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This blog explores the structure, the practices, the people and the ramifications to society of the Illuminati Brotherhood, also called “The System”.

It does so mainly through the eyes of one of its highest level escapees, a federal whistleblower named Jessie Czebotar, who I call “Our Whistleblower”.

Her harrowing experiences in the world of witchcraft, subterfuge, power, and pure evil are a lesson to us all that there are dark forces that wish to enslave and destroy humanity.

Choose your side. Good, or evil. God or Satan. Light or Dark. We cannot hope to defeat evil unless we understand what it is, where it lurks, and what it is planning for us all.

Photo by Bess Hamiti on Pexels.com

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In the Brotherhood series, each post is a chapter that builds on the next.
Survivor Stories and Thoughts on Living a Healthy Life in Christ are independent.
If there is a post name but no link, that post is forthcoming but not yet published.

ALL LINKS SHOULD WORK!! If they don’t, please contact me using my email or the form, at the top right of the page under “Contacts”.

The Brotherhood System:

  1. Introducing Myself
  2. Lifting the Wool
  3. What’s in a Name
  4. The Company
  5. Horatio
  6. The Whistleblower
  7. Michael A
  8. Nothing Short of Total Control
  9. The Gates of Heaven
  10. Military Ties
  11. Hierarchy Children
  12. A Ritual Inauguration
  13. A Ritual Inauguration part 2
  14. A Ritual Inauguration part 3
  15. Protector-Assassins
  16. The Satanic Council part 1
  17. The Satanic Council part 2: The Bilderberg Group
  18. The Satanic Council, part 3: The Galactic Federation and Global Citizenship Committee
  19. Good Health Requires Warfare
  20. Wanna Learn Some Magick?
  21. Expendables
  22. The 5 Departments: Catholics/Jesuits & Mormons
  23. The 5 Departments: Masons, Kabbalah and Satanists
  24. Neuschwanstein Castle
  25. Mothers of Darkness
  26. Symbols: Kites
  27. The Push to Normalize Incest
  28. Handprint Walls
  29. Altiyan Childs
  30. Illumin-outed
  31. Do Photographs Lie?
  32. Symbols: The Butterfly
  33. Teen Vogue and their Witchcraft Series
  34. Apple’s “Magic”
  35. Bye Bye Antichrist?
  36. The W.H.O.
  37. Cyns at the G7 – 2021
  38. Symbols: As Above, So Below
  39. Former Master Mason Speaks Out
  40. Who is Kim?
  41. Celebrity Salami
  42. Decode: Code Pink
  43. Ugh. Not the Olympics, too
  44. The Capstone Revealed
  45. Triple Six, twenty-two, HIKE!
  46. Ministry Watch
  47. Georgia Guidestone #1
  48. I Owe My Soul to the Company Store
  49. Symbols: The Black Cube
  50. Former MoD Cisco Wheeler
  51. Starfire
  52. 2/3 and We Can Win
  53. Hacking the Jab
  54. Twin Columns
  55. Underground Cities
  56. Weird Stuff Brewing
  57. Doxxin’
  58. Gina Phillips Gives an Important Message
  59. Priory Puzzle 1
  60. Dementors are… real?!
  61. Illumatrix 4
  62. Code Red Climate Comm
  63. He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not
  64. Targeted by Jesuits
  65. Great Apostasy Puzzle
  66. Soul Seals
  67. Drohen
  68. Reflections on the Past Year
  69. You Make ’em, We Bake ’em.
  70. Hospital Puzzle
  71. Cisco’s Halloween
  72. Steel Yourself
  73. Behold A 4th Dimensional Reptilian
  74. I Lack Eyes
  75. Masks: A Massive Ritual?
  76. Who is E?
  77. Et Tu Betty?!
  78. Fauci & Levine
  79. Cheney 187’s DJT
  80. Laurie Cabot Kent

Survivor Stories:

Thoughts on Living a Healthy Life in Christ:

Guest Authors:

I’m excited to introduce a new guest author who like everyone cool just has one name, “Partial.” He is working on decodes related to Our Whistleblower and has skills far away from my wheelhouse. I don’t know what he’s got planned, so I’ll be reading along with you!

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