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A Few Questions for Cheryl

Well, I’ve interrupted my regularly scheduled research to dive into this very informative but disappointing bunch of information. As many of you may well be aware, Cheryl Beck posted an “I have to disavow Jessie Czebotar because she’s programmed and DID, MK Ultra’d and has programmed alters that are complicit in a Luciferian black ops scheme” Twitter thread yesterday, which was preceded by a longer-than-even-my-posts-are length of information that I believe was initially published in SarahSeeksTruth’s “The Truth About Jessie Czebotar” Telegram feed.

Someone scraped Cheryl’s portion of the Telegram conversation and emailed it to me (thank you very much) and here it is. I haven’t edited it at all, it stands as it was emailed to me:

GHW was the male perp of honor in an Egyptian ritual wherein I was sexually abused by him. My paternal grandmother, at the time was a Daughter of Nefertitti (female Masonry rank), at the time. I think I was 5yrs old. This bldg was linked by an underground tunnel from Disneyland. I was checking out books from my college library during my flood of memories, and picked up the book, “Acid Dreams”. As I was walking with a small stack of books, that one slipped on top and I caught the edge with my hand. It had opened to the center where pictures of the LSD operatives were located. GHW was a prominent picture. When I saw his face, I went into a spin program with vertigo, and plopped in a nearby chair (thank God it was a reading area with a leather chair). Wave of panic attack. Nausea. It took me at least a half hour to ride out the spin. I kept the book closed, put the stack on the checkout counter to hold, went and got a Coca-Cola and settled down. Another 30 min. to get my heart-rate down and breathe. Ate some crackers and took 800mg ibuprofen fir the intense pain that hit my brain. Then went and checked the books out, and made the 40 min drive home.
I waited to close to bedtime to let that book fall open again. I fought the panic and read his name, and how he was the “Candyman of LSD” in the greater Los Angeles area. Yes, a C_A operative. Then the memory of Disneyland and the Egyptian Ritual came back to mind. I had no idea who the man was until I  saw his face in the book and the trigger/spin program/panic attack confirmed to myself, that was him.
That’s the only memory I have of him as a perpetrator.
I’m not sure of all he was involved in, but, yes, he was C_A black ops.
No, I have not watched “The Minds of Men”. Thank you for the link.
I was trafficked to L.Ron Hubbard in his damned Captain’s hat, on his big boat/ship, that same age frame.
I will be happy to break this down for y’all. Sorry I wasn’t clearer.
Jessie and I are both Bloodline-born, SRA and MKUltra child victims.
The MKUltra mind-kontrollers were taught SRA multi-generational, trauma-based mind-control.
The goal is to split the child’s brain into “alters” by using overwhelming tortures, sedative-hypnotics, visuals, flashing lights, electric shocks etc…to put you into a dissociative state. In this state, they play verbal scripts of the alter or program they want you to create within your mind.
*pleasecread “The Greenbaum Speech” a free PDF online that explains these concepts in depth. Just enter what I put in the quotation marks into a search engine. You can find audio of this speech on You Tube.
I prefer reading, and have 2 or 3 sets of this speech because it unlocked so much and helped me understand what was happening to me when the memory floodgates open.
Each alter, whether in your SRA or MKUltra programming has a specific job to do.
There will be two separate SYSTEMS of alters with a Handbook created by the Master Programmer(s) that lists each alter created, what their job is, physical characteristics etc..and the codes to “call up” that alter. Due to the fact that SRA was the foundation of the MKUltra program, sometimes they will use the same named alter with the same job in both programs.
For instance: my “Sexy Sadie” alter, was a programmed child seductress for pedophiles, or to frame men or women in blackmail in specialized rooms with 2 way mirrors, hidden cameras, film etc… the programming was done by MKUltra programmers, but was also utilized by The Family AND my father to make money in kiddie porn, prostitution. I was four when this was done.
However, before Sexy Sadie was created, my virginity had been sacrificed to satan in SRA by the High Priest in a Ritual, but the High Priest was my Pediatrician, and a Nazi Paperclip Doktor. For brevity’s sake, I’ll leave out what followed to cut and stretch my vagina and have it heal over a period of weeks.
Thus, I could somewhat accommodate a man’s penis without being torn apart each rape.
I will repeat, the C_A IS the Luciferians and Nazis, by and large.
-I need to get chores done. I will return in awhile.
No. I am 61 born in 1961. Jessie is much younger. My SRA ended in 1976 when my baby boy was sacrificed on Christmas Eve at the stroke of midnight. I was 15. MKUltra ended when I was 18, and put into “sleeper” mode, with a possible access when I visited my birth family in the midwest when I was 23. I visited for my younger sister’s graduation, and none of us can remember much about the week-long visit except her graduation and the party afterward. It could have been a check-up to make sure my systems were locked, because I have no trauma memory related to anything beyond 18.
*please keep in mind, we were polar opposites in both “organizations”. She was hierarchy, I was an expendable who was not supposed to survive.
A “collector program” = an alter specifically created to do that job, and perhaps, a few more alters with that task included in their identity.
Let’s call the Collector alter, “Colette”.
Colette’s single purpose is to collect testimonies from other survivors in all forms of media, organize and store them for future use.
However, 3 other alters also exist: Sam, Alexa and the Librarian, who also enjoy listening to survivors, taking notes, following their every post, tweet, interview, platform, etc…because they find SRA, MK, or child trafficking survivors fascinating.
Sam may view it as a sick hobby, but is addicted, but Sam’s created purpose is to join Antifa and cause chaos in society.
Alexa desperately wants to protect every child from harm, and learns as much as possible to help save children. Alexa was created by the child victim when she was five, not by a programmer, because she was extremely traumatized, not by her own suffering, but being forced to watch other children, and babies, be tortured and killed. She exists in the body in the background, not in a host alter position that interacts with the world. Her existence is manifested in the yearning of the Host alter, to learn everything they can…and have no idea why they feel that compulsion at times. The Host really doesn’t want to spend time watching you tube videos or reading blogs and books, so they may start to read or watch something, but “save it fir later” in a computer file.
The Librarian was created to organize the system of alters, objectively, into some type of physical library that exists only in her mind. Thus, she knows every alter’s Job/purpose, and will be able to classify every memory with the alter that experienced, and has the power to access any alter with their memories that Colette might need when she is called up by their Handler to do her job.

