Kristy Knight, Mormon Monarch Survivor

Some in the Mormon (Latter Day Saints) Church’s membership, and perhaps more in their ex-membership population, many have started the slow and painful wake-up process of realizing that what they thought was true about their church and their faith is not true. To their understandable despair, and sometimes horror, what they’ve learned about the structure and function of their church is, to put it mildly, not good.

Trigger warning for survivor issues including rape, torture, and ritual sacrifice, discussion starts below the photo.

Recently I wrote about the infiltration agenda of the Luciferian Brotherhood System, and how they use this infiltration, or “peanut M&M” strategy to encase themselves in good-looking organizations. They coat the outside of the organization (company, church, nonprofit, charity, government agency) with people who think they’re working for a reputable entity, while the inner circle (top brass) are Luciferians with an agenda. The inner peanut evil is protected by the outer chocolate clueless non-Luciferians. Apologies to anybody who likes peanut M&M’s, don’t let this analogy sour you on them.

In a new video interview by James Rink at Super Soldier Talk, Kristy Knight talks about her experiences as a child after she was sold by her father into the Luciferian system within the Mormon Church structure. (A) Her father also sold her four brothers and six sisters, some of whom have quite a few stories about their experiences as well. Some of her siblings have died as a result of their experiences as child slaves in the system. Others are dysfunctional and cannot hold down a job. Some are homeless. The Luciferian Brotherhood System, if it does not kill you or drive you insane, can and does permanently alter a survivor’s entire life. Kristy talks about how the nanotech they introduced into her body has left her with open, unhealed sores that she hints might kill her sooner than later, and her health is one reason she doesn’t do very many interviews, which is probably why I and others have not seen her story before. (I should have seen her story as Cathy Fox Blog recently came out with an article centering around Kristy’s ITNJ testimony. Trying to keep up with all of Cathy’s blogs is as hard if not harder than keeping track of all of mine, I admire those of you who read both blogs in their entirety.)

In this video Kristy recounts one experience where she was wheeled into a room full of relatively high-ranking Mormon men, laid out on a cart that was otherwise used to serve food, and one after another, those men raped her. She claimed that she could read their thoughts, most of which surprised her. Some were thinking about power, position, and status in the Church structure. “I’m I’m hoping the bishop will recognize me next time when it comes to him getting counselors in the bishopric because I’m here aren’t I,” Kristy says one man was thinking as he unzipped his pants. Others raped her for pleasure, and others because they were bored.

Kristy believes that the whole Mormon missionary structure is a feeder program for the FBI and CIA. She notes that the young missionary men are skilled in languages, many have overseas and domestic field experience, and they take the “cream of the crop” of these men and give them jobs in those two government agencies. “The Mormon Church is thick with them,” they are “good minions” Kristy says, as they are trained to follow directions, respect authority, and do what they’re told.

In a separate video, Kristy also recounts being told that the Bishop’s storehouses (of food) that the LDS Church keeps were locations where drugs were stored and distributed. (D)

Kristy grew up in southern California but went to Salt Lake City Utah once to sing with the Children’s Choir. She and her sisters had been in the basement of the Temple, they heard screams and went to investigate, and happened on a ritual sacrifice where a baby had been removed from its mother, and then “the heart taken out of the baby”. Next on the alter was to be Kristy’s sister Priscilla, but another sister April told the individuals in that room “these are my sisters, you can’t have them,” and they took off running down the hallways, as ‘Men in Black’ started shooting at them. A very high-ranking man in the Mormon church, Spencer W. Kimball, stopped the men from shooting, and the girls lived.

Kristy recalls six different interactions with Spencer W. Kimball as a child, one where he came right up to her ear and whispered “I Love You”. A friend of Kristy’s mother also told her that Kimball “was very much involved in human trafficking, and using kids for sex and sending others across countries in a very high-speed maglev train. It all sounds very Luciferian Brotherhood to me.

Kristy also recounts that there was a program through the Mormon Church called the “Indian Placement Program”, or at least that’s what she calls it, that Spencer W. Kimball was involved with. One of Kristy’s foster kids told her “that there was a lot of sexual abuse that went on in the Indian placement situation.” That foster child revealed she had been abused through that program.

