talking to their doctor. Their doctor writes stuff down in his notes. He hands it to the medical coding expert in his office. She takes it she puts it in a computer. CPS and the Superior Court of Arizona leases space in the basement of the hospital. A red flag pops up on the CPS agent’s computer down there. She has every medical record the home address, the parents name, everything. She can cut and paste put it on her documents in order to remove walking next door to the judge, have him sign it, get in the elevator be upstairs within five minutes taking the child. (Audience member: On what grounds?) Whatever they want to think up. (I heard they lease space in every hospital. )They do. Every hospital.

David Lester Straight on A Members-only Introduction to: The Line

So, in every hospital is a system designed to track and steal your children, if they want your children. Not all children are wanted by The Illuminati Brotherhood System. That’s convenient for them because it makes child kidnappings look sporadic or incidental and not planned and organized. Top that off with one survivor’s assertion that hospital birth is a deliberately orchestrated trauma to both child and mother, and you don’t have health care, you have a Luciferian institution under the guise of health care.

The government, education, medical system, social services–they all put out these glossy brochures that are nothing like the product delivered. They’re all liars about any new scheme being implemented. It’s only later when the damage is done that they come clean and maybe tell the truth. Just two weeks ago, the CDC admitted, quietly, that they’d been lying about nearly everything they said about Covid and its associated jabs. Deborah Birx admitted she knew that the jab wouldn’t work the way it was advertised right from the start. Steve Kirsch also revealed recently that nearly everybody inside the CDC has “drunk the Kool Aid” and doesn’t have a clue that what they did was horribly wrong. (If you care at all about actual science and health connected to the Covid rollout, subscribe to his newsletter at

The anonymous doctor Steve Kirsch quoted says in the 2nd to last paragraph “I hear no outcry” to all this. I agree. There isn’t. And unlike this doctor who wrote the letter, I predict there won’t be any outcry, even when/if socialized medicine comes in its fullest horrors. There might be some outcry after its implemented, but only much later when people realize that the glossy brochure is not what is inside the bottle. Few people put up an outcry when Obamacare was pushed through and then Chief Justice John Roberts upheld it in the supreme court case. Why did he uphold it? Well, he’s one of them. A member of a child trafficking organization. At least that’s what Tore Says alleges in her latest video. She claims he’s got a Knights of Malta passport, a special, rare passport, that makes him a citizen of a country with no borders and no land. According to Svali, Knights of Malta are one of the 13 worldwide occult branches working towards the One World Beast system. John Roberts sold out an entire country’s worth of children to Lucifer because he’s not beholden to this country, he’s beholden to his Luciferian brothers and sisters.

Many people like the anonymous Doctor acquiesce to constant pressure because they just want peace in their life. The System knows this and uses it as a tactic against us.

Unrelenting media pressure and a constant barrage of messages concerning what they want us to do, to think, to feel, are all part of the “Mind Construct” form of slavery that is the System’s newest way of attempting to create slaves of us all. It’s the one that wants us to provide our willing consent. I wrote about Svali’s revelations about Project Alexis, which is named after the demon Alexis, where TV and movies, digital music, and internet, your cell phone, and other forms of “entertainment” flash subliminal programming at us at speeds where we can’t see it but we unconsciously absorb it. These people that are jab devotees, who can’t think anymore but only parrot what they’re told and get very upset if they have to think through an issue–these are part of the modern-day slave society. They have succumbed to the Mind Construct that the System has been flashing at us all.

The epidemic of physicians quitting the medical field is staggering. Two-thirds of all doctors surveyed a few years ago felt negatively about their own profession. Even a decade ago I saw more than a handful of people get out of medical school, go into practice for a few months and quit. They hated what they were experiencing. Who does this leave? Well, like Rebecca Brown, M.D. said in her book Prepare for War, many of her colleagues were witches and warlocks. They’re happy to stay and do the evil bidding of the very evil overlords of the medical system, which now includes almost full penetration by Epic’s track-and-threaten Electronic Medical Records. Good people don’t like to work in a horribly bad work environment, which includes that Doctor, above, who can’t stand the jail he’s inside, and he’s planning to retire much sooner than he originally anticipated.

People in the Luciferian Brotherhood System have quotas. They have to do certain evil deeds at varying frequencies which are then recorded and records are kept on central computer servers, to placate Lucifer and keep themselves alive. Those witches and warlocks spend all their time trying to beat down people like that doctor so they either give up, and get out, or acquiesce in compliance to the evil, because they just want peace in their life. The witches care, because their butt is on the line if they don’t care. They have to fulfill their harassment quotas or get spanked by Satan. And there are many witches and warlocks working within the medical system.

