Shorts: I Wasn’t Expecting This

I was in the middle of researching a different article, and I came across this stunning revelation in a recent interview by Fritz Springmeier. I really can’t add much to it except that I really wasn’t expecting him to say what he said.

Interviewer Joshua:

(Joshua) What I want to ask you, Mr. Springmeier, is that with these events going with the with the pandemic, and in the coming economic crash, and EU how they’re already talking about digital currency, how the EU will be the first, you know, intercontinental digital currency.

Do you see this false alien invasion with the Antichrist happening within the next like 10 years like this is what the Masons claimed that Jesus returns in 2033, to judge Antichrist with his fleet of the Melchizedek in his mother ship, the New Jerusalem coming down and their ships that are like right in front of Venus right now, and that’s why he called himself the morning star.

The Masons claim that Jesus is coming with his fleet, the new the order, the Melchizedek, and his mother ship, the New Jerusalem that come down judge Antichrist in 2033. Now, what I want to ask you, like, do you see this false alien invasion that you know, is coming with the Antichrist being installed? Like, do you see this like coming within a few years?

Wonky setup, right? Jesus coming in an alien mother ship with His Melchizedek order? A fake alien invasion, a la Project Bluebeam? Sounds like the interviewer got a dose of the Light Side of the System propaganda.

But, here’s Fritz’s rather stunning answer.

(Fritz) Okay, here’s what I can say, to address that issue. So when I got out of prison, very strange thing happened, the leadership of the Illuminati attempted to recruit me to write a history of the Illuminati. In the end, it didn’t pan out, because I’m who I am, and I won’t change who I am. If I was more malleable, and I could just follow directions, I probably could have written their book for them and gotten a Pulitzer Prize.

(Interviewer Joshua) So basically, they destroyed your life and threw you in prison for a crime you didn’t commit, they offered you to bring you in, rebuild your life and bring you in as one of them is that what I’m getting at?

(Fritz Springmeier) Well, not one of them, but as an outside historian of the Illuminati. They were impressed that I didn’t blink my eyes from all the persecution that had happened. And they, they were going to recruit me. Well, during this whole process of about two years, we interacted. And during those two years of interacting, we had conversations. And they told me in very general terms, what was coming down the pipe, they told me that there would be pandemics, they told me that there would be famines, they told me that there would be a world war. But the end result of what they were going to do is they were going to turn this globe, this planet over to the aliens.

Now back in 1992, and 1993, I was really researching. It’s not something that people know a lot about. But I was putting a lot of effort into interviewing people that had been abducted, and flying saucers in area 51. And, you know, I went down and saw Dulce, back then, I was actually quietly researching all of this, but nobody saw it because the one book I wrote about reptilians, I put on the shelf and I never published. But I came to the conclusion that these aliens were what the Bible called demons.

(Joshua) Absolutely.

(Fritz) And so, it’s very interesting that the head of the Illuminati, regularly visits with aliens, and that his intention is to turn this planet over to them. So that’s what we’ve got here, people, we’ve got an elite, elite leadership in this world in this globe, we’ve got a lot of hidden infrastructure, a lot of inventions. A military industrial complex, we’ve got so much that that we really don’t even see, and their inventions are way off the hook, way out of sight. What they are able to do is way beyond us, but their end goal is not to help humanity, but to turn this planet over to the aliens. So we’re looking at, if nothing else, I mean, you could call the elite Satanists, fine, but worse than that, they’re traitors to the human race. They are going to sell us. They’re going to sell us down the tubes. And what the aliens do with us, what these demons do with us who knows, but it’s not going to be pretty.

So, the Illuminati tried to recruit Fritz. That’s a bit stunning. And kinda funny.

Fritz wrote an unpublished book about reptilians. (My eyes widen)

The head of the Illuminati regularly visits with alien-demons. ( I reallllllly want to know who he’s referring to.)

Mystery man/head Illuminati dude is planning on turning the earth over to the alien demons. (Not terribly surprising, but it never occurred to me that the power-hungry elite would ever consider “stepping down” willingly)

I gotta wonder, based on all this, if the Antichrist will even be human. I would find it hard to believe that alien-demons would take direction from a human Antichrist. It sounds totally impossible when I think about it that way. But maybe this Antichrist fellow is really not the top of the structure, but really the ultimate lackey of the demon-aliens, just there to be an actor, a puppet, and a stooge for their magick “I am Christ, really I am” show, as they pull his strings and possess his physical body and try to get everybody star-struck and drooling in their direction.

