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Bloodlines of the Rief family

This is a post in the affidavit series, and is a continuation of the Charles “Charlie” Bower post.

In affidavit release #9, you will see a long list of people’s names and place names, one of which is Charles Julian Syndercombe Bower (listed as Charles Edmund Sindercombe Bulmer Bower in the affidavit) and right below his name Tiffany (Rief) Bower.

Tammy and Tiffany Rief

Tiffany is the wife of Charles Bower, as well as the sister of Tammy Rief who is the mother of Jonah Earl Rief, who was black market kidnapped and sold to a high-level elite family outside of the United States in 2012/2013. Tammy and Jonah’s stories are detailed in two early Right on Radio shows, as well as in a 2-hour long interview by Tina Melo that I’ve archived from YouTube onto Bitchute, as well as a 3-part Sisterhood Report podcast.

I came to Jessie’s story in late October of 2021, just a few weeks past when the Right on Radio Rief podcasts were made, and I purposely decided not to explore them at that time as I was busy trying to understand the structure of the system and some of its individuals. Jonah’s story now is just as important if not more important as it was then, as it ties in to the structure of the System, the people in the System, and to the recent accusations of Jessie made by Cheryl Beck.

So, the genealogy of Tammy and Tiffany Rief is important to understand how the previous post, this post, and the Jonah Rief story are all intertwined. Tammy and Tiffany are the 2 daughters of Earl and Cherie Rief. Just like in the previous Charlie Bower story, repeated family names appear here. Cherie is Tammy’s middle name, and Earl is Jonah’s middle name. Earl and Cherie Rief live in Arkansas, having previously lived in California. Tiffany and Charlie Bower live in San Diego, California. The places, as well as the parents, play a role in the kidnapping story.

Here’s a photo of the whole Charles Bower family. Left to right, Charlie Bower, Tiffany and Charlie’s son, Earl Rief, Cherie Rief, and Tammy Rief Bower. This is a publicly acquired and freely available photograph that can be found on Tiffany Bower’s Facebook page. (

The first question that popped into my mind when I figured out that Tammy and Tiffany were sisters was–wait a minute, Tiffany is married into a very high-level generational Illuminati family. That generally doesn’t happen unless both spouses are from Illuminati families at least according to what Svali has said about marriages within the Illuminati, and what Jessie has said about the Brotherhood arranging many marriages to ensure favorable genetics in the children. (for more detailed explanations and references to these subjects, read my free book)

Sure enough, both Tammy Rief and Tiffany Rief Bower are descended from a number of Illuminati lineages.

The Letters

Tammy describes getting four different letters from her family’s Illuminati hierarchy lineage from overseas just prior to Jonah’s birth on December 18, 2007, first asking and then threatening/demanding that she join them.

Prior to (Jonah’s) birth I had four letters that came from an organization that people this is mythical, that is absolutely alive and well and functioning, and this organization is called the Illumianti. People know them as different secret societeis that are all rolled-up into one. So I had four letters between July 2007 and October of 2007 that were basically–these letters were 10 to 14 pages long, they knew everything about me, mentioned that they had watched me my whole life, they maybe had even been at restaurants or places I had been sitting behind me. Maybe I’d even met some of them as I (worked) in the film industry. I was an art director for many many years in Hollywood. The letters were Air France, they were sent from out of the country.

Right on Radio Episode 30 Jonah in the Beast.

Aside from keeping tabs on Tammy throughout her life, showing up at restaurants, etc., and essentially stalking her, Tammy also states that they can track lineages through hospital records. Epic Electronic Medical Records strikes again. (As David Lester Straight said, electronic medical records are all about child trafficking.)

So it’s no accident they took Jonah, he was a highly desired hierarchy child from an Illuminati matriarchal lineage. Tammy continues:

I read every letter to friends and family, including my own sister, who sent me an email down the road that said “This is why they took Jonah. If you would have just done this, maybe they would have left us alone.” (Which) doesn’t make sense… you have to take a blood oath to join them.

Right on Radio Episode 30 Jonah in the Beast.

