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Lanzifer Longinus

Lanzifer Eligos Longinus. Sounds like a curse Harry Potter might toss out to wound someone, doesn’t it? Maybe blur their eyesight for a while. But no, it’s not a magic spell, it’s a guy’s name, or at least his alias. I guess quite a few people connected with the Satanic Temple don’t use their real names publicly because they tend to get threatened a lot. Lucien Greaves is also an alias. Alias’ or not, both men are high-level in the Luciferian Brotherhood.

LEL (lol) is, according to the recent release of a portion of one of Jessie Czebotar’s affidavits, part of the command structure hierarchy of the brotherhood system. He either is (or was) just underneath the High Priests and Priestesses in one communications chain she details from 2018. Her affidavit states that his title in the System is “Head of the Soverign Military Order of Satanic Templars in Texas.”

I’d never heard of him before, had you? So I went on social media to see who this dude is. Apparently being a Satanic Templar means you never go anywhere without your horse, unless you’re sitting in the lap of a Baphomet statue at the Satanic Museum in Salem, Massachusetts.

This article says that his first name, Lanzifer, means “lance-bearer”, his middle name is an homage to the patron demon of chivalry, and his last name is the name of the Roman soldier who pierced the side of Christ as he was dying on the cross. My, my. He studied Renaissance Lute in college, trained a jousting horse, and worked for a Renaissance Festival for many years in East Texas. He looks like a cross between a Harley rider and an old Texas cowboy.

The term chivalry comes up a lot in connection to his name, and one of the definitions of chivalry is “the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, especially courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak.” Hmm. Let’s see if that plays out on his social media. He’s got a presence on both Facebook and Twitter.

On Twitter, he seems to enjoy trolling Trump and other conservative figures, as well as bashing Christians. Apparently pokemon characters are better than Jesus. Like any good college graduate, he trolls in Latin and Spanish as well as English.

Multiple posts (some not shown) are dedicated to trying to spread the idea that Trump is a pedophile. I guess those kind of cancel out the courtesy aspect of chivalry. The hashtag he uses on one of them shown above, #SaveAreChitlins, is a play on #SaveOurChildren, which pretty much cancels out the “readiness to help the weak” portion of chivalry. That dovetails nicely with his online concern for the recent Supreme Court decision that shut down the loss of the (legal) ability to kill babies via abortion in his state.

According to the affidavit, he’s a 9th Circle member, and with that goes mandatory child sacrifice.

He seems to enjoy re-tweeting Lucien Greaves. He follows Lucien on Twitter, of course.

He likes to dress up in Medieval Knight regalia, with the satanic symbol of the Satanic Knights Templar, of course. I wonder if it’s a coincidence or intended that that particular red symbol looks a tad bit like some male private bits.

He provided some cool masonic templar regalia photos from the Salem Museum on his facebook page, and those are interesting because they show a variety of symbols to keep on the watch for.

And lastly, a propaganda piece by the museum in Salem, Mass. on the Masonic Knights Templar. They contend that the name of the demon Baphomet was a takeoff on the name Mohammed. I find that rather unbelievable, unless they had some weird accent then that we don’t have now! Taxil, by the way, is a bloodline surname and the surname of a Satanic Councilman that died a few years back, so, if whatever his family member wrote was a hoax, it was likely an inside job designed to fool the public.

Seriously, folks, let’s add LEL to our prayer list and pray him up for a good long while. Just use his first and last name, don’t pass his demon middle name on your lips. (saying a demon name conjures it). If you’re with me on this intercessory prayer, comment below or send me a private note using the contact form–top right of this post. This is the point of knowing who the people are in this system. Prayer warfare.

In a recently publicized affidavit, Jessie Czebotar lists a few individuals involved in the chain of command of the Luciferian Brotherhood system. Parts of the Affidavit text were released publicly on on August 17, 2022 in the article linked below. I transcribed the portion (photo5) related to this article, and its text is below.

(photo 5)

In [sic] June 24, 2018 I witnessed what we call Command Structure going out among 9th circle and Order of Melchizedek Masonic Members starting from Clara Church. When commands go out, they will be initiated by a Higher Elite member such as a Mother of Darkness or a Satanic Councilman. From there they will go down the chain through the Grand High Priests/Priestesses to those who run the System’s business matters. Those involved in this chain are:

a) Clara Church (Queen Mother of Darkness) with assistance from Julie Cato (Church).
b) Brian Cain (High Pirest of the East/South Quadrants under Laurie Cabot Kent).
c) Christian Day (High Pirest of the East/South Quadrants under Laurie Cabot Kent).
d) Lanzifer Eligos Longinus (Head of Sovereign Military Order of Satanic Templars in TX)
e) Lucien Greaves (Head Protector for the Luciferian Brotherhood System. Lucien has direct contact with Clara Church and answers to no one but the Mothers of Darkness)

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Dear Sovereign God of all Creation and your son Lord Jesus, I pray for this man Lanzifer and his heart and mind and spirit and ask that you convict him to renounce the false light of Lucifer and come to the true Light, the living light of the Creator of all things. Convict him and assure him of the forgiveness of sins and true everlasting life in the arms of a loving God. We encourage him to repent and be saved, just as we encourage all of your children trapped in the system to repent and be saved. In the name of the One True Living God of All Creation and his son, Amen.

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