It really makes me wonder if God would go back to the beginning and create all this all over again if he knew that 1/3 of the angels would fall and create this big messy drama. Maybe it’s a big test, to see if we can access joy during it all, and stop taking it so seriously.

Temple is built–he he he

Ghost riders in the sky, I mean alien invasion in the sky–ha ha ha

Antichrist arrives on the scene…. ta da

Anyway, I hope you found these quotes from Fritz as interesting as I did. 🙂

This is the video all those quotes come from:

Alex Interviews #FRITZSPRINGMEIER – Doenut Factory. September 11, 2022.

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12 thoughts on “Shorts: I Wasn’t Expecting This

  1. Very interesting Veronica. Just a few thoughts.

    1. Jewish belief that “Armilus” (the antichrist) is the son of Satan.

    2. From the link: Ephraimite Messiah – the first Messiah – who brings world peace. It could be President Trump, who is descended from Scotland, land of the hidden Ephraimite Jews.

    3. The notion that aliens are actually demons makes a lot of sense. They logically would serve Satan in this scenario and would consider themselves a superior race to humanity. In that context, the goal is to enslave us and cull the herd.

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    1. Interesting. I had no idea there was a Jewish story of the antichrist. The idea that he’s the son of Satan is also very plausible to me. The brotherhood view is that the antichrist will arise out of the Jesus/Mary Magdalene union and their offspring bloodline. I wouldn’t put it past Satan/Lucifer to sire an antichrist with someone in one of the 14 bloodlines. I’m not so sure about Trump as Messiah, he sure didn’t bring peace the first time around (because the other side had such violent convulsions.) I’m not sure how he would unify and prevent that from happening again, unless of course a decree from Satan to his followers told them to cut out that nonsense. That’s possible. Agree on 3, it’s a notion that quite a few people share, including OW. Good to see you around again 🙂

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      1. Veronica, thank you. It is good to be back.

        I believe the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together in my own mind at least.

        Jewish people believe in something called “ibbur.” This is the term for pregnancy but on the soul level. An ordinary person gets “pregnant” or reinforced with a holy soul who helps them to accomplish a mission. I think this is what we have seen with Trump. He was always kind of an asshole with a good heart, but then he became something more than himself, and he isn’t done at all. The DS keeps trying to stop him from completing his mission not because he is “independent” but because they know he is spiritually appointed and reinforced.

        The notion of “aliens” just means intelligent life forms. The rogue MIC is interested however in a particular kind of “alien.” They know where the “ley lines” or energy centers of the world are. They are subservient to the demonic realm and so in a sense they work to remove the barrier between hell and earth. They want to bring together the demonic principalities already here with the underworld – fuse them. They are offering as tribute all the assets they can plunder.

        Thus any human council the evil ones have in operation is not directing things but taking orders. It’s kind of like when someone plays Ouija and unintentionally opens a portal, then can’t get rid of the bad spirits.

        I believe Netanyahu, Trump and Kushner are well aware and working together with the “white hats” to defeat those who have sold out to the demons. Kushner’s family they say used to host Netanyahu at his house growing up.

        Logically whoever the cabal goes after is fighting the demons. For example MBS (SA) is targeted by Iran (cabal). Putin says he is going to get rid of the pagan cults in Ukraine – he is telling the truth and they’re after him too.

        The war is really at its very core a war to stop evil from taking over the world. It is that deep and that real. And I know that many people know it, now more than ever.

        Who is Armilus/the antichrist?

        Who is the Messiah?

        I don’t know, but I think we are close to finding out.


  2. “I believe Netanyahu, Trump and Kushner are well aware and working together with the “white hats” to defeat those who have sold out to the demons.”
    Are you all mad, naive idiots ? In europe we laugh at such inbelievable naivety, foolishness :
    because trampenstein is himself in pockets of deep state, deep into chil d abuse, all three mentioned above are b a d to thje core : are you “new born christians” ??? There is NO “good “cop” there…

    Kali yuga : google it ! We now live in it, the only hope is light from the Bhagavata, holy Vedas.

    Veronica, article about Jessie and alleged document left in US law office with names of satanic participants of her training is great, thank you !

    But your faith in tramp is ridicoulous, your understanding is level minus if you believe in such fake hopes. And there will be NO Second Coming !
    However original spiritual Jesus was in India, spoke with Brahmins, was vegetarian and taught reincarnation , but sure you haven’t heard about that yet ?!?

    Greetings from Polska.


    1. Hello Radek, you must be new to this blog, because people who are regulars here know that I do not tolerate abuse of myself or my other readers. “Mad, naive idiots, trampenstein, new born christians, tramp, level minus” are all insults and this is your one and only warning, any further nonsense like this will not be tolerated. Be respectful or don’t comment.