“You have to take a blood oath to join them.” Is that what Tiffany might have done, taken that blood oath and joined them? Tammy’s mention of it implies that might be the case, but doesn’t say for sure. My deductive reasoning says that it’s more likely than not that to marry Charles, Tiffany would have had to take that oath. When did they get married? It’s hard to say. But I do know that photos of Charles and Tiffany together in rather lovey-dovey positions were posted on Facebook on November 20, 2007, just one month before Jonah’s birth. They were kindling a relationship on or before the period during Tammy’s pregnancy that she was being wooed by the overseas branch of the Illuminati.

“Maybe they would have left US alone,” Tammy says. Us. Implying that both Tammy and Tiffany have been contacted by this Illuminati group. Did Tiffany get connected to Charles because the hierarchy wanted them to be connected? It sure seems to be a possibility.

That then begs the question, was Tiffany Rief Bower a part of the plot to seduce & impregnate Tammy, and then kidnap Jonah? Wittingly, or perhaps unwittingly? I can’t answer that, but it’s a good question.

Tammy wasn’t the only person to receive letters from this overseas Illuminati branch, apparently Tammy’s mother Cherie Rief also received letters from them when Tammy was born and in high school. Perhaps when Tiffany was born, too? Tammy doesn’t say.

Tammy makes more references to these letters she and her family have received. This is Tammy speaking in an interview to Tina Melo at around 1 hour 23 minutes into the entire interview.

I had somebody in organization, another one that I was a client of, who said to me, asked me point blank and said, Do you have some kind of letters in your family? And letters patent? And I said, Well, yes. This was October of 2014. And they said, well, they took your son to do with these letters. And I, at the time, I want to stress I did not understand what that means…. At the time in my…closed mind (I tried to think of) what (was) he was really trying to say? All I could think of was why? I don’t have those letters. That’s silly. Like why would they take them to do it that? I didn’t ask the right question at the time, because I didn’t know I didn’t know to ask the right question.

Tina Melo Ineterviews Tammy Rief

In England, Letters patent are a form of decree, consisting of open letters from a Monarch to a subject. This, according to Wikipedia. Also from that site, letters patent take “the form of a published written order issued by a monarchpresident or other head of state, generally granting an office, right, monopoly, title or status to a person or corporation.” Title or Status. Here is a photo of one sort of letters patent from Note the coat of arms around the outside. Tammy says that at least one of her letters patent had the Priory of Scion crest.

Tammy continues:

(the thing about) letters patent is that it is something that is handed down. It means that that you, you come from a certain lineage. That you or someone in your family or that line of family were entitled in nobility, and on maybe a royalty of some sort, whether it be king, queen, countess, nobility there and whatever it was, it means that you’re entitled, and there’s a subsidence kind of heritage there. And sure enough, it was something I’ve known since I was a little girl. I was I was educated. I was made to know that I was from the house of Bourbon and House of Orleans that I was a direct descendant from the last king of France. So I was made to know that since I was like, literally, gosh, like four or five years old. And something even my sister does remember. We’ve talked before, and so that’s something even our whole family knew. So that my grandmother was somebody who is entitled…she was the one that was the letters patent were given to her mother and they came from, literally from Europe when they came…over to the US and some of the other family went to Belgium and some of the others went to South Africa at the time of Napoleon. So again, this goes down to… lineage lines. There’s another house…I was just told about another part of the family that has letters patent and on the Ring? side of the family, by the family that I’m related to. And that means we’re from the House of Hanover, which is connected to the British family and to help them (unintelligible) so those are things I was that blind, I was not aware of until recently.

I got my own letters different from letters patents. In the year of 2007, before I had my son, and it was from I found out later from the Illuminati, they were found, and they were Air France envelopes. My father got his first one. January 2017, my mom got letters when I was born. Also, so different than some of her, her sisters or relatives. So there’s some there’s something going on, and they let you know, we’re watching you, we’ve chosen you do some really eerie things. You’re going to meet world leaders we have you know, and they’re pretty. I mean, they know specific things about you that it’s like, I mean, personal things, accomplishments. It’s almost like someone’s thought to your whole life, it’s very eerie, to tell you that that they knew what they knew. And so I know that that is an entity somehow that’s involved. And as crazy as that sounds, it does sound bizarre. But it is it is a factor that they that this is part of what happened to us and I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know why completely.

