Sacha Stone

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Trigger warnings for discussions of rape, violence, vampirism, and pedophilia in paragraph 2–the rest of the article is suitable for viewing by sensitive individuals, so skip to paragraph 3 (just after the first photo) and start there if you want to avoid the difficult topics.

Sacha Stone’s birth name is Simon Jean Paul Sasha Adams, according to Wikipedia, and yes, Sasha is spelled differently in his birth name than the nickname/alias he uses now. His birth name is Sasha with an S, and his current nickname is spelled with a C, Sacha. (1)

Our Whistleblower (OW) knew Sacha when they were both young. Sacha went through a Luciferian Brotherhood ritual called (either) the 12-year-old ritual or the Ritual of Blasphemy. This ritual involves the child being initiated into their main adult Brotherhood witchcraft circle. The child is drugged with male performance-enhancing drugs to lengthen the time they can maintain an erection, they are also injected with psychosis-producing levels of adrenochrome, and at the end of the ritual, a memory-wiping drug, so after the ritual is over they cannot tell others what happened to them. The ritual is bloody, violent, and involves a lot of rape, sodomy of the child initiate, and rape by the child initiate of other children participating at the ritual. It is the first time the child will become a perpetrator in the Brotherhood system. Previous to this, they will have experienced a lot of rape, sex magick, and other abuses, but they will not have raped other individuals until this ritual. (2) According to OW, Sacha’s initiation took place at the Biltmore Mansion in Ashland, North Carolina, in the rather infamous pool that isn’t really a pool but a boat cleaning building.

I haven’t found any evidence that Sacha Stone has defected or escaped the Brotherhood System, so I’m assuming that he is still a member. Whether willing or not is not clear. One researcher reports that Sacha’s profile on Facebook once boasted that he was an “Illuminati-baiting misanthropic narcissist with a hyperactive pineal function,” a description that was later removed. (3) I’d have to agree with the self-description of Illuminati-basher.

It’s counterintuitive to me that an Illuminati Brotherhood member would be talking smack about the Brotherhood and it’s projects, but Sacha seems to do this all the time. There are other Brotherhood members that do the same thing, as well, and this small group seems to either have permission or somehow they get away with it. From Sacha’s own writings:

Our holonomic reality can realistically be defined as a culture underpinned by generational satanism, ritual sacrifice, blood-economics and arch deception perpetrated by approximately 1 out of 10 people against an unwitting 9 out of 10.

The analytics and evidences abound from thousands of researchers, eye-witness and survivor testimonies. This rich pathology of generational evil has been out there for generations, and fully case-filed and catalogued by police officers, hospital staffers, State department officials, judicial clerks and investigative journalists.

It holds the reins on global media, finance and politics. It has roots in arcane occultism stemming back to the outcome of Galactic wars and interventions which engendered this particular seeding of humankind. One could wax lyrical about the perversity of a brilliantly conceived Luciferian, Babylonian, Egypto-Romanesque, Jesuitic, Lourian-cabalistic, Fabianist, Social-collectivist, Rothschildean, Repto-Zionist creature which has stolen into our quadrant of the multiverse. One could equally demonstrate that all the key psycho-civilisational nodes in our history have been engineered by this monstrous conspiracy, most especially from 1776 onwards. Ever since Papa Rothschild funded Jacob Frank’s perverse tango with Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati sprouted into 3D. But we suspect our readers are well trod by now in these dimly lit corridors.

SAcha Stone, “Enter the Rubicon” September 11, 2015 (4)

Sacha also calls out the fact that there are “private corporations masquerading as governments, ” (fascism) as well as Baphomet and Moloch worship by the news media. “Devotees of Baphomet and Moloch who drive the sleek and sexy socio-politico-media circus which vomits over innate human sensibilities on every page, every TV screen, every plastic-wrapper and every billboard on the face of the earth.” The Bank of International Settlements, International Monetary Fund, Bank of England, Vatican, Federal Reserve and more are also on his hit list of Satanic institutions. (5)

Sacha doesn’t stop there, but implicates the “Blairs, Bushes, Kissingers, Clintons, Wolfowitzes, Silversteins, Brzezinskis, Al-Sauds, Netanyahus and Soros’ et al” and calls them “flunkies” and “front individuals” for the real illuminists. (5) That’s quite something.

