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Charles “Charlie” Bower

This is a post in the Affidavit series.

In Jessie’s last (9th) affidavit, she names a bunch of people, a bunch of places, and some government organizations.

One named individual was “Charles Esmond Sindercome Bulmer Bower”. I don’t know about you, but that didn’t ring a bell for me. It did, however, sound unusual enough that it piqued my interest.

So, following my inner Fritz Springmeier and his bloodline genealogy bent, I set out looking for this man. I’m going to walk you through how I found the information I found, because I think it’s worth detailing. I’m not an investigative journalist, but if you are researching family history this is often how searches go. They are a bit of a squiggly path.

The first clue I found in GoodDog’s Heart of Darnkess video. Here’s Jessie speaking:

“There’s a company called Brightspace. And that company goes into CPS offices, as well as schools and like local art places for kids. And they, they create these environments that they call Bright Spaces for kids. If you look into that more, there’s a lot of imagery with color with shapes that they use. It’s almost like they’re creating this ritual ground in all of the government, CPS buildings, hospitals, schools, where these kids are going to be found. One of the major donors for Bright Spaces is called donors And if you look into that company, the major sponsors for Donors Choose are the Bill Gates Foundation, Al Gore and his wife. You’ve got the Bulmer Foundation, which you’ll have to look into them. The Bulmers are one of the high Illuminati families out of Hereforshire [sic] UK. So you have HP Bulmer. He’s one of the largest donors for a lot of the children’s hospitals in the US. We have directly connected them with one of their other names is Bowers. So some of these individuals of ours are, you know, doing trafficking out of California through CPS. They’re involved in some of our major hierarchy kid cases. They, so this is an interesting fact about the Bowers. The Bowers owned the Chateau de pack in the UK. And that literally is what I grew up knowing as the wolf house. And the vampires in the wolves are one of the will to different departments within the protector assassins for the elites, and so HP Bulmers son, Charlie Bulmer, owns the Chateau de Pack. So we found that he’s a he’s involved with law enforcement in California. They’re with the Carlsbad area and Magnolia school. They’re highly connected to the Sullivan family who do a lot with solar energy and climate change, ironically, and they do a lot of these solar in energy fairs at schools and other public places where kids are. We have some direct, one of the Solomon Sullivan’s is involved in one of our hierarchy cases, literally, he took this mom to divorce court, they’ve never been married. And through divorce court, he won custody of her child. So these handlers are literally like, through divorce court, gaining custody of kids that are not even theirs.”

So, the Brightspace Foundation connects with the Bulmer Foundation, connects with, connects with a guy called HP Bulmer, connects with the Sullivans, connects with the Bowers, who own the Chateau de Pack (or du Pak or something, I have no idea how to spell it). The Chateau de Pack is also known as the Wolf House, because that family branch are protector-assassins, of the werewolf variety.

Charlie Bulmer is also tied to Magnolia School in Carlsbad, California, a traveling wolf group called “The Scottish Highlanders” and the Jonah Rief hierarchy kid kidnapping case, which ties to Kamala Harris, according to 2 tweets I dug up from 2020.

HP Bulmer

HP Bulmer was pretty easy to find. He’s on Wikipedia. His given name is Henry Percival Bulmer, nicknamed Percy. He married Susan Mildred Ball and had 5 children, 4 boys and a girl. He’s out of Herefordshire, which means he’s the correct guy.

Son#1, Geoffrey Percival Bulmer died young, age 24, of suicide after serving in WWI and having bad PTSD/shell shock.

Son #2 Henry Howard Bulmer b. 1897 d. 1985 doesn’t appear to have been married or had children.

Son #3 William Esmond Bulmer b 1901, d. 1932 also doesn’t appear to have been married or had children. But his name, Esmond, also is a clue that this might be the correct family to find Charlie Esmond Sindecombe Bulmer Bower in.

Son #4 Edward Charles Bulmer m. Margaret Leigh Roberts in 1933, and had 3 sons, James Esmond, David Esmond, and Jonathan Charles. When doing genealogy, family names that are repeated are often clues to lineages. We have two repeated names, Esmond and Charles. So this is something to keep in mind, especially Esmond as it is an unusual name.

Daughter #1 Cicely Mildred died in infancy.

Here’s what this family unit looks like:

Children of Henry Percival “Percy” Bullmer and Susan Mildred Ball

Edward Charles Bulmer

Next, I set out to find out if any of Edward Charles Bulmer’s children might be the father or grandfather of Charlie Esmond Sindercombe Bulmer Bower. Charlie’s last name being Bower in the affidavit was a bit of a question mark for me, but I thought it might be a hyphenation kind of deal, so I still thought it was worth it to trace this line because of the Esmond name connection.