So, let’s summarize:
Alters are created through trauma-based mind-control, on purpose, via SRA or MKUltra.
There are also brutalized children that will split due to the sheer, overwhelming trauma, spontaneously. God created the mind to dissociate under severe trauma in children.
Reference: “Sybil”. Whether the story is real or fiction, does not matter. The point is, she had no Programmer with a Handbook on her, with scripts for her alters.
She was not programmed, she split into alters to survive.
The same can be said of Trudi Chase, “When Rabbit Howls”.

Thus, Colette the Collector is just one of many alters, and the person is definitely a victim of SRA, with, say 15 very strong alters, 25 alters more in the background, usually very young children surviviors call “littles”,  and dozens of fragments. -and that is just her SRA system!

Why do Master Programmers put a “Collector Program” into a system?
As the survivor makes it past the fear and suicide programming and decides to go public, our “Colette” begins speaking constantly to the Host Alter about “the rest of their testimony”.
Colette wil repeat on an endless loop until the Host incorporates that into their story, believing it.
What is the most basic form of mind-control that we see in MSM? Repetition. If you repeat a lie enough times, the public will believe it as a fact. (Propaganda)
Consider that once Colette has been activated, she never shuts up.24/7, 365, she’s adding other people’s testimonies, and famous perpetrators, locations etc…
It’s torture to have many different alters talking in your head at the same time. You never get sound sleep, and are constantly in an exhausted, bordering in psychotic state of mind. It is far easier to accept the repeated lie as fact, so you can get some peace. Then the peace becomes “the evidence” to your body and brain that the expanded testimony, is the correct one.
But, Colette is far from done, she will move on to the next big story, then the bigger one, then the grandiose, and back again.
The Host Alter may be very popular with the public, with constant shows, tweets, telegram posts, etc…then another alter, let’s call them “Ms.Opportunity” sees that money can be made via different platforms, books, retreats, etc…
*most survivors that choose not to cooperate with their kontrollers live in poverty, unless they have a miracle spouse that sticks with them, or a large inheritance, regardless.
There is also a huge problem with broken and sick bodies. Due to the fact THEY seek highly intelligent and gifted children, many have careers and college degrees, but due to their systems breaking down, or their bodies breaking down, or the volatility of alter switching, o desperate attempts to numb the pain with addictions
…sorry, hit the enter button by accident,
they lose their spouse, careers, or can’t hold a job. Many are highly creative, and have degrees in art, but their art(s) of choice cannot equal a living wage.
Most end up on SSD from mental health problems, to profound physical disabilities, or a combination of both. We also have a problem with authority figures and needing to do things “by the book”.
Survivors survive because they are constantly put in do or die traumas that they create a 3rd option to escape by.
*this was a major problem area with me after I was de-programmed and integrated. It was part of my mental health portion of my Disability claim written by my therapist. I smile because God knows how many people and children were saved, plus my own self and my family members because I challenged my educators, administrations, bosses, physicians, physicians, physicians…etc…in Nursing School and as a Nurse for my patients, then as a very knowledgeable patient and advocate for family members and friends…and even strangers, esp. when the Covud bioweapon attack and Psyop hit us.
Anyhow, you get the point.

Ms.Opportunity starts making money, and Colette becomes “co-conscious” with her, to drive the Host Alter harder.
*Alters can discover each other and begin communicating, and can plan a takeover of the Host position.
Instead, let me suggest that these two just join forces in the subconscious, or “in the back” is terminology we DID/healed DID people use. Then let’s say the Host suffers a major life critical event, like the  loss of a loved one through divorce, debilitating illness or death. Critical life events will overwhelm and weaken the Host so much, that many times they switch into a totally different alter.
In this loss, Ms.Opportunity and Colette integrate into one identity and take the Host position.
Now you are seeing a totally different person presenting to the public. (Host Alter in Control of the Body) This new persona is saying and doing things you cannot comprehend they would ever do! Their friendships and outside partnerships and alliances are severed one after another.
Instead of hearing these people with their concerns, this new Host doubles, triples and quadruples down harder and harder on their Jobs.
They become downright reckless in contradictions and improbabilities, and spiral totally out of control…
…while their Programmers and Handlers sit back and laugh at them, and their loyal followers despite all the red flags and warnings flying around the internet.
This is exactly WHY “Collector” programs are part of some people’s systems.

Add in demonic deception, etc…and you will have the full view of the destruction occurring in their life and circles of influence, with no thought or empathy of how their lies, fraud, exaggerations, etc…are harming others.

