Jeanette & the Shapeshifter Queen

Jeanette Archer, SRA survivor, is getting a lot of traction on social media for the speech she gave outside of Windsor castle recently. It’s mirrored all over the internet right now, but I found it on Deborah Tavares’ Stop the Odysee Channel. Thank you, Nina, for the link 🙂 Deborah is someone worth watching if you’re interested in frequency and health, she’s a whistleblower who lost her son to a cell phone injury. It’s more common than you might think.

I featured a previous video that Jeanette did a few months ago, Survivor Outs BBC as Satanic Organization, but that one is tame in comparison to this one; this one is super-charged and names quite a few names. I’m interested in names, because it’s monumentally difficult to figure out who’s in the Luciferian “club” if someone doesn’t point it out. It can be attempted, but I’m never completely certain until someone firmly says a name, for sure.

Some of the information that Jeanette presents isn’t new, it’s been said before by other survivors and other parts are new to me, and perhaps to you, as well. At the end of the video Jeanette also reads short but powerful testimonies given to her by 2 other survivors, one she calls “Elle” and one “anonymous”.

On this blog, two of the most highly clicked-on posts have been Madyson Marquette’s information about testifying at multiple military tribunals including one for Joe Biden and David’s testimony about his abuse at the hands of Mike Pence. I think Jeanette’s story is right up there in shock value to those two. I hesitated a bit to put it here only because of Gina Phillips’ recent admonitions about being very careful and wary of the multitudes of survivors coming out naming names. She cautions us that there are some principles to use to discern whether they are “controlled opposition” or “plants” but then says that those principles are in her videos and her past tweets. Well, that’s more digging than I have time for today, so I’ll have to leave that rabbit hole alone for now.

Suffice it to say that nothing strikes me as inauthentic about Jeanette, and I’ll share the video and a summary of what she has said and let you decide for yourself. I know Our Whistleblower (OW) would disagree with Jeanette about the English Royal Family being Reptilians, she would argue that they are humans who have attached demonic entities that may allow them to shape-shift. We can honor both of their realities at this time, and if it’s really one way and not the other, well, these are the things that will come out in the wash, eventually.

The rumor going around now is that the Queen is no longer, that she has been “dealt with”. Charlie Ward has said for months that Windsor and Balmoral and Buckingham Palace are emptied, that he has friends who care for the horses and Balmoral and that the royal family hasn’t been there in a very long time. This video at about 1 hour 25 min in states that the Queen is “half” Draco (a reptilian-like off-world/extraterrestrial species) and that when teams started to clear out the palace, that they found breeding chambers with Draco eggs underneath. And yesterday on the Reveal Report, OW said 10 of the best words in the English language, which was “The majority of the high-level Rothschilds are GONE now,” which confirms to me that the rumors floating around that some of these very high-level Luciferians have been dealt with is actually real. Whoopeeeee (!!happy dance!!).

It’s not my specialty or job to know what the *perfect* truth is. I think that eventually, we’ll finally figure it all out. But there is no getting around the difficult reality of this moment, which is that it is evident that spiritual beings, angels, and possibly even extraterrestrial beings are a part of the mix of the earthly realm. Whether you call it “The Great Awakening” or the “Fall of the Dark Side of the System” something out of the ordinary is happening, and all but the truly blind are starting to see the bits of cracks in the veil that has hidden us from that world for such a long time.

The following are my notes on the video. Neither video will embed here, you’ll have to click one of the links below.

Trigger warning for cannibalism, torture, near death, human hunting, and sexual violence.

