God. Jesus. Satan. Us.
A holy unholy battle of good and evil.

Which side will you choose?
It is biblical.
Know your enemy and how they operate.

You cannot hope to succeed if you are blind to what is happening.

Like a book, each post is a chapter that builds on the next.
If you wish, start at the beginning.
If there is a post name but no link, that post is forthcoming but not yet published

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  1. Introducing Myself
  2. Lifting the Wool
  3. What’s in a Name
  4. The Company
  5. Horatio
  6. The Whistleblower
  7. Michael A
  8. Nothing Short of Total Control
  9. The Gates of Heaven
  10. Military Ties
  11. Hierarchy Children
  12. A Ritual Inauguration
  13. A Ritual Inauguration part 2
  14. A Ritual Inauguration part 3
  15. Protector-Assassins
  16. The Satanic Council part 1
  17. The Satanic Council part 2: The Bilderberg Group
  18. Good Health Requires Warfare
  19. Wanna Learn Some Magick?
  20. Expendables
  21. The 5 Departments: Catholics/Jesuits & Mormons
  22. The 5 Departments: Masons, Kabbalah and Satanists
  23. Neuschwanstein Castle
  24. Mothers of Darkness
  25. Symbols: Kites
  26. The Push to Legalize Incest
  27. Molech’s ritual walls
  28. Monarch symbolism
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