I hope this has broken down into understandable concepts for you.
Pair what I have written with The Greenbaum Speech.
Good night and God Bless.
“The Collector” Identity will have a full script for the Programmer to follow, yes.
I gave “The Collector” a name in my explanation to help clarify. Since the victim is the one creating the alter according to the programmer’s script,
..sorry, it’s tomorrow already, and I accidentally hit the enter again…
A Collector will answer to the name of the body, because they collect names by their very nature.
I had all kinds of “Cheryl” alters. Cheryl 2, 3, 4, etc…for ages, “Cheryl in Michigan” , “Cheryl the Lost One”, etc..
My named, scripted alters, I was forced to create, were programmed NOT to answer to Cheryl.
However, yes, there are times you will visibly switch gender, tone of voice, spoken language, styles of dressing, etc…and, yes, they will insist they be called by THEIR name, not the body’s name. That is typical of straight up DID diagnosis.
Through the years, programming naturally breaks down, and you leak through the amnestic walls and become “co-conscious” with your different alters, you can identify the voices in your head…arguments will take place between alters or between you and an alter as to, what to wear, what to do for the day, differing viewpoints, and so on.
This is a good sign in the healing process, because you are having an open dialogue. You don’t lose time anymore due to amnestic walls.
Think of Demi Lovato. (Monarch Programmed)
Heterosexual female to bi-sexual to gender fluid and back again. With each sexuality proclamation, she changes hairstyle, clothing style, make-up, friends, lovers…I pray for her!
She has been in re-hab multiple times. Not only do they get them off drugs for a season, but they reprogram them.
Once programming begins breaking down, the episodes become more frequent.
L.Ron Hubbard was a Naval Intelligence Officer and a deep, evil occultist who trained under Aleister Crowley along with his friend, Jack Parsons, who worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratories. (Way before Dianetics)
He was as evil as they come.
I will never read his stuff. Always keep in mind these deep evil warlocks and magicians present you with the beautiful side of evil, so to speak, to hook you in.
Scientology is MKUltra mind-control and extreme blackmail in the guise of a “religion”. It needs to be utterly destroyed.
…and he was a pedophile.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jessie is a true survivor because myself and others can identify programs and alters, and switches.
Where the truth lies as to her own actual experiences, MODs, breakdown of “the system”, I have no knowledge except that which I remembered and researched concerning my Family, their beliefs etc…I gleaned a lot from being hyper-vigilant in listening to them, and I had a photographic memory for a long time.
As to what you’re doing here, I will not judge. That is between you and God.
In any expose’ work, it is best to just present facts and use original sources. Provide the links, the screen captures, tweets, as you have done. Avoid name-calling, posting rants, etc…
This is what real investigative journalists do.
They provide the evidence, and let the reader make up his/her own mind.
Personal attacks only ramp up immediate defense mechanisms.
You will not be heard.
(I’m not saying you have or haven’t, as I don’t follow people closely).
I had the Blessing of Ted Schwarz, a Credentialed Investigative Reporter, Journalism degree, and Professor of Journalism, esp. Investigative Journalism in Colleges, investigate my sister and I along with Dale Griffis, PhD, for our book. I learned a lot about how a good investigative journalist does their job, much like a Detective. It was critical to ask questions like Detectives and Advocates do, that don’t lead someone with a suggestion, present personal bias, etc…Ted was very, very good. TCH is the prime example of what not to do.
Stick to truth and facts.
In what I have written, I am trying to speak from my personal knowledge of programs, and programmed “front people” acting like programmed/handled people, and the “fruits” of “Christians” that are anything but “Christian”.
You can have both a very Christian alter and a very satanic alter.
My father almost chose Jesus rather than playing the Christian role poorly. Ultimately, the last time I encountered him, he was fully satanic.
That change occurred when I was 15 and my baby boy was sacrificed to move him up into the hierarchy. Once he did what he did in that ritual, he was overtaken by a strong demon, in addition to the other ones he had. He then purposed from the time he woke to the time he slept, that he would engage in every evil thing he wanted to. Period. That spurred my mom to divorce him, finally.
There has been a battle being fought in Jessie’s life. She was a different person when I first met her, than who she is now.
Now, it’s up to God because there is an operation, not just a person, perpetrating here, in my opinion.
All I can say is that it is way bigger than I knew, and, imo, it is both black ops and dark occult workings and weavings.
With that much “stuff”, you are simply not going to be able to break through to some people.
I had to come to this place on my own, in God’s timing.
God knows everyone’s hearts. He knows what it will take to shake them awake. We have to trust God to do that work, and intercede accordingly.
The things we learn “the hard way” are some of the most valuable lessons we learn in the long run.
Be absolutely certain you are in the center of God’s will for your life.
I made the separation privately. I’m making it public, and that will be that.
I won’t be making videos, or discussing this further.
I do believe judgment by God on all the Luciferians, the complicit enablers, the operations, assets, ad nauseum is imminent.
I have had enough, after the last almost three years, I pray God has too.
Similarities: both Merovingian Bloodline that insisted we speak German in rituals.
JC has a mix of Bloodlines, my research pointed to Merovingian. Both were members of Churches that were simply fronts for the Luciferians, and rituals plus child trafficking took place in our respective churches.
Both SRA/MKUltra, and Michael Aquino was involved in our lives in both.
Both of us ritually abused, tortured, and forced to participate in animal/human sacrifices, blood drinking, and other “unholy communion” ingredients mixed in the blood, cannibalism and witnessing how the remains were processed for candle wax made from fat boiled up, bones for jewelry and ritual implements, skin processed for human leather, etc… Both aware that multiple end times timelines have come and gone as Luciferians try and try again to MAKE the Book of Revelation happen.
We both were saved at ages 2/3 before the ritual abuse began, and both experienced an ending of that phase at age 10. Both managed to revel in every possible way we could think of…our little souls/spirits fighting, always, to hang on to Jesus.
Differences: She was hierarchy chosen, gifted and trained for her place in the rule of the NWO and Antichrist, I was deemed an expendable, trafficked and brutalized with many NDE’s, not taught anything about their religion and spiritual practices, simply a disposable moneymaker for as long as I stayed alive. I was not supposed to survive. God has the first and last say about my life. I de-programmed and integrated through intensive trauma-recovery therapy. She states she always has remembered and is not programmed. I have made no money off our book except the original $1,000. I was paid to tell my story. We were still $8,000+ in the red on our book when the Publishing Company shut it all down. I do not have a ministry or ministries, products, events etc…or teams, platforms and so on that are dependent on monetary gifts, purchases etc… That is not what I have been called to do at this time.
In other words, our callings are very different, based on the fact that our purposes were also exact opposites in the Luciferian system. The MK programs we were forced to participate in were vastly different as well, and she is over a decade younger than I. I would guess appx 15 yrs.
-hope this answers your question
The book, “Behold a Pale Horse” by William “Bill Cooper”, exposes this very “script” as well. Men, literally, created in test tubes or conceived in rituals to meet all THEIR criteria to be an Antichrist candidate through decades. Barry Soetoro, Prince William are two examples.
God will not be mocked.
IF we are discerning the Books of Daniel and Revelation, and other scriptures concerning the end times correctly, ONLY GOD will determine the man and the time.
My focus is not on that.
My focus is on what is your will for me to be doing for you, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, today, and moving forward.
It has kept me from joining orhers and their ministries when invited…and I am so Grateful.
My biggest lesson being taught to me by the Holy Spirit currently is letting Go and letting God.
I am a rescuer. In the last three years, my efforts have been largely in vain. It is a building back of more and more trust in my Loving Heavenly Father, that for the majority of my life, I felt a harh, critical judge who punished me. Heartfelt repentances. Now the rebuilding of a firm foundation in knowing Him.
Grace and Peace to you, Elaine.[ie to elaine]

That is a relief to hear.
The truth of our existence, right now, is we are ALL being victimized and kontrolled by the Luciferians globally. While many have chosen to be complicit, it seems, I know their methods of blackmail, Draconian Law, intimidation, ad nauseum… We cannot know each individual’s heart, as we are not God Almighty.
I am very aware of the generational Family, curses, and satanism that Jesus Christ redeemed me out of by His choice to pat the ultimate price for all, for me, on the Cross. When I state, “but for the Grace of God go I”, I feel the weight of those words.
I am not here to judge a person, that’s God’s job and I don’t want it.
However, I must call out the Works of Darkness when He tells me to, and I must have no association with darkness.
You are finding yourself up against a Black Op, imo. Various front people, but WHO is pulling the strings? I do not know.
Ultimately, as I stated, since the C_A, Nazis and Luciferians are one entity made up of three trees with roots intermingled (Projects OFTEN and PAPERCLIP) highly trained and operating in the physical and occult realms equally, spiritual warfare is essential first, and it must be a battle God has called you to engage in.
Therefore, I have done what God asked me to do, and will not pursue any further course of action unless directed by the Holy Spirit.
God Bless and lead you forward in the center of His will for your life, Cheryl.