Tina Melo Interviews Tammy Rief part 3
The Ancestry

So, both Tammy and her sister Tiffany are descendants of who Tammy stated in one video was the last King of France, who I thought meant Louis the Sixteenth (XVI), who was deposed in the French Revolution. He was also called Louis-Auguste, duc du Berry (1754-1793) of the House of Hanover, according to the Encyclopedia Brittanica. But in a subsequent video Tammy calls the last king of France Louis Philippe. Like all good Americans, I’m not exactly up on my sixteenth and seventeenth century French monarchy, so I had to look it up. Louis Philippe reigned after what was called the Bourbon Restoration, after the fall of Napoleon, from 1830-1848, but most call him the “penultimate” ruler, even though his grandson never assumed the throne. After the French revolution came Napoleon, who was deposed in the Bourbon restoration, and then Napoleon returned for a bit, and was deposed again, and then came Louis Philippe. His grandson was supposed to take the throne after him but that never happened, there was more agitation and Louis Philippe and his family actually fled to England, where he died in 1850. (4)

So, Tammy has mentioned the House of Bourbon, House of Hanover, and House of Orleans. Let’s break those down a little bit.

The House of Bourbon is a “European Dynasty of French origin”. It began with Louis I, duc de Bourbon, grandson of the French King Louis IX, who reigned in the mid 1200’s. King Louis Philippe’s title was “duc du Bourbon”, which translates to “Duke of Bourbon.” From the early 1300’s the House of Bourbon produced kings that ruled France until 1848, but also other rulers in other countries, especially Italy, where they were titled the dukes of Parma (northern Italy) kings of Naples and Sicily (southern Italy) and sovereigns of Lucca (northern Italy). (2)

From Tammy’s description of the letters patent, this House of Bourbon, although they were deposed from the monarchy of France, they haven’t completely given up the idea that they are still a part of the ruling upper echelon. Sending Letters patent to Tammy’s family members indicates to me that after deposition and exile of Louis Philippe after 1848 the House of Bourbon hierarchy simply went underground and continued to operate as a pseudo nobility.

The House of Orleans is a subsidiary of both the house of Bourbon and another French lineage the House of Valois. Louis Philippe’s father’s title was first Duke of Chartres, and then Duke of Orléons. Those who are descended from Louis IX are called Prince du sang, literally, Princes of the blood, and that includes the House of Valois and House of Bourbon.

The House of Hanover is the lineage that includes the late Queen Victoria of England (reigned 1837-1901), and it began with George Louis who became George I of England in 1714. The House of Windsor (which began as the House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha) succeeded the House of Hanover on the throne of England, and includes the current reigning monarch of England, who ascended to the throne this month with rather a whimper of support. (3)

All this to say that those Letters patent received by Tammy, Tammy’s mother Cherie and Tammy’s grandmother were likely all summons’ from a defunct kingship lineage of France that seems to still be operating as a pseudo-nobility in full force as a part of the Luciferian brotherhood. I guess that is why the Encyclopedia notes that the individuals in the House of Bourbon with a “Bourbon temperament” have an insatiable appetite for sexual intercourse. (2) Sex magic, perhaps?

One source I read even said that the House of Bourbon was behind the Papal edict that established the Jesuit order. If that’s the case, then they are definitely eyeball-deep in the Illuminati hierarchy.

Because of these lineages, it’s likely that Jonah Rief would have been trafficked and black market adopted to someone in his family line, and Tammy confirms this in the Tina Melo interview. Once that adoption is done, then he would be a hierarchy child in training for whatever position they wanted him to pursue.

In my opinion, because of these lineages, it would have been fairly easy for Tiffany Rief to have been conscripted into marrying another high-level hierarchy individual, possibly even of the House of Hanover or Windsor. Who did she marry? Charlie Julian Syndercombe Bower. Bower, Bowers, and Bauer are all varous spellings of an Illumianti surname. At least one branch of the Bauer surname are identical to members of the Rothschild clan, as Mayer Amschel Bauer changed his name to Mayer Amschel Rothschild in honor of his family’s red hexagram motif, which was a kind of family crest posted outside his home. (you will not find this on Wikipedia, or any other mainstream source) We know the term hexagram these days under different names, such as the Star of David, also called the Seal of Solomon or the Magden David. (1)

Fritz Springmeier mentions a book called the Six Pointed Star by O.J. Graham, who states that this was the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School’s symbol used for Ashtoreth and Moloch and many other demon entities. (1) If we trust that analysis, it makes it kind of disturbing that this hexagram sign is now the official symbol of Judaism. We can only imagine that Mayer Amschel Bauer-Rothschild knew what he was doing when he displayed it outside his home, as we see the Illuminati connections displayed in multiple generations of his offspring. It’s doubtful that most people in modern-day society understand its historical or occult/ancient mystery school meaning.