After some hunting around, I found Edward’s children.

Son #1 James Esmond Bulmer, commonly known as Esmond Bulmer, former conservative British MP (Member of Parliament). James married twice, first to Morella C.M. Kearton, and second to Susan “Susie” Elizabeth Murray. With Morella Kearton, he had 3 boys and a girl, and no children that I could find with Susie. Sons Edward A. M. Bulmer was born in 1962 in Kensington, London, England, Mark Howard K Bulmer was born in 1966 in Leominster, Herefordshire, England, and Hugo Esmond Cherry Bulmer was born in 1970 in Hereford, Herefordshire, England. Daughter Caroline Bullmer was married twice, to James F. Dean and then Christopher Rupert Williams-Ellis.

(James) Esmond Bulmer

Son #2 David E Bulmer. I couldn’t find any details on him.

Son 3# Jonathan Charles Bulmer married twice, once to Marcia Rose Aileen Levenson-Gower and another to Dao Taylor, a writer from New Zealand. Marcia died in 2005, leaving 4 children, Hesper Rose Constance Bulmer born 1990, James Alexander Howard Bulmer, born in 1992, Hector Charles Marcus Bulmer born 1993, and Lara Bulmer born in 1995.

A chance encounter with an article on Esmond Bulmer’s second wife Suzie was interesting as it noted that her first marriage was to a Bower. So this I thought was promising to explore.

Suzie/Susan Elizabeth Murray Bower Bulmer

From the article “My Turbulent Life as an Aristocrat“, I took 3 interesting pieces of information:

  • 1. Suzie’s first mother-in-law displayed an unhealthy obsession with the occult and once held her two-year-old grandson up at the window to point out a passing UFO. “As a result he was so frightened he would not sleep alone for several nights,” she writes.
  • 2. Her first marriage) lasted 14 years and produced two sons before the divorce.
  • 3. Her eldest son’s name is Charlie

So then I set out to find a birth record of a son (that I assumed was by her first husband) whose name was Charles or Charlie with a mother maiden name of Murray. And I found one. Charles J. S. Bower, born 1970.

Further searching the name Susan Elizabeth Murray came up with this jackpot of a note in a Google forum. It listed Susan’s first husband’s full name and the name of her two sons. Bingo. Julian Thurston Syndercombe Bower married Susan Elizabeth Murray ca 1963, and they had Charles Julian Syndercombe Bower, b 21 May 1965, who married Nichole De Montagnon, and they had a child Lucy Nicole Syndercombe Bower b 16 December 1992, and their second son was Rupert George Syndercombe Bower born 3 July 1967.

Records like these are fantastic, but they still need to be confirmed with primary sources, which I did next. Births, deaths and marriages all confirm with primary sources.

The family name, although not hyphenated, indicates that this is probably the correct Charlie/Charles and the correct family.

Charles Julian Syndercombe Bower

(James) Esmond Bulmer is Charles J. S. Bower’s stepfather. His biological mother and father are Julian Thurston Syndercombe Bower and Susan “Susie” Elizabeth Murray Bower Bulmer (inasmuch as you can track any kid in the Illuminati, with their propensity to adopt children from one family to another).

I believe that this man, Charles Julian Syndercombe Bower, is the same individual as named in Jessie’s affidavit as “Charles Esmond Sindercombe Bulmer Bower”. Either he changed his name and used a different name at some point (which is very common) or the Julian got swapped for Esmond (a mix-up with his stepfather, which is understandable) It also lists his stepfather’s name, Bulmer as well as his birth father’s name, Bower.

I could also be completely wrong. However, there is no other Charlie of an appropriate age, with an appropriate connection to the Bulmer family, with a last name of Bower, who also happens to reside not in England but near the Carlsbad/San Diego area of California, who also has ties to Bulmer Cider Company and Brightspace Foundation, formerly the Bulmer Foundation. There are too many parallels to Jessie’s information for them all to be coincidences.

Charles J.S. Bower

I found Charlie’s Facebook page under the name Charles J. S. Bower. There’s literally nothing there but 54 pictures.

The photos show a young woman who is likely his daughter, Lucy, photographs of the English Countryside, and a strange photograph of what looks like Los Angeles, with palm trees and an interstate 10 highway sign. Interstate 10 goes from Santa Monica through to Arizona, which is one clue that I’ve got the right man; a connection to both England and the Southern California area.

Also on his Facebook page are photographs of himself with an unknown blonde woman and a young girl, likely his daughter Lucy Nicole Syndercome Bower.

Bulmer’s Cider

Charlie Bower’s stepfather’s family business was, until recently, HP Bulmer’s (hard) cider (in the USA, cider is raw pressed apple juice and hard cider is fermented apple juice, whereas cider in the UK is a fermented drink)

You can follow the company on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Their Instagram page has a bit of an obsession with yarn-bombing trees. Poor trees.