I like that dual-tone pink above. Don’t ask me how I did it, I have no idea.

And the Twitter thread that followed those Telegram postings a day or two after (yesterday Sept. 20, 2022) is here:

I hope you read both the pink blocks and the Twitter feed closely because what I have to say to Cheryl is directly from those two sources.

Dear Cheryl Beck,

I read both your recent Telegram information on programming, collecter alters, SRA, DID and more, made in conjunction with a public declaration of distance from Jessie Czebotar and I have the following questions for you.

  1. Why did you spend so much time telling the Jessie Cezebotar detractors to act like investigative journalists and ask questions, and then turn around a day later and say you weren’t going to answer any questions about your distancing yourself from Jessie? Is it that the detractors are more important than the rest of us? They’re worth explaining to, but if those of us who don’t think she’s a bad person have questions we can take a hike?
  2. Why did you say in your Twitter thread that you’ve never supported Timothy Charles Holmseth and have always asserted publicly that he is mind-controlled and handled, yet a simple search of your Twitter account finds 3 old tweets that are neutral-to-positive in tone about him, and which do not note any negatives about him? Did you forget you used to reference him (which is a form of support)?,, and
  3. You state that you were “grieved to see your testimony” in Jessie’s affidavits. Which story, exactly, was yours? The one about James raping Sarah? Hillary and Clara ripping faces off of kids? Or maybe the protector beating up a defector? Which story are you claiming is yours that she took and is presenting as her own? Perhaps none of these are yours because after you make that claim you note that your testimony is co-opted by Jessie in a series of place names surrounding Carlsbad, California. I’m no investigative journalist, but I am smart enough to know that listing a few place names does not constitute the whole of “your testimony”. I’ve listened to your videos and audio stories and they are longer than a short list of place names.
  4. Next you claim that Jessie swore that she had “witnessed and experienced” those testimonies contained in that list of places in and around Carlsbad, CA. Her literal words in that affidavit were not that she witnessed and experienced things in those place names, but that she has “knowledge of the following individuals’ connections in the Luciferian System in those areas.” To state that a different way, she’s literally saying that the people she named she knows are connected to Luciferian activities in those areas. Who did she name specifically connected to Carlsbad? Charles and Tiffany Bower, Kamala Harris, and John Kerry. Are you claiming that you know for sure that Jessie knows nothing about any of the above people connected to the Luciferian system in the Carlsbad area? Are you claiming that the only person who knows anything about the Luciferian system in the Carlsbad area is you?
  5. Next you say that “misspellings in an affidavit are thrown out in the Judicial System.” Jessie’s affidavits weren’t submitted to the judicial system, they were submitted to the military. This she reiterated on yesterday’s Nino show. While misspellings, mis-wordings, grammatical errors, typos, and dyslexic speech and writing can be annoying and it would admittedly be better if they were not there, these have not been submitted to a court. They were dragged into a court, inappropriately. (which begs the general question, if an affidavit does have misspellings in it, can it be revised and re-notarized? I can’t think of a reason why it couldn’t be, up to the point of being submitted to a court or military tribunal, but I’m curious if there is a JAG lawyer out there willing to comment on this issue, as this isn’t the first detractor to act like an affidavit can’t ever be updated or corrected prior to a court proceeding if an error or errors are found in it, which I find to be a ridiculous assertion. I’d love an official weigh-in. )
  6. Next you accuse Jessie of being an MK-Ultra victim. Can you prove this? Did Jessie tell you this? If not, what are the criteria you use to identify an MK Ultra victim?
  7. You accuse her of having “collecter alters”. Having alters would mean she is DID, a person with Dissociative Identity Disorder, unless there is another mental disorder that has alters that I am not aware of. Isn’t it inappropriate for a (current?/former?) registered nurse to be diagnosing individuals who are not under their care in multiple public forums? (You did it on both Telegram and Twitter.)
  8. Let’s explore the public diagnosis of DID. One of the hallmarks of dissociation is being able to switch from one alter to another. You say you’ve seen this happen. I’ll assume it was on a video. Which one(s)? If Jessie is dissociative, I want to see her switch on camera. Don’t worry if it was one of the videos taken off YouTube, I’ve got virtually all of them archived. Give me a few references, please. And no, I’m not DID nor do I have ‘collector’ alters, I just got solid advice upon starting a blog to archive everything, especially videos that can disappear from the internet, and I’ve done that.
  9. Besides switching alters, other hallmarks of DID include “lack of awareness of recent events or inability to explain them,” “inability to remember large portions of childhood” and blackout of traumatic events. Lost time is also common (making people late or absent for functions, meetings, etc.). Can you point to some references specific to Jessie using any of these criteria? Or any other hallmark of DID that you see in her not specific to a collector alter?
  10. Can you explain why you felt the need to detail to a group of people who seriously dislike Jessie exactly what information they might need to ramp up their harassment of her? Or was that your actual motive, to make sure they had enough ammunition? Having talked to Jessie, could you not have agreed to disagree and kept it to yourself? Other than giving what you thought would be fuel to their fire, do you think it is a Christian or medically sound act to present unflattering information that was accusatory and unproven to a group of people? Do you believe that your statement “This is not a persecution of people I do not believe are causing harm ‘knowingly and willingly'” is sufficient to absolve yourself of the ramifications your reveal might have?
  11. You state that people with collector alters (as you have accused Jessie of having) “become downright reckless in contradictions and improbabilities, and spiral totally out of control.” Do you see this occurring in her life now, or is it something you are anticipating happening?
  12. You state that a ‘collecter alter’ will “never shut up” and “24/7, 365 she’s adding other people’s testimonies and famous perpetrators and locations.” Which other peoples’ testimonies (aside from yours and the Riefs) are you accusing Jessie of integrating into her story? If what you said is accurate, Jessie’s been doing public speaking on her experiences and the structure of the Lucifierian Brotherhood System for over 2 years now, she should have quite a few more that you can point out.
  13. You imply that Jessie has experienced a host alter switch that now puts the collector alter in front after a takeover of the host alter, and you assert that this is responsible for the change in Jessie’s personality that you have seen over the past few years. Your exact words were “she is a different person when I first met her than who she is now”. What exact changes have you seen? What was she like before vs. what you see now? How can you be sure that there is no other explanation for whatever changes you perceived?
  14. You state that you speak of your experience when you talk of “programmed ‘front people’ acting like programmed/handled people, and the ‘fruits’ of ‘Christians’ that are anything but ‘Christian'”. What fruits of Jessie’s ‘Christianity’ are not Christian, in your opinion? You must have a few, because in your Twitter thread you noted the need to distance from “her ministry”. Just to be clear, the ministry you are speaking of is the one where she helps provide ex-system whistleblowers with rent money, electric bill payment, car payment and repairs, among other necessities, is that accurate? If you could clarify, that would be appreciated.
  15. What exact “Luciferian black op” are you accusing her of being the front person for? Does it have something to do with these statements you made on Telegram: “IF we are discerning the Books of Daniel and Revelation, and other scriptures concerning the end times correctly, ONLY GOD will determine the man and the time” and “gifted and trained for her place in the rule of the NWO and Antichrist.” Does this mean you think she is somehow aiding and abetting the ushering-in of the Antichrist, despite on the surface appearing to be doing what she can to dismantle the system?
  16. If the above is true and you believe that Jessie is engaged in a –for lack of a better way to term it–Light Side of the System op to bring about the rise of the Antichrist, do you also believe that Gina Phillips is part of that same operation, as she is just as adamant of the coming Revelation prophecies and rise of the Antichrist as Jessie is?
  17. Do you believe that Jessie’s exposé of the inner workings of the hierarchy level of the System was part of this ‘black op’? Did she deceive us in any specific way(s) that you know of?
  18. Do you believe that Cisco Wheeler lied when they said that Jessie was being prepared for programming but never actually underwent programming? Given that Cisco was a high-level programmer for the system, as well as responsible for Jessie when she was in ritual preparation, why might you believe that you are correct and Cisco is not?
  19. If Cisco was also lying about Jessie not being programmed and you have noted “There is no doubt in my mind that Jessie is a true survivor because myself and others can identify programs and alters, and switches,” then what programs and alters have you identified aside from the Luciferian black op and the collecter alter that you believe she is displaying?
  20. What does “having no association with darkness” to you mean? It seems to mean that you push Jessie away in a very public way. You’ve said that you believe you both were programmed and MK Ultra’d. Did people push you away in this manner when you were not yet through therapy? Working from the assertion that you have that Jessie is DID, do you advocate for keeping a distance from anybody who is DID because of the System? Is this your medical advice as a current or former registered nurse–push people away who you believe have serious issues? In a work situation, as a professional would you have refused to work with someone who was DID and not delivered from the system?
  21. When you said, “Add in demonic deception, etc…and you will have the full view of the destruction occurring in their life and circles of influence, with no thought or empathy of how their lies, fraud, exaggerations, etc…are harming others.” How do you believe she is currently harming others?