Tim, a fellow doctor at the hospital where Rebecca was in training, was also a high satanist.

David (cult code name for a doctor at Rebecca’s hospital who was also the local high priest)….

Rebecca never took even a sip of water without first thank- ing the Lord for it and asking Him to sanctify it and purify it. On more than one occasion when she had finished eating lunch she noticed some of the medical personnel looking strangely at her and some even asked her if she felt O.K. She had no doubt that the Lord has answered her prayer and purified her food of whatever poison had been placed within it. One nurse came to her one day and accepted Jesus as her Savior, telling Rebecca that she had been so astonished that she had survived the poison placed in her food that she (the nurse) wanted to serve Rebecca’s master instead of Satan.

Rebecca Brown, M.D. “Prepare for War”

Nobody (but me and a very small group of others) seemed to care much when it was discovered that the government was paying hospitals billions of dollars for positive Covid diagnoses, treatment and deaths. Parents and grandparents died alone and lonely in hospitals and nursing homes. Nobody got up a posse and enlisted the county sheriffs to help and stormed the buildings to take their loved-ones home. I even saw medical doctors who knew better going to hospitals for treatment, where they, sadly but predictably, were given treatments that killed them, ones that were known to kill people with the symptoms of Covid.

I recently shared a portion of the last chapter of Svali’s book, which she has been publishing on her blog. She has 117 subscribers to her blog. That’s a pretty low number. It’s not shameful on her, but shameful on us, the public, who should be studying her primary source information like crazy. But, as a general rule, it’s difficult to get people to care about difficult, evil, violent subjects. It’s less popular than diving headfirst into a poopy sewer. Fantastical subjects are not so difficult. Stories about famous satanists who are movie stars or pop singers–not so difficult. But the ones that don’t give us an adrenaline hit, the ones that are just a grind and a drag, those are the important ones, the ones that get overlooked more often than not. Caring about these difficult occult subjects and getting the word out to good people is one of the only ways to start the process of taking the System down.

I look back on the other whistleblowers, and I wonder how many of them are household names. There are 337 million people in America and it seems to me like most people either don’t care or don’t want to know, if they even are aware, which is doubtful. I know this is true in my circle of influence, at least. The vast majority don’t care or don’t want to know.

I bet I could send my blog on Epic and a link to the videos to Steve Kirsch and I’d bet he wouldn’t care, either, because he’s making a boatload on his Substack complaining to the witches and warlocks installed in the highest levels of the CDC about things that they are bound by Satan to ignore. In fact, Kirsch is named as the #2 mass information superspreader behind Dr. Joe Mercola, and his entire substack is restricted/banned from the CDC servers–they don’t want their own people reading any opposition information, which is astonishing. That’s not science, at all, that’s out-and-out indoctrination, not at an educational level, but at a corporate/governmental level. It’s unfortunate, as Kirsch has got fantastic information and insider contacts. But neither he nor anybody else can solve a witchcraft problem by spending time complaining about the implementation of evil plans to the witches who are installing Lucifer’s evil plans. They’re probably laughing their butts off seeing how stupid we all are and how we don’t really get it. It’s like complaining to a robber robbing your house that your house is being robbed. Useless and ludicrous.

I see things falling apart. This morning Mike Adams’ video newsletter was about the fact that we’re in World War III right now, it’s just being kept out of the (Luciferian-controlled) news. It feels terrifying and heartbreaking and other emotions I can’t put into words because I don’t think I’ve felt them before.

Maybe this a good thing, the fall of it all. Maybe the fall of the cabal means that it all has to fall, like Mike Adams suggested in another recent video.

Nearly all the institutions of modern Western Civilization are holding back humanity from progress, truth, liberty and happiness. Almost without exception, every Western institution — government, media, entertainment, sports, education, finance, tech, science, medicine and more — has been overtaken by anti-human, Luciferian forces that push policies rooted in pure evil.

The more you understand the level of pure satanic evil that has infested the governments and institutions of Western Civilization, the easier it is to realize that their collapse is a necessary step for humanity to ever be free from their reign of evil.

The coming collapse of Western Europe’s demonic governments (and fake fiat currencies) is actually a blessing for the world. That doesn’t mean there won’t be suffering, because there most certainly will be. But the demise of this Luciferian global control cartel is absolutely necessary for the re-founding and rebuilding of human societies rooted in Christian principles, family values and honest money.

Mike Adams,

So, maybe I’m wrong to care. Maybe I shouldn’t be distressed by the impending failure of, well, maybe everything. Maybe evil is supposed to win, because they’ve programmed everybody to accept what they have planned for us, which seems to include an all-out assault on humanity, coming this month.