  • Jeanette was picked up by police officers in uniform and raped before she ever got to Windsor Castle.
  • There are dungeons underground the castle and Buckingham palace.
  • Tunnel systems go through to parliament, where there are also satanists.
  • 3 different dungeons, with setups for different kinds of torture.  Always 1 man and 1 woman inflicting the torture.
  • She was often chained to a wall and left hanging by wrists and neck with iron rings.
  • Water torture in another dungeon.  Used to brainwash her so she wouldn’t speak once she got out.  Man and woman played good cop bad cop.  They don’t ever want anybody to speak about the torture once they leave the dungeons.
  • Hunting games, they play them.  Children are brought in by the van loads from children’s homes, from the satanic families like the one Jeanette grew up in.  Taken from captivity and stripped naked.  Wristbands on the children told the satanist whether they could kill them or they had to be left alive.  Jeanette got the wristband that said she couldn’t be killed because she came from a Satanic family.  Older girls would be silent, because they knew not to make a sound.  The younger kids would be crying.  They would wait for the sounds of the bugle.  They don’t just hunt foxes, they hunt kids.  They would take the younger children’s hands and run.  Men would chase, women would watch on and cheer.  The men would hunt, rape and kill the children.  Children left alive vs killed was 1 in 10.  She would have to walk over the dead bodies and go back to the starting point.  Some of the children were not quite dead, and would be still wiggling as she walked back.  The hunting games were easy compared to the rituals.   In the hunting games they were only raped by one person in the course of an evening, vs. the rituals where there would be 10-40 people raping the kids in one evening.  Worst memories was watching the young children that got killed in the woods.
  • The really big rituals are at Halloween, Christmas and Easter.
  • At the rituals, very loud chanting.  They worship Satan.  Blood drinking.   A child will be laid out and tortured until their blood is adrenalized.  They then cut the child’s throat, and they’ll bleed out and the satanists would drink the blood. 
  • A typical ritual for Jeanette would be that she would be held in captivity for 2 days no food, no water naked.  They would have tubes stuck down their throat and in other locations to flush them out, a purification ritual, because they believed that’s what Satan wants.  Before the ritual, she would be drugged or a drug put in a drink, and then lead to the ritual in a white gown.  Laid out on a concrete slab.  Legs spread and chained apart.  Arms chained.  She wasn’t ever the one killed, but she often begged for it, as she felt it would be easier than enduring what she endured.  Every single person would rape her from the coven/circle.
  • It goes on at Balmoral, too.  The queen was there.
  • 27:40 Some people are hearing this for the very first time.  Some will react in seemingly inappropriate ways.  Laughter etc.
  • 30:30 End of a ritual would be that she would be put in a coffin and lowered into the ground.  More torture after the rituals to keep her from talking.  They would have torturers in Judges’ garb—real world judges—and they would torture her.  She knew there was no recourse for her under the law.
  • 32:45 The Queen and Prince Philip are not human.  They are reptilians.  They shape-shift from human form into lizard form.  Her face would change first, and she would force Jeanette to look at her as she changed form.  Then she changed physically and became very tall and very thin.  Prince Philip would already be reptilian, she never saw him shift into a reptile, just shift back from a reptile.  She calls it “glitching”.  Jeanette wishes this was not true.  She feels that people need to wake up and she says “everything you know to be true is a lie.”
  • 39:40  Testimony of another survivor of royal abuse.  “L” or “Elle”  Still too scared to speak out.  From South Africa, “of a royal bloodline”.  Subject to SRA, trafficking, torture and abuse under “The Project”, run by senior royals and Joseph Mengele.  (She pronounces it Men Ghal Lee)  1944 with help of Mengele, funded by Prince Philip and King George VI, thousands of embryos were formed with very specific ova and sperm cells spliced together.  They were donated from senior royals, frozen, and planned times over 30 years planted into wombs of specially selected people from SRA families across the globe.  Artificial wombs.  She is one of the embryos that survived, they tried to make her a mind controlled slave.  Many have survived across the globe.  Elle was a friend of Diana, and related via bloodlines.  She wants to honor Diana by telling the truth.  She did try to fight for the children.  Elle says that Diana also was subject to satanic ritual abuse.  Elle told Jeanette that Diana was killed in a ritual.  Elle also witnessed the Queen, the Queen Mother and Prince Philip shape-shift into reptilians.
  • 45:20  Another testimony of someone who wants to remain anonymous.  Victim of the royals, too.  “Dreamland”, the place where nightmares are made, aka Area 51.  World is lead to believe that area 51 is protecting aliens.  But, that military compound isn’t for this.  Area 51 is called Dreamland to those who were held there.  In Nevada desert.  Most guarded and secure place on the planet.  140+ levels deep, each level containing a different type of evil.  One level they breed and birth soldiers to be trained as MK Ultra child assassins.  They live and train for one purpose, to kill and obey.  Another level of a hall of children as young as 12 who are pregnant.  Most of them are 9 months pregnant in October, for Halloween.  They are chained to a bed and monitored.  They are the breeders for adrenochrome.  They have no names and are tagged like cattle.  On other levels they focus on gifted children, the ones with special abilities.  Government elite have access to these location.  Loads of children who will never see daylight, they are there solely to supply adrenochrome.  90% of the world’s adrenochrome comes from this location, according to this woman.  
  • 49:30  Names of people that ritually abused her in area 51 in dreamland.  She had to call them all “Uncle”.  Uncle Klaus Schwab, Uncle Dick Cheney, William Casey, Robert Gates, Admiral Wm. Webster, John Deutsch, George Tenet, David Rockefeller Jr., and George Bush.  
  • Once you know the truth, you can’t un-hear it or un-know it.

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6 thoughts on “Jeanette & the Shapeshifter Queen

  1. My spirit guides woke me up to this evil over two years ago. My husband and my daughter are fully awake as well. How can we help? We need to expose this evil empire and to save the children.


    1. Hi Lise. I wish I knew where to direct you. The best I’ve been able to do is to try and help wake up others. Aside from that, nobody I’ve talked to seems to have many good ideas as to what to do next except pray.


      1. Prayer is the strongest weapon we have ! Don’t use it as
        your last resort – use it as your first. Nothing scares them
        more than the mighty name of Jesus Christ. What we call
        aliens are fallen angels. They aren’t from another planet,
        they are from another realm or principality. Abductees
        who used the name of Jesus, quoted scripture, or sang a
        hymn, were released immediately. Pres.Eisenhower, who
        was taken to AFB to meet small grey was cautioned not
        to use the name of Jesus, even if swearing because they
        became greatly distressed by it. How would an alien
        from another galaxy even know His name?


  2. Heel veel en meer over deze duistere praktijken is te vinden in het boek mindcontrol geschreven door klokkenluider Quasimodo. het is in de Nederlandse taal. Het betreft een bewerking van het boek Thanks for the memories van Brice Taylor die heel veel bekende namen noemt uit de periode dat ze zelf als MK Ultra sexslavin dienst deed voor staatshoofden wereldwijd.
    De link naar dit Nederlands talige boek is:

    (translation: Much and more about these shady practices can be found in the book mind control written by whistleblower Quasimodo. it is in the Dutch language. It is an adaptation of the book Thanks for the memories by Brice Taylor, who mentions many famous names from the period when she herself served as an MK Ultra sex slave for heads of state worldwide.
    The link to this Dutch book is:


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