I could probably add another 20 questions to the current set, but I will end here for now. These are not rhetorical questions Cheryl, I really do want to know the answers.

Like Gina Phillips, you have come out with major accusations, and then said you will go silent and not speak on the matter any more. This tactic certainly does not fully educate people and leaves a lot of hanging questions and confusion. Looking at it from the outside, it can almost appear as if you were directed to make a statement of attack and then retreat into the background to let the aftermath play out. I’d like to see that this isn’t true.

One person commented on Twitter that maybe your information would be “the last straw” for people to ditch Jessie. Why does it seem like one-by-one you are all getting threatened to stay away from her? From her public actions it sure doesn’t seem like she’s pushing you away.

Feel free to contact me at my email address, below.

Veronica Swift

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18 thoughts on “A Few Questions for Cheryl

  1. I really admire your steadfast tenacity in calling these people out. I just have to say that my very first, gut-reaction was to pray for your protection. Getting a bad feeling….You are in my prayers!!! Please take care!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another great piece! Thorough, inclusive of all information, & you left room for the reader to think through for themselves & to weigh it all out. Thank you! And your questions to Cheryl, spot on. I remember Cheryl on a Carmen show (who constantly advocated raising money for Cheryl, which I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that), saying that in her end times programming of the super soldier, that she would be flying a helicopter, shooting at the runners trying to escape. Hmmm. Jessie is by no means perfect, but neither am I. Jessie is working to expose the very system that claimed Cheryl an expendable & didn’t care if she lived or died. Cheryl’s stand against Jessie is not what one would expect from someone fighting against the very evil they claim to be exposing. Indeed, it is quite strange that one-by-one they are falling away. Are they, (Madyson, Carmen, Gina & now Cheryl), being threatened to distance themselves from her? Programmed to go after Jessie? I told Jessie that she doesn’t need me to defend her, God will do that perfectly well without me, but it sure does rankle me when I see them all turn on her like they have. I support Jessie & I will continue to stand with her even IF she was all Cheryl claims about her (which I don’t believe). Jesus tells us to love our enemies, Cheryl, and to do good to them. How was your public comment “good” or “loving”?? After a few years, you are not going to stand by, now? Yup, I have some of the same questions as you Veronica. Like I said earlier, great job pulling this all together. Praying for you too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! For all the good comments and the prayers. In hindsight, I’m thinking perhaps half threatened (includes Jeff?) and half programmed (includes the relentless Twitter people circling the truth but never actually finding it)? Just a guess. I started this blog not as someone with any opinion negative or positive about Jessie but as a learner, a listener and someone who really wanted to understand what was going on. But with the opposition so very off-the-edge about it all I’m in a position where a voice of reason or reasonable take on things looks like the world’s strongest support ever. It’s kind of a strange place to be. I’m glad that you think the questions leave it to the reader to think, that’s what I was aiming for. I really want to learn, tell others about it so that my learning time isn’t wasted just on myself, and then have a nice discussion in the comments like this where we can all share our opinions and additional information.