I hope that one thing that falls is the current western medical system of doctors, hospitals, registered nurses, clinics, health maintenance organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and clandestine bioterrorism research facilities around the world pumping out genetically engineered pandemic viruses. Perhaps you’re shocked by this wish of mine. I wouldn’t doubt that a significant number of you had the gut reaction of thinking–no no, not all of it. Some of it is good….let’s keep just this piece….or that piece. What would we do without it??? Find substitutes, that’s what we’d do. Probably better substitutes, at that. When you have cancer, do you cut out part of it and leave the rest in, or do you get rid of it all? John D. Rockefeller, occultist, birthed the pharmaceutical industry and crafted the modern-day healthcare system used in most western countries. It’s been rotten from the start, and things have gone from bad to worse lately.

In order to build a new system, the old one might have to come down. That’s a scary proposition. The trick will be getting enough good people’s attention and into the game of taking down the beast, and enough other good people to build a different, better one in its stead.

If you what to see what Our Whistleblower Jessie Czebotar, speaking from her experience, (which makes her a primary source) has to say about Epic and the connection between worldwide organized witchcraft and Electronic Medical Records, you can find that affidavit in the yellow, below. I dare you to share it with someone who loves their medical care and couldn’t imagine not paying tens of thousands of dollars a year in insurance and fees to be a part of what I can only call a cog in the wheel of the Beast System. They’re after your soul, and your health be damned. Literally.

Jessie Marie Czebotar Sworn Statement/Affidavit:

5. Under the training centers and in the Tunnel Systems there are WALLS which the system calls Ritual Walls to Molech [sic] or Baal. These WALLS contain the handprints of over 200 years of individuals who are involved in the System. When a child born into the System turns age 5, they participate in a ritual where they dip their hand in blood and put their handprint on the wall. There is preparation that goes into this ritual. Before the ritual time, (those preparing the children, called teachers) will take the children into the Tunnel Systems or places where children’s handprints are displayed like Art, in small groups and they will have the children practice putting their hands on the wall in a way that ensures the full handprint is captured.

a) In September of 1981, Jessie Marie Czebotar and Douglas John Kilrush Mysecko were taken before the WALL in Rockford, IL that is underneath Cathedral of St Peter. I (JMC) testify that our handprints are on that WALL and also on the following walls:

(1) Ashton, WI under St. Peter Church
(2) Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau Germany
(3) Frankfurt Germany
(4) Emerald City under Pentagon
(5) Underground City of Tsion/Mars under Area 51

b) The purpose of the wall is two-fold. In the System it is considered a Vow or comparable to a contract made between the humans and the demonic entities who have dominion over those areas. The demonic entities believe it gives them “Soul Rights” or “Soul Ties”. It is considered a quantum genetic and blood signature unique to each individual. The System sees each of these quantum signatures as being comparable to a “Seal”. Therefore, if one possesses the seal, they are able to use it in the spiritual and physical fight for dominion rights, power, and territory authority. They base these rights on the Universal Law of God, “Wherever the soul [sic] of your feet tread, I shall give that land to you.” Joshua 1:3

c) The System uses these “Soul Ties” or “Soul Seals” in connection to:

(1) Birth Footprints (Tie is to physical earth and land rights)
(2) Handprints (Tie is to unique fingerprint and connected to the work of our hands the Lord has ordained for us to do)
(3) Birth Certificates (Tie is to individuals name and breaths or sounds their name makes, the sound of our name is our quantum spiritual identifier)
(4) Social Security Number (Tie is to the numerical value of individuals identity)
(5) Egg and sperm vaults (Tie is to our unborn descendants)
(6) Blood (Tie is to the glory or life of God in the blood and DNA)

All of these Different Quantum Signatures of a person’s identity are considered Universal currency. They are bought, sold, and traded in the Global Black soul Market Exchanges.

d) during ritual or ceremonial magik, whomever is summoning or invoking a demonic spirit to aid them in that magik can also access energy, power, and authority of all demons associated with each quantum signature they have access to. To explain this concept further. [sic] The reason locations like Cathedral of St Peter have a ritual WALL underneath them is so that any human or demonic spirit coming onto the location can access mass amounts of spiritual and dominion rights, authority, and power that is outside of their own. This is considered “Ritual Ground”. Larger ritual ground areas such as Disney Land [sic] and Neuschwanstein Castle will be made tourist sites. That ensures that many people are coming on a regular basis, touching things, leaving their handprints and other signature identifiers “willingly” on the land and giving high-level witches and warlocks access to their “soul seals”.

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