In another blog post titled “The Diametric Geometry of Sovereignty vs. Satanism” he makes this plucky statement: ” Pedofile [sic]-Central with its arty bunch of pizza-munching Canaanite ritualists are on the back foot….probably for the first time since the Phoenicians – as the Goddess awakens in our time, courtesy of Weinstein and Weiner. Little dicks. Big pricks.” (15) Then, at the bottom of that post, he posts a one-eye picture of himself. Is he serious, or attempting to spoof the system, or do they want him to do this to further his/their agenda? Hard to say.

For all his bravado in those articles, he’s not exactly prolific. His blog has exactly 3 posts on it written by him, one from 2015, one from 2016, and one from 2017. Nothing since then was written by him, but there are a lot of guest blogs written by others.

Stone also involves himself in causes, organizations, and charities that seem to be directly in opposition to the Brotherhood. For example, the “International Tribunal of Natural Justice” (ITNJ), which he co-founded with ex-CIA member and now deceased Robert David Steele. The Tribunal has heard testimonies from ritual abuse victims. Robert David Steele was known to have threatened Kevin Annett for the work he was doing to expose the murder of Canadian Indigenous children, so taking that into consideration it could be that the ITNJ was a gatekeeper organization, like Palantir Technologies’ involvement with the Clinton Foundation and tracking missing children is also likely a gatekeeper operation. (6) What that means is that it looks good on the surface, but the real objective is to know the information first so that any real good outcome is nullified. One of the reasons I lean toward the ITNJ being a gatekeeper is their symbol, which if you go to their website, you’ll see it’s a pine cone (which in the system seems to represent the pineal gland, an important gland for procuring human hormones) on top of a figure-8/infinity sign. (7) 8 is the number for the New World Order, which is often symbolized by an infinity sign. (8)

There’s a good blog series in 10 or so parts on the ITNJ from someone who worked inside it that’s worth a read if you’re interested in the organization. They are pretty sure the ITNJ is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Part I      The ITNJ Rears Its Ugly Head:  A Warning
Part II     Money, Money, Money
Part III    When You Need to Act Like You Know The Law But Don’t Have a Clue
Part IV    The Living, Breathing, Adjustable, Sellable ITNJ Constitution
Part V      Humanitad, ITNJ, the United Nations, and The New Age Order
Part VI    The Great Harvest v.2, or How to Work for The Titles
Part VII   The Law of the New Age Order
Part VIII  A Summary of Research Points
Part IX     Natural Law vs. The Corporation:  Why it Won’t Work
Part X     Pedophilia, Child Trafficking and the Perpetual Band Aid
Epilogue Part XI

Kristy Knight, the woman I profiled in a recent blog post has testified before the ITNJ. She also talked on her recent inteview with James Rink about working with Sacha Stone in her ITNJ work. I sent her a note and a link to the Ritual of Blasphemy post, because if I was in her position I’d want to know.

Luciferian Associations

While correlation does not always imply causation, sometimes trying to figure out who is a Luciferian and who is not involves looking at their corporate and governmental associations. Luciferian-top-run groups such as the United Nations don’t usually tap folks to run their programs who aren’t Brotherhood members.

According to his LinkedIn page, Sacha has been the executive producer of the MDG Awards Committee which launched at the United Nations General Assembly in 2009. MDG stands for “Millenium Development Goals” and was a part of the United Nations Millenium Declaration and the Millenium Summit ca year 2000.

according to Wikipedia, the 8 Millenium Goals were:

  1. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  2. To achieve universal primary education
  3. To promote gender equality and empower women
  4. To reduce child mortality
  5. To improve maternal health
  6. To combat HIV/AIDSmalaria, and other diseases
  7. To ensure environmental sustainability[1]
  8. To develop a global partnership for development[2]

If you’ve gotten better over the years at decoding the System’s subtle slight-of-hand wording, you’ll see that they’re calling for population reduction (1, 4, 5, 7), more vaccines (3, 4, 5, 6) and a Luciferian takeover scheme (2, 7, 8). They give each other awards based on how well they accomplish movement towards these goals each year.

If you want to hear a really smart woman rip apart these Goals and prove very convincingly that the UN is working us towards a slave society, Whitney Webb is your woman. (She’s also recently written a 2 part intensely researched book series on Jeffrey Epstein that sounds like it’s rather amazing.) She calls the Millenium Development Goals “sustainable debt slavery”.

Sacha is also Director-general Europe of the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization, and he lives part-time at his Humanitaid London site, and the rest at his Humanitaid Indonesia site, according to his LinkedIn profile. He’s a busy guy, and quite a Rennaisance man with so many arms in so many far-flung subjects.