Fritz Springmeier also corroborates Tammy Rief’s story of how she and her family members learned of their Illuminati connections.

The illuminati consists of 13 magical and powerful bloodlines. There are also some other powerful bloodlines that are worth naming but if they are in the Illuminati they have blood ties to one of the 13 powerful lineages. About half of the Illuminati people I know have had their parentage hidden from them. Many of the those who still know who their real parents are, still do not know what bloodline they belong to until the liluminati [sic] chooses to reveal it to them.

Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier

So this method of learning via letters sent to them from the headships of their ancient Illuminati bloodlines about how they were connected to a powerful Illuminati family is not unique to the Rief’s. Many people in Hollywood (Tammy says that Hollywood is full of Illuminati) also learned the same way she did, by letters patent.

The Rief’s Bloodline Genealogy

There are numerous Illuminati links in both Tammy and Tiffany’s ancestral genealogy. Their maternal grandmother was betrothed as a baby to be the bride of Juan Carlos of Spain, who is part of the Spanish Hapsburgs. She didn’t want to marry him, so she eloped and left. Her lineage is the one that goes back to the French Kings and the Hapsburg-Lorraines out of France (Lorraine is the region where the Priory of Sion was started). (5) When she eloped, she married a Chicago mafia guy of the Cozine-van Duyn Illuminati lineage. He worked for the CIA, and was connected to Trafficante, and went by the last name of Marshall, even though he was from a Portugese royal family by the name Machado. They divorced when Tammy was 5 (early 1970’s?) and he subsequently was tasked by the CIA to steal his ex-wife’s letters patent from her.

On Tammy and Tiffany’s father’s side, their great-grandfather David Edward Rief was a Knights Templar and had a masonic funeral that her father, Earl Burle Rief II admitted to Tammy that he attended. The Rief’s were descended from the Riefferscheids (Riefferscheidt? of Germany?). Tammy and Tiffany’s grandfather Earl Burle Rief Sr. appears to have married into the Smith-Sinclair (St. Clair) Illuminati lineage, marrying May Belle Smith. This paternal lineage is also likely Priory of Sion, as the Knights Templar are intimately linked to the Priory as a military offshoot, and is an extremely elevated bloodline family that Our Whistleblower Jessie is also descended from. (My Priory of Sion post is password-protected; to access it follow the instructions in the yellow box at the bottom of this post)

While Tammy and Tiffany’s maternal ancestors are linked to the Catholic division of the brotherhood, her paternal ancestors are Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) and Reformed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS), both generally termed Mormons. If you’re not familiar with how the Catholic/Jesuits and the Mormon Churches facilitate Illuminati activity at the top levels, you can read this post The 5 Departments: Catholic/Jesuit and Mormons.

The Rief family bloodline Genealogy, as explained by Tammy Rief

As a postscript, to tie this back to the affidavits, and Charles Julian Syndercombe Bower, it was mentioned in the Tina Melo interviews that Charles and Al Gore are distant relatives through the Syndercombe Bower family and that Charles is involved (quite heavily, and with many different aliases) in the climate change narrative. He was supposed to do a presentation, along with Al Gore, and Gore was apparently chosen over Bower, which was upsetting to him. The upshot of this was that Tina let Tammy know that the only possible group they both could have made these presentations to was the “Committee of 300”, which is a synonym for the Satanic Council (Cisco calls them the Druidic Council). Tina informed Tammy that this means that Charles is high up in the bloodline Illuminati hierarchy–and this seemed to have been news to Tammy. The reason this came up was that Tammy was a part of a family phone call where her parents indicated that Charles threatened Tiffany with taking her child away from her if Tiffany continued to help Tammy find Jonah.

The Journey to find Jonah will be the next part of this series.


(1) Fritz Springmeier Bloodlines of the Illuminati

Tina Melo Interviews Tammy Rief parts 1-4

Right on Radio Interviewed Tammy Rief twice in 2020
Jonah in the Beast
Jonah, Joan and Tea

Sisterhood Report interview with Tammy Rief. 3 parts

Further reading for the curious on the six-pointed Star/hexagram:

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