      I don’t think it’s wrong to raise money for survivors, either. One of the really sad things about this is all of the really good information Cheryl put on Telegram that was so overshadowed by the rest of it. Her own personal stories, and analysis of what survivors go through, the trouble they have holding down jobs, etc, is absolutely spot-on. I believe that everybody who wants to donate to Jessie’s funds for survivors (or for her, even) or to Cheryl or any other survivor ought to be able to do that without people constantly putting their noses in their wallet and being judgmental. None of us have a right to dictate, judge, or even comment negatively on what charities, organizations or other needy situations people donate to. If there’s some need to let them know, for example why the Red Cross might not be the best to give money to, fine, but state your piece and get off it. It’s such a shame that social media gives everybody’s opinions such equal measure, and even more weight the more often they are offered. Real life just isn’t like that. I can’t imagine in real life sitting at a table and people tolerating being excoriated over and over and over for who they donate to. Good and loving are features that seem sorely absent from the treatment of the abused these days and it’s heartbreaking. Blessings to you, V

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Yes, I have wondered about Jeff, he said that his family was involved with “Disney”, not sure what all that implied. Another point that needs to be made is what Cathy Fox says on this topic of whether hyarchy children especially MOD’s, are programmed, altered & DID. Cathy Fox infatically states that they can not be. Just as Jessie has declared.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I think that Cathy said what she said based on Jessie’s information to her, which was that the 5 mothers, the 5 protectors and the 5 juinor protectors and the successors were not programmed. But we know based on Cisco’s testimony, both as a MOD successor and as the daughter of the #2 programmer, Dr. Black aka Leo Wheeler, that she was heavily programmed and extensively DID. So, that rule doesn’t completely hold. What might have happened is that Cisco was pulled-in to being a MOD successor after Josephine Pederson got out in the 1970’s, and it might be that Cisco wasn’t originally destined to be a MOD, just a programmer like her father. So the rule might hold but there also might be exceptions to it based on unfroseen circumstances.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. You tell her Veronica!!I would side with Jessie anyday over some of these talkers.  The fact that this Person is admittedly a programed person, makes me thing she is initiating more programming to demonize Jessie for telling the truth. Thanks for your hard work. Prayers to all.  Sandra  


  4. I know this is a difficult time for everyone because you don’t know who to trust so you do have to bring forth some evidence or testimonies when others are questioning you otherwise your reputation could be hinged. I’ve been a supporter and pateon of Jessie’s for quite some time now and I can’t say that it doesn’t bother me when people are discrediting her, I would be lying.
    I’m very protective of those that I believe in. I have noticed on several occasions people making comments about those that are making money by building a platform and trying to bring peace and love to the world, especially those that have had to endure such cruelty and unimaginable things in their life such as Jessie, anybody should be glorified it should be those that have endured such tragedy and pain and I pray and hope all that have good hearts can experience financial freedom freedom someday!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a friggin’ CRAP SANDWICH 🥪!!! I’ll first state, I’m in the learning curve with ALL things Illuminati, Luciferian, DID, MkUktra, alters, child rape, torture, cannibalism and even the TRUTH about who, what, why, when and How Satan/Lucifer/the Devil, his demons, Spirits operate!

    Having said that- my nature and brain works first logically then emotionally. I’ve come to this rabbit hole via a call out to God when the sitting President of the Free World was silenced. I wouldn’t call myself a Trumper, far from it as I hated the way he spoke unpolished and what I considered brash, arrogant and certainly not Presidential. I’m stol with eye brow in the air if he’s light side system.

    I have not even followed politics or world history as it never made sense w/timelines, inventions, lack of imagination and such confounded my analytical concrete mind. I even avoided the OT except Psalm and Proverbs after reading through the whole Bible Seriously more than 🤷🏻‍♀️ 8-10 times over the last Few decades (unless taught line by line in formal Bible studies). It was too “fantastical” and reckoned I don’t know how our image transfers through the air on FaceTime but it doesn’t stop me believing it works! So- yes, I believe in the death, resurrection and Holy Spirit, 3 in 1 and that Jesus will come back to judge the Earth with all His followers- me being one on the slow pony in the back as I don’t like war!

    So- imagine me asking that day “Lord! Show me the TRUTH! What the hell on earth is happening where a sitting president is allowed to be silenced by the free press and social media companies?” He’s either really evil or really right.

    After 5 yrs of being off social media, I logged back in to Facebook (which was all diff btw) and within a few weeks I was led to an unknown Site to me called Bride Ministries and a woman named “Jane” explaining the details of the dark side of our faith.

    For the 1st time in my 00yrs, it ALL made sense! ALL OF IT!

    I listen to part 2 and Jane said that she needed to tell her WHOLE TRUTH with her real name, Jessie, as instructed by the Lord or to that effect. Huh! 😯

    I bought 3 new Bibles in 3 translations and dug in to understand this ENEMY called Lucifer.
    I was led to ppl COMPLETELY unrelated to Jessie or knowledge of her even substantiate all that Jessie said. The Lord showed me in scripture THE 6 “W” QUESTIONS Regarding this evil starting in the gospels then back to Genesis.

    I actually herd Cheryl’s story before I fully grasped Jessie’s. I’ve been studying, asking tough questions and drinking TRUTH from a fire hose the past 2 yrs.

    Did I mention I’m a concrete critical thinking kinda person??? Oh yea. So you can’t bet I’ve studied EVERY SINGLE SURVIVOR that’s gone public more than a few times. All the while asking God to point me to the TRUTH.

    YOU KNOW WHO made themselves available, open, honest and didn’t shy away from my very pointed questions AFTER ppl like SarahTweaksTruth, Larry Alligators and posse???? JESSIE CZEBOTAR!!!
    She looked me in the eyes and unrehearsed answered the most bizarre questions I had as well as the obvious ones SarahTweaks over. Asked and answered. Asked and answered. You know who else availed themselves to my redicularity? (Made that word up and it fits here) Cisco Wheeler.

    In fact- there was t any question I couldn’t ask- unless it breeched the Truth if another survivor that could cause me or my fams danger.

    So- within the same handful of Weeks or months or so all these allegedly healed and faithful Jesus lovers begin the anti-Jessie exodus. The same line bubbled up like a bad Lin Wood post- “Do your own research!”

    So I thought – 🤔 I must’ve got snookered along the way in the obscurity of it all. I watched ALL of her videos and hours of insufferable Alligators “proof” video rants.

    Jessie is either right- it a HORRIBLE Satanists. She continues to lead ppl to Jesus and the word.

    She’s explained, answered and responded publicly several times on the issues she’s accused of doing. Why beat a dead horse?

    If you seek the Lord and are a grounded filler of Christ, you either Test and accept truth when God gives it 3-5 ways and sideways or you continuously look for a answers with wagged finger because you don’t understand how your picture shows up 3000 on another cellphone at the same time. So, instead of WAITING and asking God for more truth you stomp your feet and throw the phone across the room or out the window chalking it up to “a sense, a feeling, just didn’t sit right with me or there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY SHE COULDA SEEN 136,000 ppl die in 5 1/2 yrs!!!!

    Pple- just because your brain cannot imagine it, or you don’t have a good “feeling“, Or Can’t make sense of the ways the Spiritual Realms operate- 🤷🏻‍♀️Step off.