Bulmer’s started in the late 1800’s, by Percy Bulmer and his brother Frederick.

One of the original advertisements for Bulmer’s Cider was anything but “happy apple” looking. In fact, it looks more like “weird Halloween trees that reach out and grab children” to me.

In 2003, the company was sold to Scottish & Newcastle, who then sold it to Heineken in 2008.

Why is this important, and what does it have to do with Charles/Charlie Bower?

Bightspace Foundation

Bulmer’s Cider Company has a foundation that began as the Bulmer Foundation, and now is called the Brightspace Foundation. It’s located in Herefordshire, England which has few people, lots of land, and lots of cows.

What is the purpose of the Brightspace Foundation? I would argue that it’s an extension of the United Nations, by it’s own admission. On the “Sustainable Route Map” page, it says that the goal of the Brightspace Foundation is to:

“monitor(s) a series of indicators as a measure of the county’s sustainability. Using indicators is not new, the United Nations and national governments spend much time and effort on this, but this project is focused specifically on Herefordshire.”

So, it’s a data-tracking organization that doesn’t do anything–except keep track of people at a county/regional level for the United Nations. (The United Nations is a subsidiary of the Galactic Federation, and thus an Illuminati company/organization)

What does Brightspace track?
-how many people are employed
-social cohesion
-life expectancy
-self-reported well-being
-what the outdoor spaces are being used for
-street cleanliness
-wages earned by workers
-rates of volunteerism
and more.

You can toggle on an off some boxes and look at what Herefordshire is doing well, and what they are not doing well.

Charles Julian Syndercombe Bower was the “Sustainability Manager” at the Brightspace Foundation from 2001 to 2005, according to this company check website:

Charles’ stepbrothers Edward Alexander Myles Bulmer and Hugo Esmond Cherry Bulmer are also listed there as “related people”, as well as his stepfather James Esmond Bulmer.

This interesting website called the also links Charles Bower from Brightspace to San Diego, in the region Jessie alleges he had been working from.

If you read the 3rd paragraph above, it says “My take is that sustainable development will only be possible if conjunction [sic] with reviewing our conception of what a human being is”.

He wants to review (which is a kind word for redefine) what a human being is. That sounds suspiciously like a lot of the rumblings out of the FDA/Big Pharma crowd that our immune system is just a computer with “software” that needs to be “updated”.

Whatever Charlie means by reviewing what a human is, it sounds ominous and creepy and like it would fit right in with him being from a high-level Illuminati family.


Speaking of high-level Illuminati families, some of the Syndercombe Bower extended family has been noted to have intermarried with the Plantagenet family. The Plantagenet family is one of Fritz Springmeier’s 13 named Illuminati family lines, along with the Bower/Bauer’s, whose other commonly known name is… drumroll…. Rothschild.

Fritz is blunt: “They all worship Satan and they all take part in human sacrifice and ritual child abuse.”

It’s the Plantagenets who are thought to have been a line of the bloodline of Jesus, which is called the Jesus Strand in modern parlance. The bloodline of Jesus (which according to Jessie is an Illuminati conspiracy) is supposed to birth the Antichrist.

Cathy Fox Blog also notes in the Belenoff and Q article that “Plantagenets are one of the main hidden bloodlines that links to the Collins and Freeman Bloodlines of the Illuminati. All the very top levels in the Illuminati are born of these lines, which intersects through Germany, France and Russia via Vlad Impaler bloodline.” Jessie’s main bloodlines (although she has 10) are Collins and Freeman.

The offspring of Vlad the Impaler are the vampire protector-assassin line, whereas the Romanov offspring are the wolves.

Chateau du Pack

Jessie notes in the quoted section at the top of this article that the Bower family owns the Chateau du Pack, aka the Wolf House in the UK. They are the werewolf protector-assassins in the system. She also says that Charlie Bower aka Charles Julian Syndercombe Bower owns that building at this time. Does that mean he is the head of a protector deaprtment? If so, whom does he protect? Is that ranking individual located in Southern California? It would seem likely.

Connections to the Jonah Rief kidnapping

Charlie Bower also has connections to the Jonah Rief kidnapping. Jonah Rief’s bloodlines are also Rothschild, Freeman, Collins and Plantagenet, as well as French royalty (Merovingian, perhaps?) Jonah Rief is the son of Tammy Rief, who may be related to Tiffany Rief Bower, the woman listed in the 9th affidavit release right below Charles (Julian not Esmond) Syndercombe Bulmer Bower.

This is where the story gets even more interesting, but that’s a story for the next post…. cliffhanger….bum bum bummmmmmmm.

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