Scathing analysis from someone who knew Sacha

A friend of the blog sent me this from a Facebook post, someone who knew Sacha and didn’t like him in the end, a woman named Lisa Jeanne Vunk. (9) Vunk called Sacha a vampire as did one other person who also said she had witnessed him doing vampiry things….which would be consistent with him still being in the brotherhood. But… vampires are usually in the protector division, according to OW (10), so that’s kind of interesting. If he is a vampire, that kind of gives a new weird slant to him.

Lisa Jeanne Vunk calls Sacha a “Cointelpro psyop elite poser”. Cointelpro means counter intelligence program, which is an FBI program started in the 1950’s.

Vunk isn’t the only person to have–not good–things to say about Sacha, 7grainsofsalt, which is a new-to-me YouTube channel that does some good decodes, has an interesting video on Sacha, as well.

He’s Light Side of the System

At the end of August 2022, Our Whistleblower named Sacha Stone and his family as being involved in the “Light Side of the System” (11) which I’ve seen some recent questions from people about, so just briefly, the Light Side of the System is responsible for the mechanics of raising the Antichrist in the worldwide Luciferian stage play they should have titled “Jesus Wasn’t The Messiah so We Work Hard to Create One”. Some of the Light Side of the System members are the New Agers, the Christian Scientists, the Theosophist types, and Sacha Stone fits right into that slot.

OW got some flak about his age at the time of the release of Sacha’s name in the affidavit, because he wasn’t twelve at the time she witnessed his Ritual of Blasphemy, he was about 16-17 years old. Up until that release, the name of the ritual hadn’t been the Ritual of Blasphemy, it had been the 12-year-old ritual, and we all thought that all of the initiates were 12. But, as OW explained later, this is not the case, the age of the boy initiate can fluctuate depending upon circumstances and circles. (11)

I’ve been getting a lot of kickback from individuals because I named him in, or the part that’s come out so far is with the 12-year-old rituals. And I need people to remember that, you know, I’m just sharing my memories as they are. You know, so that’s the first thing I want to say in the system does not always do everything, always in order. You know, part of those rituals, it is about 12-year-olds. But the other part is that it’s also about circles, and those certain connections between members who are part of the light side and members who are part of the dark side. So, you know, my experience of that individual, and some of his family members were that they are connected to that light side of the system. You know, I guess I gotta be careful how I word some of it, because it hasn’t come out quite yet. But, you know, I’ve brought out pieces of my story about how, you know, with the US military and Colonel, we’ll just say, Aquino, as well as Brennan, that they were involved with projects and experiments, such as the Looking Glass Star Wars now. And the voice of God Project, and those projects involve children, as well as US military. So a lot of the, you know, individuals that I name that I witnessed as children going through things in that system, you know, were born into the system, they’re hierarchy, kids, and they were chosen specifically to be involved with some of those experiments or projects. So that’s what I can say about that. You know, with that we know, you know, and in past shows, I’ve defined how, you know, people in those systems that, you know, they’re usually connected to one of the departments of the system, you know, whether it’s the Masons, the Mormons, the Jesuit Catholics, the satanists, or the Kabbalah. So, those are things to look into. And as you start to look into individual’s belief systems, it tells you, you know, where they fit in, within that system.” (11)

From this, she’s essentially saying that Sacha Stone was a part of the Government Projects that Michael Aquino and John Brennan ran. And that Sacha’s family members were, as well, which is difficult, because it’s almost impossible to find out who his father or mother are. Some posit that he’s a Rothschild, others think his father is someone like Sir Walter Adams (3) or Oliver Stone. But nowhere in the public sphere is Sacha listed as Oliver Stone’s son, and his original last name is Adams, so Oliver Stone doesn’t make much sense either.

On the subject of Sacha’s family members, OW says this: “I encourage people if you want, you can get Michael Aquino’s book MindWars [sic]. As you turn to the first few pages, he names everybody who’s been involved in in the creating of MindWars, which is the military manual. You know, in there, you will find Sasha’s relatives directly named.” (11) So, she doesn’t say his parents specifically, but she does hint relatives. Maybe Oliver Stone is a relative. Here are the credits from the beginning of the book MindWar by Michael Aquino (with the addition of H.G. Wells which was the only person listed on page 8 but I didn’t want to put a 3rd pic just for him alone):

Unfortunately, I don’t think this list is going to help me figure his parents out with any certainty. Directly after OW mentioned this list, she mentioned documentaries (11) …which points to Oliver Stone, but since I don’t know most of the individuals on this list there could be other documentary filmmakers here. I’m not going to look them all up today, but if you happen to know or have a guess, put it in the comments, we’d all like to see.

