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Madonna Vanity Fair Decode

Madonna’s 40th anniversary world tour Vanity Fair photo spread is a cover story for the upcoming Luciferian Brotherhood ritual it is advertising to the world elite.

How to Obtain Passwords

Some of the blogs on this site will require a password to access them. Please see this page for instructions on how to obtain a password. That instructions page can also be found in the upper right corner of each blog page.

TCH vs. the Brotherhood?

Timothy Holmseth has a court case going right now that might be interesting to people who follow the Lucifierian Brotherhood.

Answers to Deepsouthlady

A reader wrote me the following comment and signed it deepsouthlady, and I think it’s important enough to air my answer to everybody, right up front and not in the comments section. Her words are in blue. I have not edited it for spelling or grammar or punctuation, it is pasted as she posted it:…


Wolf. The nom de guerre of an alleged Nazi, war criminal, Luciferian brotherhood warlock and black magic specialist.


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