    Go d something else! Dig in again with fresh eyes. Check in with a counselor if you yourself are still carrying or have “decided to keep alters for safety and confidence”, read more, don’t just listen- hear 👂. Ask God to show you instead of a string of PUBLIC TWITTER POSTS from a ur ago without understanding the full reason or context!! It’s like hearing one side of a conversation in broken English.

    So- Veronica, kudos to you for ALWAYS LEAVING THE DOOR OPEN! Brava Lass! You are an incredible example demonstrating critical thinking skills at work. Keep it up and even more that that- I’ll pay for my subscription and 2 others you deem worthy and in financial need. I ain’t wealthy- just believe in your good work no matter where it lands.

    And for the record- #IStandWithJessieCzebotar
    We are only at half time. Ain’t NO WAY ANYONECAN CALL THE GAME YET SPORTSFANS!

    I do have a question that just popped into my head. Do you think the jubilee ritual and/or London Bridge Down Ritual kicked off alters hiding in the back it kept for war times like a General in the pocket kinda thing??? A sage survivor Or aware critical thinker might think so. What say you V??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Debbie, I think you need to rephrase all that and make it more emphatic. 😉 An impossible challenge, much like some recent challenges I’ve seen……

      I think you make some excellent points. We’re at halftime. We can’t know 100% truth. We’re being lied-to from many angles, over and over, sometimes with truth interspersed by that same person. The light side is bubbling up and now we have a new set of ideas, people, assertions that may seem crazy (pocket realms, flying carpets, Gloria Vanderbilt abusing children in the Montauk experiments, supersoldiers, cloaked giant ships in the sky, reptilians living underground…. you name it it sounds nuts to most people)

      As much as I thought Gina’s comments about Jessie were unprofessional, I believe she’s right when she says that many have sleeper programs for the end times. How many don’t know about them? My guess is a boatload. I’m reminded what Gene Decode said about the number of programmed people when he inquired of someone who knew about it 10-20 years ago, and that it was in the realm of 1 per city block. I’m sure it’s much more now.

      I was discussing the astonishing lack of critical thinking skills I see especially in some of the younger generations, and thinking back to my time teaching and watching students get progressively more anxiety-ridden over the years, and their “freak out” hair trigger tempers get more pronounced, and I think it’s partially nutritional, and partly because more are programmed, whether that’s the Alexis/tv/movies/cell phone variety of programming, or the harmonics programming I think it’s happened to more kids than we can know, and now they’re young adults with programs being triggered. I can’t say for Cheryl, but I don’t really have the impression that’s the case with her. They probably didn’t intend her to live past about age 30, similar to Cathy O’Brien. Others, I would say yes, what we’re likely to see at some point is activation of the chaos that they think will get them the “reset” they desire.

      I very much appreciate your support, and your offer to sponsor two additional people is very kind. Send me an email and we can go from there. It’s on the contact page upper right of the blog posts. Blessings, V


      1. Oh Lord!! Reading this back my iPhone 6 continues to fail me. No, I’m not upgrading to 5G! I’ll get a flip phone first. Embarrassed By the mistakes and unreadable thoughts doesn’t begin with your perfectly crafted and clear sentences Ms Swift! Mia Copa folks. I pray you made sense of the handful of missing, replaced or switched letters. It’s the Bain of my existence to not communicate effectively in my writing. Oh well!
        Some corrections From top down to clarify:
        1) I’m still left with one eye brow raised as to whether Trump is actually Light Side of system.

        2) Comparing confounding things of the Bible To me I don’t have answers for yet is akin to Not needing to understanding the Intricacies of FaceTime or Zoom and how they carry your very being across a wire or satellite half way around the world live, in real time. Though I don’t fully understand the quantum physics of it all, I still believe it works and use it faithfully Knowing I’m certain that ea time I click on the icon it will still allow me to see someone in Italy! Bon Giorno!
        Some things are NOT for us to know fully yet, but it shouldn’t stop us from moving forward using/applying the technology either. Same with the Bible, Jesus as the Risen Sacrifice and God’s economy.

        3) There was NOT a question I couldn’t or haven’t asked both Jessie or Cisco. They both are extremely gracious if you don’t charge accusingly cuz- well that’s just dumb &in poor form!
        Sometimes I did get responses like- “I’m not able to say right now.” And those questions in hind sight were for safety reasons. Oh What a few Months can make regarding getting questions answered if we can just be patient and recognize this is way bigger than quenching our curiosities. I thank these brave survivors for knowing when NOT to tell things as they understand the FULL meaning of danger just by knowing “Stuff”. I love them both for their restraint. (I have even more questions to ask BTW! But, I’m learning to wait a week- it’ll likely get answered as fast and hard As this ball of yarn is getting unwound!). 🤓

        4) conclusion I came to re Jessie: she’s either very right and IS who she says she is, Ex-QMOD In waiting, tearing down the whole mofo system— or according to the Accusations, she’s a big fat liar (SarahFREAKS crowd).
        I’d say Jessie sucks at being a Satantic Witch and is a horrible Satanist! She winds up leading ppl to Jesus, helping them find, restore or deepen their faith and relationship with God by pointing them to the Bible for Deeper understanding themselves. In 2 short yrs, I’ve learned the missing piece lacking in my faith walk Of 50+ yrs. Jessie brought to light the missing 🧩 pieces that I never really learned re truly WHO Satan is, how he operates exactly in our everyday world, what, where and why. I’m forever grateful for her because of this.
        I am now 100% CONFIDENT in who I am in Christ, what I am to do w/my gifts, where, why and how now that I understand the enemy hard at work trying to stop my authority, dominion rights and power by the blood of the lamb and through the words of my testimony. (It’s not just a nice song lyric). There’s POWER beyond all understanding in the name of Jesus. I just didn’t know the back door to the enemy camp Existed to get on offense vs defense of Satan’s wiles.
        I truly believe if pastors, preachers and teachers taught this (or even knew for themselves), we’d be living in a different world today. Nonetheless, I know now so I can do better to equip the next newly awake person and point them to the cross while pointing out the land mines along the way there! It kinda matters not what Jessie is or isn’t Now because Of who she gives glory and points to. It’s ALWAYS JESUS.