The Lazarus Initiative

In addition to the ITNJ, Sacha also has a number of other projects, one of which is called the Lazarus Initiative. Lazarus is the man in the Gospels who Jesus raises from the dead. It’s an interesting name for an initiative that has a mission that is difficult to pin down, other than catchy phrases like having a “collective conversation” about being a “full-spectrum human”. I’m not sure what humans are now; less than full-spectrum seems to be what is suggested. A “collective awakening to rightful soverignty” is one way he terms the end goal of the Initiative. Of course, anything Light Side of the System does seem to involve collectivity. Collective consciousness, collective awakening, collective unconscious, collective collectivity. So. Is this a Light Side of the System project with Sacha at the helm? Possibly. Here’s the blurb from one of the official web pages for the Initiative. (12)

Cosmogenesis, the Status Quo, and Ascension. Hmm.

I picked a few random videos the other day to listen to of Sacha talking, one of which was him interviewing David Icke (9). In another video that I didn’t think was interesting enough at the moment to catalogue, he mentioned buying a yacht for the Lazarus Initiative. Why a yacht? It struck me as odd at the time. Then I saw this image below on the website for the Lazaarus Initiative (13). Under “The Status Quo” it mentions the “beast of the sea”, which according to OW is another name for Leviathan, a demonic principality. (According to OW Leviathan can also go by the term “dragon of the sea”.) So, is this a Light Side project under the jurisdication of Leviathan? It would seem so. Notice on the left side under “cosmogenesis,” they also use the term “ocean of myth”. This project has a definite water theme to it.

Still More Projects

The header and footer banners of one of Sacha’s recent emails that a friend of the blog emailed me recently (ty!) shows even more projects he’s engaged in. New Earth Horizon, NewEarth Sanctuary, REgenesis Retreat, Arise!Guerrilla News, Humanitad, NewEarth University, Akasha NewEarth Haven Bali are the ones listed (that I can read) on this header. He’s a busy man.


Sacha Stone has been called a gatekeeper for the Illuminati by a group I’m not sure I fully trust, as they also lump Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and other individuals I see as fairly reputable together and call them all gatekeepers as well. (N) I could be wrong, of course. But that is the nature of this information war, and why I trust OW’s information more than others at times. Not that she’s infallible, she’s not. But when it comes to her childhood experiences, she seems to have given us the goods that are the equivalent of a golden key that unlocks the truth of who is in the system and who is not, so that we can see through the time wasters and energy vampirism and money drains that otherwise would occupy us when we could be giving our time, energy, and money to better places not embroiled in System pursuits.


My heartfelt thanks to the many people who have contributed information, links, and other resource materials that made this post possible.

(1) Wikipedia, Sacha Stone, accessed 31 October 2022.

(2) Ritual of Blasphemy.

(3) Sacha Stone I Total Disclosure

(4) Stone, Sacha, Enter the Rubicon. Sept 11, 2015. Archived .pdf


(6) Peter Thiel and Palantir Technologies.

(7) International Tribunal of Natural Justice

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(9) David Icke Talks To Sacha Stone – Full Interview. 16 November 2022.

(10) Aquarius Rising Africa  Connecting with Jessie Czebotar (007). Transcript and video links.

(11) ARA 080 Live with Jessie on her Latest Reveals. 25 August 2022. Transcript and Video Links

(12) Official Lazarus Initiative home page



(15) the diametric geometry of sovereignty vs. satanism – sacha stone. March 14, 2018.

Sacha Stone’s Bitchute Channel

The official Sacha Stone YouTube Channel

Sacha Stone again under fire

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11 thoughts on “Sacha Stone

    1. Maybe, maybe not. Some say she’s AI. I’ve heard less than good things about Kirby Sommers, too. The question for me is, is what WW says truth? If yes, then I’m not sure the controversies matter. Thanks for the ref’s I’ll check them out. Blessings, V.