Spencer W. Kimball and Gerald Ford met when Ford Brigham Young University ca 1975, which is corroborated by an article in the Deseret News. (B) Kristy remembers Ford visiting, she was at BYU at the time with her sister. She suspects that her father may have been in a branch of the pornography industry that answered to Gerald Ford. Cathy O’Brien recounts in TranceFormation of America that Ford was indeed a part of the Luciferian system that she had contact with on many occasions, and her own father was Ford’s masonic brother. (C)

Kristy believes that Spencer W. Kimball and Josef Mengele were also connected, and that when she was young she went through torture by Mengele himself, who called himself Dr. Greenhog at the time. Dr. Green is a commonly known pseudonym for Mengele, but this is the first time I’ve heard of Dr. Greenhog as another pseudonym for him. After he tortured Kristy and her siblings, he gave each child candy.

A brief interlude while I take a tangential trip on an important topic.

This video of Kristy’s has triggered a lot of ‘similar experience’ memories in people who are survivors and who know survivors. The person who brought the video to my attention pointed out one specific memory of Kristy’s, one that she brushes over rather rapidly in this interview, but which is a major feature of his friend’s story. His friend is a survivor who grew up in the vicinity of Montauk, Long Island.

I also sent the video to 2 other survivors I know, and without any prompting except “I think you will enjoy this video,” they came back with different similar experiences that they related to in Kristy’s story.

Kristy herself talks about experiences in her family similar to Cathy O’Brien’s and says that Cathy O’Brien even remembered Kristy and her family from when she was a child. Interacting with Josef Mengele aka Dr. Greenhog is also a common shared experience among many survivors.

Recently, one prominent YouTube interviewer stopped interviewing survivors and spent an entire video essentially complaining that one person she had interviewed had stolen part of their story from a different survivor. At the time, I thought the individual being spoken of that was “stealing” was Monica B. , as that video was the first survivor interview that disappeared off that platform. Later, the entirety of two more survivors’ interviews disappeared as well. Perhaps it was Monica B. that was the alleged perpetrator of the “stolen story,” perhaps not. Watching the videos discussing this issue was like watching a private conversation made public; nobody was named by name, so who exactly they were speaking about had to be guessed at.

Here’s the thing. Survivors with fragments or flashes of memory can be triggered by other survivors’ stories, and those triggering events can unlock additional pieces of those memories for the one listening to or reading about someone else’s memory. They can even start out with no conscious memory, and be triggered into a brain unlocking a memory by hearing a similar story. Shared experiences in the Luciferian brotherhood system are not rare, in fact they are fairly common. The System has a playbook, and they tend to use it on everybody and don’t vary it much.

So, one survivor sharing a memory that triggers another survivor’s unconscious memory storage and causes survivor #2 to have a memory “unlock” is pretty common. Survivor #2 then adds that memory to their list of experiences. Listening to someone else recount an experience they had rarely if ever causes the listener to fake-create a false memory. False memories might exist, I do know that the science world is working hard on being able to create a memory and insert it into someone who has not had that experience, but without that technological help, it is a very rare occurrence to manufacture a memory that you didn’t experience.

Folks, for many survivors, they’re not stealing others’ stories, they’re regaining their own experiences. These experiences have been shuttered behind a wall of protection in their own minds, for their own benefit, namely survival in a horrible situation. Overwhelming traumatic experiences cannot be held in the mind in that moment of trauma for young children, and even for older individuals, and the body often locks them into hiding to protect a person from going insane. This is the foundation and framework for Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), but memories can also be locked away by people who do not have DID. People in terrible car crashes, for instance, often do not have a memory of that experience when they recover from their injuries. The whole process of lost and recovered memories is very real, despite much public square flailing that it doesn’t exist and that it’s all about an artifact of therapy or an inappropriate suggestion or ‘leading’ by a therapist.

The younger the onset of abuse or trauma, the more plastic the human brain is, and the more overwhelming the trauma feels, the more likely that abuse will be locked away in the brain in this manner. That’s why the Brotherhood System starts abusing kids at such a young age. They want to try to push them into a permanent state where their memories are not accessible, so they cannot remember and snitch on the abuser. The System’s hope is that the situational amnesia is permanent. Sometimes it is, sometimes not.

When the body and brain start their normal chemical changes in the third decade of life these previously locked-away memories from traumatic experiences as a young child may start to spontaneously break through their amnesiac walls. Triggering them with a similar story from another survivor may also help break those amnesiac walls, and bring out their memory to a conscious level.