      I often find that people that cannot communicate without insults are the ones with low intelligence levels. The person you replied to is a very bright woman and although she and I see differently on certain issues, we are both respectful of each other’s views, as I expect you to be towards her, and me, and everybody else.

      There are views that Jesus went to India, some even say he is buried there. Whether that is true or not someone like myself might never know.

      Another thing I don’t like is making absolute comments about things you cannot know. “There will be NO second Coming”. You’re not God, so frankly I don’t believe you have any right to pontificate about things that you don’t know for sure.

      I’m a Christian; I do not worship Shiva or other gods I do not take the Bhagavata or Vedas as holy. In fact, the statue of Shiva outside of CERN pretty much seals for me the fact that Shiva is what I, as a Christian, would call a demon, an entity connected to the fallen angels of which Lucifer is the leader. We’re all free to have our opinions, but mine is in opposition to yours, especially after having learned so much about the Luciferian Brotherhood.

      Blessings to you, and keep it civil and respectful in the future. Veronica

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  3. Aliens are the deception agenda to hide the true nature of them demons within the materialistic scientific modern mindset, so that people don’t realized they can be rebuked, bound and banished to the “dry places” deep under the Earth, until the day of judgement comes.

    No one comes from space, no one goes out to space. No one crosses the firmament. It’s all a scientific farse to keep us believing we are “stardust”, meaningless evolved matter in the void of space, ready to be conquered by other more evolved pieces of matter.

    The “aliens” come from one single place: hell, down bellow. Once they get permission, they emerge to the surface in either spirit or flesh. Most are hitchikers of sinful people.

    Others posses human satanists, which are people who practice witchcraft and drink human blood in ritual (“the third force”). They then can shift into demonic monsters, based on how deep into the satanic practice they went, and how pure is their bloodlines. Most “reptlians” only shift the eyes, revealing the demonic possession. The very famous and rich satanists, of pure bloodlines, on the other hand, do go full monster, greatly increasing in height and mass and completely changing to reptoids or sometimes other types of demonic chimera. Think of werewolves and skinwalkers. Some lose control and become a demonic beasts forever, like wendigos (rakes, pale crawlers). The more demonic they become, the less human they become. These are the ones who have access to the underground cities, the Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.Bs), and the top grade adrenochrome (“starfire”).

    Finally some demons incarnate in hybrid chimera bodies created during incubus, succubus or homunculus rituals. These are whole demonic creatures. Grey “aliens”, bigfoot, goatman, dogman, mothman, hags, merman, and every sort of abomination ever described in myth. The worst ones live in D.U.M.Bs and are served by the hybrid elite above. The lesser ones, in caves, tunnels, sewers and forests. All shun the sun, stink putrid and have supernatural powers. Some are able to reproduce their own kind. Others, are one of a kind creations, like the Enfield Horror. They are the “cryptids” and “aliens” of today. Genesis 6. The antediluvian creations of the nephilim, the Titans of the past, the sons of the Fallen Watchers. Disembodied after the Flood, they return once more in corrupt flesh and blood of chimeras, the impure genetic mixtures that can only receive their demonic soul.

    Finaly there is the transformation of mankind through the biotechnological Mark of the Beast, you know what I mean, conditioning people to be possessed by the demons and transformed into hybrids themselves. The worst of all offspring are sons of the inoculated satanist, bringing about the black eyed babies, the first generation of nephilim, back to Earth once more, to rule above all, once the current hybrid nephilim human elite is DESTROYED by them, discarded as useless stooges. This part they don’t know it yet. Satan hates ALL makind, including the Illuminati. There is space only for demosn in his view.

    As in the days of Noah, they are about to emerge out of their hiding place, driven out by God as both his Christ and Anti-Christ prepare to bring End Times to conclusion. So they need a cover story to deceive the people into accepting them either as gods or as evolved conquerors and take the externeal Mark of the Beast. The illuminati are not being visited by “aliens”, they are the “alien” hybrids summoning the top of their “alien” hierarchy back to the Earth surface. They also don’t want the true Christians wiping out their abominations with the “Sword of Spirit”, wich is the word of God. Every Christian worth his salt has the power to stop them cold with prayer, and they don’t want people figuring that. See this piece of programing:

    There is so much to be known, many people will go mad without Christ.

