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This blog explores the structure, the practices, the people and the ramifications to society of the Illuminati Brotherhood, also called “The System”.

It does so mainly through the eyes of one of its highest level escapees, a federal whistleblower I call “Our Whistleblower”.

Her harrowing experiences in the world of witchcraft, subterfuge, power, and pure evil are a lesson to us all that there are dark forces that wish to enslave and destroy humanity.

Choose your side. Good, or evil. God or Satan. Light or Dark. We cannot hope to defeat evil unless we understand what it is, where it lurks, and what it is planning for us all.

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In the Brotherhood series, each post is a chapter that builds on the next.
Survivor Stories and Thoughts on Living a Healthy Life in Christ are independent.
If there is a post name but no link, that post is forthcoming but not yet published.

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The Brotherhood System:

  1. Introducing Myself*
  2. Lifting the Wool*
  3. What’s in a Name*
  4. The Company (2021)
  5. Horatio*
  6. The Whistleblower (2021)
  7. Michael A (2021)
  8. Nothing Short of Total Control*
  9. The Gates of Heaven (2021)
  10. Military Ties (2021)
  11. Hierarchy Children (2021)
  12. A Ritual Inauguration (2021)
  13. A Ritual Inauguration part 2 (2021)
  14. A Ritual Inauguration part 3 (2021)
  15. Protector-Assassins (2021)
  16. The Satanic Council part 1 (2021)
  17. The Satanic Council part 2: The Bilderberg Group (2021)
  18. The Satanic Council, part 3: The Galactic Federation and Global Citizenship Committee (2021)
  19. Good Health Requires Warfare*
  20. Wanna Learn Some Magick? (2021)
  21. Expendables (2021)
  22. The 5 Departments: Catholics/Jesuits & Mormons (2021)
  23. The 5 Departments: Masons, Kabbalah and Satanists (2021)
  24. Neuschwanstein Castle (2021)
  25. Mothers of Darkness (2021)
  26. The Push to Normalize Incest*
  27. Handprint Walls (2021)
  28. Altiyan Childs*
  29. Illumin-outed (2021)
  30. Teen Vogue and their Witchcraft Series*
  31. Apple’s “Magic”*
  32. Bye Bye Antichrist? (2021)
  33. The W.H.O.*
  34. Cyns at the G7 – 2021 (2021)
  35. Former Master Mason Speaks Out*
  36. Who is Kim?*
  37. Celebrity Salami*
  38. Decode: Code Pink*
  39. Ugh. Not the Olympics, too*
  40. The Capstone Revealed (2021)
  41. Triple Six, twenty-two, HIKE!*
  42. Ministry Watch*
  43. Georgia Guidestone #1*
  44. I Owe My Soul to the Company Store*
  45. Former MoD Cisco Wheeler (2021)
  46. Starfire*
  47. 2/3 and We Can Win*
  48. Hacking the Jab*
  49. Twin Columns*
  50. Underground Cities (2021)
  51. Weird Stuff Brewing (2021)
  52. Doxxin’ (2021)
  53. Gina Phillips Gives an Important Message (2021)
  54. Priory Puzzle 1 (2021)
  55. Dementors are… real?!*
  56. Illumatrix 4*
  57. Code Red Climate Comm*
  58. He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not (2021)
  59. Targeted by Jesuits*
  60. Great Apostasy Puzzle (2021)
  61. Soul Seals (2021)
  62. Drohen (2021)
  63. Reflections on the Past Year (2021)
  64. You Make ’em, We Bake ’em (2021)
  65. Hospital Puzzle (2021)
  66. Cisco’s Halloween (2021)
  67. Steel Yourself (2021)
  68. Behold A 4th Dimensional Reptilian (2021)
  69. Masks: A Massive Ritual?*
  70. Who is E? (2022)
  71. Et Tu Betty?! (2022)
  72. Fauci & Levine (2022)
  73. Cheney 187’s DJT (2022)
  74. Laurie Cabot Kent (2022)
  75. The System Strikes Back (2022)
  76. Tulsa (2022)
  77. Olympic Snowflake Strangeness*
  78. Ruby Slippers (2022)
  79. Peter Thiel*
  80. Ronald Reagan’s Kittens*
  81. Government Projects*
  82. Bert’s Mission*
  83. What’s the Deal With Ukraine?*
  84. Ukraine Bioweapon Labs*
  85. Gene’s Latest with Patriot Underground*
  86. The Kennedy Question*
  87. Fulford & Goguen Chat (2022)
  88. King Bulan & His Khazarian Mafia*
  89. Former Illuminist Carolyn Hamlett*
  90. Trump part 1: Alive or Dead?*
  91. Pamela Olson – Save Our Children CA*
  92. A Red Soul Dress (2022)
  93. Twinning*
  94. #wef22*
  95. Rings of the Illuminati (2022)
  96. Rh Factor*
  97. Cloning*
  98. Chantal and Jessie: Lesbian Lovers
  99. Priory of Sion & Knights Templar (2022)
  100. What is the Galactic Federation (2022)
  101. The Masonic Tea Party*
  102. Combat Training*
  103. Metatron: Facebook’s Demon Ruler*
  104. Epic Electronic Medical Records / EPIC Epische Electronische Medische Dossiers (with Dutch Translation)*
  105. Early Dark Outpost Videos Found*
  106. Substack & Bastyon & a Bit of Everything Else/Substack & Bastyon een beetje van al het andere (with Dutch Translation)
  107. Who is the Bride of Satan? #BOS puzzle (2022)
  108. Memorial Diamonds*
  109. Opinions, Accusations & Hanging Chads (2022)
  110. A Few Questions for Cheryl*
  111. I Wish I Had Learned This in the Beginning*
  112. Underground Cities #2: The Ant People and the Bubble City
  113. Christina Applegate (2022)
  114. Twitter Puzzle #RabbitHole
  115. Ley Lines, Serpent Dragons and Energy Transfer

Confusion Series:

Confusion #1 – Taking Her Position

Confusion #2 – Affidavits vs. Affidavit RELEASE Blogs

Confusion #3-No, She’s Not a Practicing Freemason or Satanist

August/September 2022 Affidavit release series:

Reader Questions About Jessie

  1. #1-Verification (2022)
  2. #2-Appearance (2022)

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