        5) if you seek God fully and call Jesus your LORD and Savior and are filled with the Holy Spirit, you will learn how to ask, test and not just listen but HEAR the voice of God confirming, denying or telling you WAIT- NOT YET!
        I believe many of these harassers/detractors are sent to do just that! But the weak minded, Lacking Critical Thinking Skills, will snatch up their click bait and “Advanced Twitter Search” videos and ✅ – stop there cuz “things didn’t sit right“ hearing such outlandish, outrageous, unbelievable things such as a cabal network can make you watch 30-100 avg daily ritual killings for refusing to kill or cannibalize! Duh! They did have astral projection or high tech unbeknownst to us in the early 89! C’mon Ding Dongs! Dig a bit deeper she never said how. She just said why! Sheesh 🙄
        You know V, I blame instant mashed potatoes & everyone gets a trophy for participating for this Lack of critical insight and respect of the scientific process to gathering information resulting in a succinct conclusion for themselves.
        The GenX, iGen and millennial generations are programmed for instant food, I’m special/I deserve_____, everything programmed, & at w/ a click of their fingertips, Or Siri, instant gratification of programmed information.
        I mean how could they Expect to wait for unfolding answers, fail 😱, grasp that even they or a Chaplain could God-forbid make a mistake or fall short & fallible? Or, God forbid they have to Work hard, earn or struggle uncomfortably to get info and thereby grow from the process alone?? Remember when you had to return coke bottles, break in new shoes or Levi 501’s til they were comfortable? Or spend all day with a single hole punch and a pack of colored construction paper (or the yellow pages) making confetti for the 4th of July? Or rewinding a cassette tape with your pinky cuZ the tape got stuck in your player? Or using a nickel on your 45 or 33 LPs so the needle wouldn’t skip? Btw- They were just called “jeans” actually- unless you couldn’t afford the $19.99-$25 then got “Bo-bo” jeans from Montgomery Ward! Or Wranglers from Sears if you were a farm kid/red neck!
        These “kids“- now adults seem to have self-entitled, impatient pride, and WE are to blame! Well done on us are for coddling, cajoling and woozifying our sweet 2.5 babies Per tippy family so they wouldn’t have to struggle. 😏😔. Shame on us that did that. No wonder kids think “adulting” begins at 25-30!!

        We are out of control as a ppl group globally opening the door wide for an easy entrance of one globalized Luciferian run world because well- Netflix and chill with 32 genders!

        Oh darn- I could go on. But I’ve passed my corrections by a county mile and heading to new blog status. 😎

        6) I will end here with an exclamation And addition.
        I love Cheryl. I have supported her financially though she never Out right asked- instead Graciously made her needs known when asked.
        And, I prolly will again because I respect the heck out of her life story of triumph from a pain I will never understand. And, I pray lest we be caught up in the air soon by our redeemer-messiah, Jesus Christ, she gets to realize her dreams of a ranch for healing SRA kids.

        I dunno how or why this all came to pass frankly as what she wrote (especially on the Telegram Blog to the 130-odd or so there) is NOT the person I’ve been studying or learning from intently the past few years. It’s NOT from the compassionate overcomer I‘ve come to respect and love, pray over and support fully.
        Dunno who or how kicked this off around the same time as the other “September surprises”. I think deep in my gut there’s something amiss here.

        Another survivor called me freaked out the night of the Queen’s Jubilee. They were so grieved because they KNEW what was taking place, as soon as those infinity lights lit up like snakes up a spine to the weird tree, signaled a mass End-Times ritual MKUltra activation. They desperately gasped or groaned as we watched it on replay pointing out what each thing meant/represented from the system perspective. Lacking knowledge or exposure, I barely took it in contemplating the enormity of what was unfolding. Of course we prayed feverishly and fervently that God would stop, protect, disrupt & every other verb befitting such consequences.

        I have NO WAY of knowing if that fits in to the sudden public “dump & dive” we’ve witnessed the past few weeks.

        Nevertheless- I will NOT block, shut out or end my care, public support or prayers for Cheryl anytime soon. I’m grieved, saddened and disappointed. But regardless of what we see right now- #IStandWithCherylBeck too!

        My God is big enough to make this tangled mess straight. And you know what V?? I believe He will!

        May God bless you beyond overflowing for your good work here and pushing all of us to sharpen ea other’s iron vs follow a wayward sheep like the SarahTweaksTruth Off the cliff!
        Much appreciation and respect!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. “I dunno how or why this all came to pass frankly as what she wrote (especially on the Telegram Blog to the 130-odd or so there) is NOT the person I’ve been studying or learning from intently the past few years. It’s NOT from the compassionate overcomer I‘ve come to respect and love, pray over and support fully.” Amen on that. It’s out of character for her and puzzling to watch.

          I had to smile at the STT reference, and I even have compassion for that sweet misguided overactive Twitter Tweeter. I was talking with a much older friend the other day and just asking her about what she saw in the progressive lack of critical thinking skills over her lifetime, and if anything like what I was seeing going on was, and she referred me back to Yuri Bezmenov, who apparently at one point said something to the effect of eventually people will be so brainwashed that they won’t be able to think critically or clearly any more. I believe that’s what we’re seeing right now, are quite a lot of average folks who have had their abilities to think slowly stripped away from them. And they don’t realize it, nor do they realize that it’s like a flashing red light to the rest of us. I don’t know if it’s from TV’s or probably more likely cell phones. The more I analyze it in my head, the more I can divide them into heavy cell phone users and non-cell phone users. But that’s just in my life, overall who knows.

          I also reached out to someone who has financial need and have a taker, if you’re still offering.



          1. Ms. Swift,
            Sorry for the delayed response. On account of the Pain-in-the-butt iPhone, I can no longer use my mail and had to delete many apps. So inconveniently, need to use another device. Yes! My offer is still good. Now I just have to figure out how to subscribe through the pd wall and will send enough for me and 2 in need.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. No worries, I know what pain-in-the-butt technology can be like. I think if you subscribe regular for yourself and then use the “tip jar” option at the bottom of posts we can forward those coins to another user for them to subscribe with. No hurry worry, I’m sure we’re not going to knock out the Illuminati brotherhood this week (snort). Maybe week after next 😉 You’re a blessing!! V
              Whoops, I’m slightly late to the party–I see what you did. I can forward existing coins in my account to them, no worries.


  6. That was another great bit of writing., Veronica!
    Never trusted Cheryl. Never believed her fully after she talked shiz about Good ol Field. I know most who follow me know this, sorry for repeating.
    If one ONLY went by the Good Book in figuring out how to judge this bigger situation, (host & their guests dissin Jessie) One would see clearly that Jessie & Crew are in the right.
    The persecution, badgering, accosting, harassment & stalking makes them guilty.
    If they disagree they really could state their opinion and leave. But they don’t. They go the extra mile to hurt & cause pain.
    “Treat others as you want to be treated, FOR BY YOUR STANDARD OF MEASURE, YOU WILL BE MEASURED!”
    Thanks for the great writing, as always.
    SJ Rocks

    Liked by 1 person

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