    As Gods floods the D.U.M.Bs with the current historical rains that are happening worldwide, more and more of the demonic chimeras are being forced out of their hideouts to the sewers and surface. Sightings are becoming more and more common day after day. The Elite is losing their bunkers day after day, so they too will have no where to run when the chaos of the “Black Awakening” starts. That they didn’t expect. Behind their arrogant facade of cofidence there is really only despair, as Gods stops every single plan of them and makes it a plan of His. Everything is crumbling, if they could, they would already wiped out the entire world including themselves in a nuclear war, but both God and Satan don’t want it yet. Everybody will be in this mess togheter, Christians, gentiles, satanists and chimeras. They have reached the point of having nothing to lose, being damned, they want everybody else damned too.

    I know this is a heavy dump of information. If you doubt it, check it with your “insiders”.



    1. Hi Edu, welcome to the blog.

      It’s not really a heavy dump of info, at least not for me, I’ve seen all of those opinions expressed in a variety of places. I always doubt unverifiable information, I believe it’s a healthy way to approach a big issue like the Luciferian Brotherhood System. That’s why I have focused my work on taking details from a variety of different people who have escaped the system and told their stories. I don’t “check with my insiders” based on others’ research, that’s not how I operate. I go do research, collect information, collate it, and put it out there as a possibility that neither they, nor I, nor anybody can really verify at this time, but knowing that it’s better info than much that’s out there because it came from people who experienced it firsthand.

      I don’t use unverified or blatantly untrustworthy sources. It wastes my time and my readers’ time. I also don’t take much stock in people’s opinions who aren’t primary sources. That’s a whole post right at the beginning of the blog, and I haven’t changed my mind on that in the 2 years I’ve been researching these topics.

      My whistleblower agrees with you that aliens are a deception agenda of the Luciferian Brotherhood System. Others don’t agree, and I also really respect their opinion. If you go back and read my other posts, you’ll have a better idea of the breadth of opinion from within the system there is. Not everybody is convinced of the demon-human hybrid potential. Some are, some aren’t. Some believe reptilians exist and are not demons, some don’t, and they are all reputable sources with insider experience.

      At this time, thousands of years after the first hybridizations/matings of demons and humans, it’s logically impossible for all in the System to be hybrids, genetics just doesn’t work that way. It’s not a perfect 50/50 inheritance split from both parents, never has been never will be, so more genetics of one parent or another are lost over the generations. Hence the massive underground breeder and genetic programs–they’re trying to bring back the hybridization genetics that have been lost over the years.

      I’m also not convinced that God is flooding the DUMBS, I’ve heard reputable reports that the military/militaries of the world are doing that, deliberately. In places they had to stop, as the ocean levels went down too far for them to continue without repercussions. Have you listened to Gene Decode’s experience of nuclear annihilation of the earth? It’s worthwhile story to listen to. I don’t think it’s a matter of “if they could” use nukes, they did, and God said nope, that’s out of bounds and reset time.

      My approach is based on curiosity, and not finality. Only God knows the 100% truth, the rest of us are just searching for it. Thanks for sharing your opinions with us. Blessings to you, V


  4. Hello Veronica and All,
    This is another article (with many links therein)…to further explore the events in our world – N

    ‘Shape-shifting Lizard People’ Explained – Gigi Young
    Posted on November 15, 2022 by UponTheFaceOfTheWaters
    A summary of Gigi Young’s presentation on the lizard people phenomenon. As always these are just my opinions as a result of private research.


    I wanted to touch on the salient points in her lecture because I think that she gives a very coherent and logical explanation for all the high weirdness that we are seeing in terms of the so-called shape-shifting reptilian/alien phenomenon so prevalent in UFOlogy and conspiracy culture. To those not familiar with these ideas the following images will seem ridiculous but behind it I am suggesting there is a modicum of truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nina. Lots of new people here, so I just wanted to clarify that the upper-level Illuminati whistleblowers don’t believe in ET’s or different races, they believe they are all fallen angels/demons. Some demons shapeshift, some don’t. So the lizard people would be shapeshifting demons occupying the bodies of humans, according to Our Whistleblower and others. They’ve specifically mentioned the Draco and Pleaidian groups as demons. Pleaidians don’t seem to shapeshift, so they stay hidden in the underground cities/dumbs for the most part.


  5. Lani from fiji. Have been reading your posts for about 3 years now. But have been aware of all this evil by the elites since the 90s. Fiji was the 2nd country to have the no job no jab policy and no one noticed. We here have children go missing. I also look at orphanages here in Fiji with symbols… I found one so far and looked at its sponsors…
    My heart cries out to the children and their blood cries out… These things won’t go unpunished…
    I want to say thank u for all that you do.
    I don’t have an income so all. I can do is pray and thank God for you.
    Much love. And GOD Almighty keep you.

    Liked by 1 person

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