Madonna Vanity Fair Decode

Madonna’s 40th anniversary world tour Vanity Fair photo spread is a cover story for the upcoming Luciferian Brotherhood ritual it is advertising to the world elite.

Ley Lines, Serpent Dragons, and Energy Transfer

Ley lines, eenergy transfer, directed energy weapons, demon-possessed humans, stargates, military projects and Cathedrals of Europe all play into this exploration of what a ritual is all about.

Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone… writer, New Ager, ITNJ founding member… but who is he, really?

I Wish I Had Learned This in the Beginning

Difficult to access. Top-level. Shielded from the masses. This is the method that the occult uses to hide their secrets from public view while also making them accessible and identifiable to local witches and warlocks. Hidden in plain sight.

A Few Questions for Cheryl

Well, I’ve interrupted my regularly scheduled research to dive into this very informative but disappointing bunch of information. As many of you may well be aware, Cheryl Beck posted an “I have to disavow Jessie Czebotar because she’s programmed and DID, MK Ultra’d and has programmed alters that are complicit in a Luciferian black opsContinue reading “A Few Questions for Cheryl”

Jessie Czebotar Affidavit RELEASE NUMBERS 1-9

Jessie Czebotar shares part of her childhood experiences in 9 partial affidavit releases. Brace for some big names.