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Tillamook and Carlsbad

This is a post in the Jessie Czebotar affidavit series.

This affidavit should not trigger most if any people, so I am starting off with its text. Original photos will be positioned at the end of this article.

The text transcribed below from the affidavit was released on 6 September 2022 by, at the following URL.

I have amended this typed transcript with full-length place and organization names in parenthesis for clarity and understanding and left the remaining the same as the original affidavit.

(Photo 1)
Testimony of Jessie Marie Czebotar

1) I (Jessie Marie Czebotar) sworn under the pains and penalty of perjury claim the following facts to be the truth. And that I am of age, of sound mind, and competent to put these facts upon the record.

2) I would like to submit upon the record that Carlsbad, CA (California) and Tillamook, OR (Oregon) are long use [sic] ritual areas of the Brotherhood Illuminati System. I also submit for the record knowledge of the following individuals’ connections to the Luciferian System in those areas and what I witnessed or experienced that support my belief that child trafficking, ritual practices and killing are occurring in those areas.

I testify that it is my full belief that he following individuals named or organizations being used are members of the brotherhood System and part of child trafficking in the Oregon, CA, WA (Washington), Canada, and UK (United Kingdom) areas.

(Photo 2)
British Embassy and their partner connections
DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
Charles Esmond Sindercombe Bulmer Bower
Tifany (Reif) Bower
Chief Terry Wright, Tillamook, OR
Law Enforcement of Tillamook, OR
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Tillamook, OR
Father Angelo Te
St Mary by the Sea Catholic Church
Father Larry Gooley
Michael Santos

(Photo 3)
Vapor Voo Doo E-Cig shop (Exhibit A)
Tillamook Family Counseling Center
Carlsbad Observatory
Magnolia School Carlsbad CA
Lutheran Church in Carlsbad, CA
Masonic Lodges of Carlsbad, CA
Carlsbad Country Day Care
Kamala Harris
Senator John Kerry
William Barr of DOJ (United States Department of Justice)
General Michael Flynn
Duke of Kent
Bill and Hillary Clinton
Bill and Melinda Gates

This is a pretty big list. I haven’t been rightly sure how to tackle it up until now, but I think I have a bit of a strategy. I’m breaking it up, and tackling the two regional areas in this post.

Tillamook, Oregon

Tillamook Oregon is near the Pacific Coastline, due west of Portland, Oregon.

Vapor Voodoo electronic cigarette shop, Tillamook, Oregon

For any of you wondering why so many places are listed in Tillamook, I believe it is because Jessie lived there at one time. The Voodoo vape shop is in the middle of the photo below with the green awning behind the tree.

Notice the plethora of construction barricades in front? Well, I can’t remember where I saw this so elegantly detailed, but those traffic barricades with the red and white stripes often are above-ground markers for below-ground child trafficking tunnels.

Two stars on the Vapers map website.

The Michael Santos listed in the Affidavit might be associated with the vape shop, seeing as how its official email address listed on Facebook has “sonofsantos” in it. Michael Santos might even be the man in the photo, above. A picture on the shop’s Facebook page lists Michael Santos as the shop owner.

There appear to be 2 different Facebook pages for the same shop.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Tillamook OR

Re: the photo below. This might be the first Catholic Church I’ve ever seen where superhero Jesus is levitating up the wall with his cape on and not hung on a cross. Don’t you love how his arms and the shadow behind them make a chalice and V motif, and how it is a bit of “as above, so below” symbolism when lighted in that manner.

Father Angelo Te, Archdiocese of Portland, OR

Father Angelo has a YouTube Channel, as well.

And isn’t this just positively too close for comfort?!! A Father Angelo character, a Catholic Priest who is a leader of a group of corrupt monks called–I kid you not, “The Bretheren”–and a villain in the Doctor Who series. My, My. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the above Father Angelo, but whew. That’s a bit close for comfort.

Former Police Chief Terry Wright, Tillamook OR

Notice Wright’s arm position in that photo? It’s a brotherhood stance with the upper hand/arm pointing in the direction of whomever he is subordinate. In this case, it’s whoever is not in the photo. Cheryl Beck calls this arm stance “In the Presence of the Master”. He’s bungling it a bit because he’s holding a set of keys in his lower hand, but if he had straight fingers like the Black Jedi, he would be identifying himself as a warrior/army member/in a military unit.