Decades after the abuse, when a survivor’s memory may emerge, the abuser could be dead, or the statute of limitations expired on prosecuting them. It is a system that works for the Brotherhood System. It protects abusers, and it protects them very well.

So, please don’t buy-in to the notion that a survivor that has emergent memories over time or where memories are triggered by other survivors’ stories is deliberately acquiring them and adding them to their repertoire to make their life experiences seem more fantastical than they actually were. It’s possible that some do that, but it’s far more likely that what is happening is as I’ve described, the walls that hold experiences in their brains like pockets of memories are having their protective enclosures slowly dissolved, or sometimes popped like a balloon.

I’ve written that the Brotherhood uses the same playbook, over and over. Different target, same method. Jessie Czebotar and Catherine Austin Fitts have had the same tactics used on both of them. They’re not stealing from each other to make up stories. Nor do I believe for a hot second that Kristy is making up what I’m about to relay to you next, because Cheryl Beck, the main survivor doing the public accusing of folks stealing other folks’ stories is the one that Kristy’s experience is mighty similar to.

A few of Kristy’s brothers and sisters worked for the military doing clandestine work. One also worked for President Clinton, and was abused by him, and got nowhere with JAG or military justice, which is not surprising. When Kristy found out her father sold her into Luciferian service as a child, she saw her own dossier, and that of her brothers Paul and David and sisters Irene, Priscilla and April, and the dossiers stated that they were assets to be used by the military–or whatever else.

Kristy flew planes as a child. (Cheryl Beck flew helicopters.) Kristy was part of the Secret Space Program, as was her sister April. She flew planes filled with children to be used for missions during the Vietnam War, which she doesn’t elaborate on in this video. She was told by her sister April that they both had different social security numbers, just for the Secret Space Program. Below is a photo of Kristy (upper right) with a few of her sisters.

Some of the information Kristy shares here is the same as in her video testimony for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (INTJ). (D) In neither interview is she very linear, she tends to jump from topic to topic and back and forth from her own experiences to those of her siblings. Cathy Fox profiled that video testimony here, and I’ve linked both videos and transcripts below. The different ways in which Kristy tells the same stories in both videos make each of them worth listening/reading if you have a mind to.

I’m concerned about Kristy’s involvement with the INTJ now that I’ve heard her talk in this video with James Rink about her many interactions with Sacha Stone, who was named by Our Whistleblower as a child inductee to his adult Luciferian Brotherhood Circles in her recent affidavit releases. This revelation was a surprise to many people. Sacha Stone wasn’t on our radar as a member of the Brotherhood. He tends to spend his life bashing the Brotherhood in public. which has been a confidence-builder for many that he is working against them. Not only is he not working against them in my opinion, he’s an integral part of their agenda. I’m still working on the research for my post on him, but from everything I’ve seen so far, he is still firmly involved and has not gotten out. Stone helped co-found the ITNJ with Robert David Steele, and I was on the fence about Steele for a while as well, but my gut feeling now is that Steele also had a cover life of looking like he was committed to ending child trafficking. I feel badly that Kristy got caught up with Stone and the ITNJ, and I hope its purpose isn’t nefarious, but in looking at the symbols on its website, I’m thinking it probably is, as well.


(A) Super Soldier Talk – Kristy Knight – Monarch Survivor 5 Nov 2022 and also Links and Transcript.


(C) TranceFormation of America. Cathy O’Brien.

(D) Kristy Allen ~ MK Ultra, SRA Survivor (ITNJ Seating). Links and Transcript.

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Dr Dean G Allen & Kristy Knight speak to Freedom Central. 25 February 2013

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2 thoughts on “Kristy Knight, Mormon Monarch Survivor

  1. International Tribunal of Natural Justice is Sacha Stone. Jessie Czbeotar says he in in the system. I agree. Why would you give testimony to a so called tribunal that is part of the brotherhood system? It matters who you give your testimony to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nita, Yes, I see your point. But we have to remember that none of us in the general public knew Sacha Stone was Light Side of the System until last month. Kristy did the ITNJ testimony in 2018, so there’s no possible way she could have known at that time. I think based on the recent interview with James Rink, she still doesn’t know. Jessie’s info isn’t widespread public knowledge–yet–so she probably hasn’t run across it yet. Maybe I should send her a blog or two 😉
      Blessings, V


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