My Locals Community!!

I have set up a community at !

Locals is a free speech social media platform, that functions a little like a Facebook group, except the whole group can’t be deleted on a whim by the platform, and your posts will never be marked as “fake news,” and the platform will never delete you for what you post (except there are a few basic rules of decency that are appropriate for public interaction).

I have been wishing for increased interaction and sharing of information too small for entire blog posts, but I’ve been banned from Twitter (twice), censored on Facebook, cannot for the life of me get on Telegram, and while I enjoy Gab, it loads slowly and group content is not always confined to the group. Most social media in general is more interested in politics than the reason behind the politics.

So, I decided to try a Locals Community, and see if it’s better. A Very Valued Reader of this blog and I have been working through the snags and my learning my way around. I like it so far. As she says, even if there are only a few of us there, I think it will be valuable!

–Locals is not Luciferian-owned like Twitter or FB or sadly, Telegram. Dave Rubin started Locals.
–No phone number is required to sign up, just an email address; preserves privacy
–I can set as many posts to view for free as I want.
–signing up is free, joining a group is free, and seeing most posts is free
–people who are not subscribed cannot view comments on posts unless they become a subscribor; preserves privacy
–allows really, really long posts. I could almost fit an entire blog in one post.
–allows live streams, so incorporates some of the functionality of say YouTube, without the censorship of YouTube. Eliminates the complexity and maximum participants of Zoom.
–it’s more flexible than Substack or Medium or any other WordPress alternative

–subscribing is required for users to make their own posts and not just be a “viewer”
–subscribing costs $5 a month
–in order to unlock some useful features of the platform, like adding moderators, 49 subscribers to the community are required.
–I have to moderate most new subscribers posts (slightly annoying)

The biggest con to me is that if you want to post or comment in the community, you have to subscribe & pay a monthly subscription fee. However, since I got handed some lemons a few weeks ago and had to lock a bunch of posts, I’m thinking that the lemonade could be this:

$15 for a 3 month subscription will get you the password for 2021 locked posts (about 65 posts total, approx. 23 cents per post)
$30 for a one time 6 month subscription will get you the passwords for 2021 and 2022 locked posts.

If you’re in a financial bind you can spread them out in increments of $5 per month. If you are international or in a country whose general financial situation is not equivalent to the US, email me and we’ll work something out. I don’t get to set the pricing structure any lower, those are the minimums set by the platform.

If you don’t want to join, I totally get it and no worries. You will still have access to every free post on the blog, and every password protected post will be completely free for 48 hours after its published. If you subscribe by email, the entire post will be sent by email and you can archive it forever there. I was actually not intending to ever open up the password protected posts again because I couldn’t figure out how to do it fairly, so this actually solves a problem and might help grow a community. Win-win.

Financial disclaimer: I will be looking for an appropriate person, group or nonprofit to donate the proceeds. Alternately, I might use some of it to help launch the book, and then donate that same amount from any book profits.

I do hope to see you there!

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