  1. Dear Veronica,
    Thank-you for your excellent article:) I’m looking forward to all those links you shared as well.
    I have watched some of Sacha’s shows and find it terribly sad but another example of how things are rarely what they seem. I am sure many of us are thankful for all you brought forth also about the ITNJ as well as the list of those involved in the creation of Mind Wars – N

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I followed SS for ages but then got turned off by his charging for access to the Lazarus Initiative and the dodgy way RDS died after their US tour together, which SS refused to discuss. OW has been interviewed by Oliver Stone’s son Sean, a great friend of SS, they have appeared on many shows together. That may make him another light side gatekeeper? It’s odd OW wouldn’t know this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think there’s a lot OW cannot talk about with regards to the Light Side of the System. SS could very well be another Light Side Gatekeeper. I think she’s limited by who she’s directly seen be involved in the system and who she hasn’t seen. Sean wasn’t born until 1984, which would put him in the system after she got out in 1987, so she might just not have seen him personally. But she obviously knows that Oliver Stone is involved because he is named both in the Ritual of Blasphemy affidavit, and in the front of MindWar. And it would be odd if Sean didn’t know his father was in the system, although it’s possible. I doubt she doesn’t know, but she’s not afraid to engage, so, she could have done that interview willingly while knowing. It’s quite a mystery to unravel!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for exposing the dangerous Sacha Stone and his deceptive projects. He worked together with RSS to gather actual testimony of injustice and manipulate and handle that information for his deceptive “new earth” aka new world order. I think the recent meeting in Indonesia by the World leaders of the WEF and his base in Bali is not just coincindental. He does have connections to UN and heads of state. Not in a good way as your article shows. I think what Jessie Czebotar says about the “dark” side of the system being exposed and the “light” being set up. That Stone is a perfect example of the fake “light.”

    Thank you, Veronica, for your expose’ Would you also consider exposing two other frauds. David Lester Straight who deceived Holmseth, Randi Erickson and Jessie Czebotar and Russell Jay Gould who is also been involved with the sovereign citizen bs and Sacha Stone. Gould also fooled Holmseth and Randi Erickson when he was pushing that sovereign citizen convoluted bs that many people are falling for and Holmseth was in serious trouble legally.

    David Lester Straight was in MN flashing an intelligence agency card and as I told you in another e-mail wanted the suppressed murder evidence in the Jacob Wetterling satanic cult murder to “handle”. He is totally fake and dangerous fake like Sacha Stone and Russell Jay Gould. He has serious Morom family roots and now is in the “Jesus Strand” and sovereign citizen deception that is deceiving many many people. Holmseth and Erickson have renounced him finallly. I don’t know why Czebotar doesn’t. I would like Jessie Czebotar to actually clarify these “military tribunals” she gave her testimony to. Was that to David Straight and his manipulators? I think Czebotar got taken in by David Straight also. Why doesn’t she just admit it like Holmseth has? I told her in a tweet you can’t be for Holmseth and Straight and she didn’t like it. Well I think she needs to be honest with us.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Nina, and you’re welcome. It was an interesting dive into Sacha, it took me a few months because I was completely unfamiliar with him before his name came out in the affidavits. It takes a while sometimes to really feel like I have a grasp on the information when starting from zero information.

      I don’t know the history of Holmseth or Erickson or Gould very well, and I’ve begun to look into the relationship/fallout between Holmseth and McConnel, and Holmseth and Straight, and Holmseth and Marquette where Straight was named in the mix, but I’m nowhere near being able to lay out something in writing at this time. It takes a long time to go through the voluminous writings and videos and piece together a history, and then there’s always the possibility that not all of the pieces are available to the public which makes deciphering it hard. Lots and lots of the historical videos from old blogs, etc. are just gone from YouTube and nowhere to be found online.

      One thing i do know about Czebotar and Straight is that he is one of her contacts, or was in the past one of her contacts for going after her grandmother when she would hint to Jessie where she was going to sacrifice on Jessie’s birthday. You can read that part of her affidavit in this post: JC obviously is not going to condemn Straight if he is part of a team that tries to disrupt those rituals and keep the children from dying. She’s also not going to condemn Holmseth/Erickson or Marquette, so the rift between Straight and Holmseth/Erickson and Holmseth amd Straight and Marquette have put her in a bind as was obvious when she did the videos with Marquette and M called her to the carpet in public. I also think there’s a boatload of that story that is not public, either, so it’s difficult to get the big picture.