Tillamook police department fully staffed at 10 officers (13 now in 2022). All brotherhood? It would be hard to survive in a tiny police department and not be, if your boss is, I would imagine.

Tillamook Family Counseling Center, Tillamook OR

Jesuit Father Larry Gooley, formerly of St Mary’s by-the-Sea Church in Rockaway, Oregon

Seems Father Larry Gooley was removed from his post in 2019 and sent to a Jesuit retirement center in Los Gatos, California for allegations including hanky panky with a Jesuit volunteer. I wonder if that retirement center gets its “food” via USPS like other Brotherhood retirement centers do.

St Mary’s by-the-Sea Church in Rockaway, Oregon

St. Mary’s By The Sea is a Catholic Church in Rockaway, Oregon. Pastored by Father Larry Gooley, now it is pastored by Father Angelo Te.

If you read that “Message from Father Angelo” closely, you’ll see that the story involves an unfaithful husband, theft, sorcery, idol worship, visiting a sorceress for help, and a bleeding communion host wafer. All wrapped up and called the Eucharistic Miracle at Santarem. I am not a Catholic, so I’m wondering how often stories with sorcery in them are put in the church bulletins?

Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad, California is a coastal town located south of Los Angeles, and North of San Diego. It is very near an active Marine Corps base, Camp Pendleton, which is just north of Carlsbad.

Palomar Mountain Observatory (a CalTech run site)

The observatory on Palomar Mountain is partly run by CalTech, a California Technical University. The interior of the observatory dome is wholly taken up by a giant telescope. The features that likely make it a good child trafficking area include the remote setting, very close to the Mexico border and the ocean (submarine tunnels). Interestingly, in mid-September 2022 it is still closed due to ‘Covid’, which makes trafficking easier because of the lack of tourist traffic.

That website is chock full of symbols I haven’t had a chance to do a post on yet.

As you can see, the observatory was built in the middle of nowhere. Very isolated.

Magnolia Elementary School, Carlsbad, CA

Magnolia Elementary school in Carlsbad is near both the Lutheran Church and a Catholic Church, two of the other named trafficking organizations in this affidavit, although there are a number of Catholic Churches in Carlsbad and the exact church wasn’t named in the affidavit so it could easily be a different one.

The logo on the front of Magnolia school depicts a sunburst/sun rays which is a common symbol/pattern in the Illuminati.

Masonic Lodges of the Carlsbad, CA Area

The Masonic Lodges of Carlsbad are also named in the affidavit, and there are 4 of them listed on Google maps in that generalarea.

Novus Veteris translates into “New Old”, which would be a good name for an ancient masonic order. If you go to their web page, or their facebook page their logo is interesting. To the left and right are the words “Lux Traditio” which Google translate says means “light tradition”. Does that mean they are in the tradition of the Light side of the System, or perhaps in the tradition of the Bright Morning Star, Lucifer? Perhaps.

In that photo above you can also see the downward-pointing 5 pointed Eastern Star, which is reminiscent of a baphomet head. Baphomet is one of the major Luciferian demons

This masonic lodge gives a very different flavor than their neighbor masonic Lodge, the Vista Lodge. Check out Vista’s Facebook page and there’s a more festive, party atmosphere going on there. Complete with Hawaiian shirts and many, many barbecues.

Carlsbad Country Day Care

I wasn’t able to find Carlsbad Country Day Care. Just a Carlsbad Country Day School, which is a K-12.

Part of the point of doing this post is to point out that you can’t always tell what places traffic children just by looking at them online or in a photograph. Many locations really are hidden in plain sight.

Affidavit Photographs:

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2 thoughts on “Tillamook and Carlsbad

    1. I didn’t. I had to look it up.

      I wonder if vape shops are a common Luciferian Brotherhood business? Might be interesting to delve into. Perhaps her tweet was a warning to stay away from them for other reasons than lung health….

      It almost looks like Voodoo is the name of a brand of vaping products…. I wonder how dirty that company is…


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