      But you know, what helped me a lot with this Sacha Stone article was getting bits of information from a lot of different people who do follow Stone more closely than I do, and then I was able to do fill-in research and make a cohesive story out of it all. It sounds like you have information, maybe, that if you emailed me I could take a look at it and see if it is a jumping off point into looking at him. One of the difficulties about the Luciferian Brothoerhood system rabbit hole is that there is just too much for one person to do and look into, so all help is appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Randi Erickson is the one who knew David Straight and brought him to MN in the middle of all the Holmseth/Field McConnell and suppressed Jacob Wetterling murder evidence was happening. I don’t know how she knew him. She was obviously taken in by him because now she openly denounces him. As does Holmseth. It is wonderful they figured out he is a dangerous con and openly now admit they were fooled by him. And yes he appears to come to help but just like Stone’s tribunals but has a totally underhanded agenda and it is to handle.

        He wanted to “handle” the suppressed satanic cult murder evidence in the Jacob Wetterling case. That evidence is still in play because there is no statute of limitations on murder. And the patsy Danny Heinrich who “confessed” didn’t do it. Holmseth as you can see on his website has SOME of that evidence for you to look at. It all is still here in MN. And has been a massive corrupt lie on all of America of what happened to Jacob Wetterling. All of America was looking for Jacob and all of America was lied to. This evidence needs to come forward and expose the satanic killing of children. Jacob was one of those children,.

        Holmseth knew it, and got interested because of his book In Re Haleigh Cummings. Randi Erickson and David Straight knew about it. Straight wanted it.

        Both Madyson Marquette and Jessie Czebotar I think were also “fooled” by him and talked into giving their testimonies in affidavit form to “military tribunals.” Well if those military tribunals have anything to do with David Lester Straight–which I think they do– they are a fraud and dangerous. Both Marquette and Jessie spout the “state national” bs. And the “military tribunal” stuff. Who exactly are these military tribunals, Jessie and Madyson? I think you both have been duped. And should get out of it like Holmseth and Erickson have to a degree. And yes tell the truth.

        But Jessie Czebotar’s response to me when I said one can’t be for Holmseth and Straight at the same time– because Holmseth has renounced David Straight as a fraud–was that she is on the fence. Well you can’t be on the fence. You are either for Holmseth –who denounces Straight as a fraud or for Straight. Can’t be both on this particular issue. If Madyson is with David Straight, which I think she is, that is why Holmseth called her out. And he didn’t do it in a very straightforward way which was confusing but that may be why he did it.

        Jessie says she is a Christian who wants to expose lies. Same with Madyson. Well why don’t they get out of the lies David Lester Straight has them in. And just realize like Holmseth and Erickson they are wrong about him.

        Of course David Straight shows up as someone who is going to help like Sacha Stone and RDS. But they are not on the side of truth. They come to “handle” the truth.

        David Straight came to MN and had a business card that said he was involved with intelligence agencies. If he is, it’s not the good side of the agencies. And his state national legal teachings are bs.

        I would think Jessie Czebotar and Madyson Marquette would realize they have been lied to. But Madyson believes that “state national” bs. And Jessie was talking like she did also.

        Yes, Veronica, there is much history and detail that is hard to put together. But it is possible I think. And your website has been exposing so much. And I say all this not knowing much about you. Just for the sake of truth and that the mind control and hurting of children ends.

        If you want to discuss further let me know.


  4. I want to correct some things in my comment. I apologize. By RSS I should have said RDS for Robert David Steele. He was also in MN around the same time David Lester Straight was. Steele trying to involve people in Sacha Stone’s Tribunal. David Straight trying to get the Jacob Wetterling suppressed satanic cult murder evidence for his military source tribunals. Whatever and whoever they are. He is a dangerous fraud.

    And also I misspelled Mormon. David Lester Straight has that in his generational background.

    I hope both David Lester Straight and Russell Jay Gould are exposed for their state national/sovereign citizen fake legal stuff.


  5. Veronica,

    Here are some audio/video utubes Tim Holmseth, Diane Muehlbauer, Julie Tremp did with Sarah Westall on the Jacob Wetterling coverup–the suppressed evdience indicates it was a satanic cult sacrifice. Westall says in the one video this is “bombshell” which it is. Why didn’t she follow up on it? She’s from MN. Jacob’s case was the biggest search for a child in America that went on for decades. It was a coverup.

    Around this time Robert D. Steele and David Lester Straight (involved with Randi Erickson from MN) were in MN and wanting the Wetterling evidence (Straight) and got involved with Holmseth. Robert D. Steele wanted to get this certain person here in MN on the board of the Tribunal.
    Audio only part 1
    Interview by Sarah Westall with Holmseth, Diane Muehlbauer, Julie Tremp on Jacob Wetterling coverup

    Westall is from MN. Why didn’t she stay involved in Wetterling evidence? She said she was going to.


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