Masks: A Massive Ritual?

With the Covid era has come the ubiquitous face mask. And while ‘2 weeks to slow the spread’ has come, gone, and been nearly forgotten as time has flowed now into nearly 2 years, the mask, unfortunately, appears to be here to stay.


Masking people causes a bit of depersonalization, a psychology term meaning “the act of divesting something or someone of human characteristics”. Masks are designed to make us all feel less human, and be perceived as less human. Depersonalization is a condition that can range from mild to severe. On the mild end, you might feel a bit distant from yourself or others. On the severe end, you might experience yourself viewing your life as an observer, watching what is going on from a 3rd person perspective. Depersonalization can happen as a result of being drugged, or severely tortured. In severe instances it’s as if the consciousness detaches from the physical body and floats away. Masks operate at the lower end of the spectrum, distancing us from one another.

There’s a type of neuron in the brain called the “mirror neuron,” one function of which is to help us with empathy. When mirror neurons are working correctly, we can recognize emotions in others. We see happiness on their face as our mirror neurons fire off in our brain and we might then feel the “contagion” of their happiness, and perhaps we smile, too. Lack of mirror neuron function might contribute to autism-like symptoms, where we cannot recognize the facial expressions of another person, and subsequently we cannot feel empathy, or connection to other human beings. (1)

To sum up point 1: Masks make us seem and act less human towards one another.

But masks are designed to stop illness, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, you might hear people say. No, they’re not. Even the packaging on medical face masks says so, and those companies have to print the facts on their boxes. If that information wasn’t truthful, they would be subject to lawsuits, OSHA fines and other legal penalties for failing to be honest on their packaging.

What masks actually do is stop spittle, which is why they were originally employed in surgical environments. Nobody wanted the surgeons to be inadvertently talking or coughing and having little bits of bacteria-laden droplets falling into the inside of the open body cavities where those bacteria could then grow and cause major sepsis and death.

Masks don’t prevent the passage of most if not all viruses, simply because most fabric/cloth has holes in it. All masks are, are a paper fabric. If you look at them under the microscope they are full of holes. If you calculate the size of the holes in one of the ‘best’ masks around there, it would be about 3 times larger than the average coronavirus. In other words, the hole in the mask is the size of a hula hoop, when the virus is the size of a basketball. In the ‘worst’ or lowest-grade masks on the market the holes are the size of a house, and the virus is still the size of a basketball.

Additionally, most of the air that we breathe out goes around the edges of the mask and not through the mask. You can see it for yourself if you live in a cold enough climate. Put the mask on, then go outside, and watch the air you breathe out condense out the sides and top of the mask. Or go watch this video here, which shows you the same thing, except indoors via vaping.

A study out of Bangladesh on the supposed effectiveness of masks in preventing Covid illness symptoms that was widely touted by the mainstream media has proven to be a hoax. Researchers who wanted to try to re-analyze the raw data from the study complained in September 2021 that the researchers hadn’t included it with the release of their conclusions. After re-analyzing the data, they came up with a difference of 20 cases in 340,000 people. Scientifically, that is negligible and not significant. (2) Were the original researchers paid to falsify their conclusion and hide the raw data? It’s a thought. If that’s the case, it’s yet another death knell of science as it should be done, with transparency and without coercion or bias.

Summary Point 2: Nothing about masks helps stop the spread of virus particles from your mouth to the air around you.

So, what’s the deal with the masks, then, and why is the federal government pushing them so hard? Well, after coming up with reference after reference to masks and the occult, here’s what I think is most likely: the Luciferian overlords installed in high government positions decided it would be a fun experiment to see what percentage of the population that they could have voluntarily engage in the clothing of a satanic ritual. Yep, you read that correctly, masks are a component of occult rituals.

Kerth Barker, in his book Cannibalism, Blood Drinking and High Adept Satanism describes a Satanic marriage he participated in at age 13, where the minister was “dressed in a black gown and had a black mask on.” (p. 45) He describes a different high-end luciferian ritual killing and blood drinking ceremony with beautiful live instrumental music, formal expensive clothing and everybody had masks on. (pg 67) Yet another gathering had “dozens of Luciferians” where everybody was wearing masks except for Kerth and two other kids. (Pg 171)

Teal Swan remarks in one of her videos that she went to an outdoor ritual in a Grove where the participants were dressed in either gold masks and purple robes or black robes with white masks, and some wore black masks. (3)

In 1899 Aleister Crowley, the renowned black magician stormed a lodge of the Order of the Golden Dawn wearing a mask and highland dress (4)

One of the first rituals Jessie attended after being chosen as a successor to the Mother of Darkness was one where everybody dressed in robes, with their faces hidden. (5)

Even spoofs of satanic rituals show masked participants, like this one with Will Ferrell.

Masks might also be used in other occult rituals as well, as in this photo, below, origin unknown. It appears to be either a masonic or other type of occult temple, based on the pyramid and all-seeing eye pyramid and masonic compass and ruler ‘decor’ on the walls.

Summary Point 3: Masks are used in Luciferian, Satanic, and other occult rituals.

Cathy O’Brien, who was a MK Ultra mind controlled slave, says that one reason the Luciferians use masks on their programmed slaves is because it deprives oxygen to the brain (6) which makes them more susceptible to involuntary, programmed responses, and less likely to think for themselves, making them more easily controlled.

Gene Decode concurs on the control, and says that masking people during pandemics is nothing new, they were used in the 1918 influenza epidemic. (7) He also thinks that masks have been used for so long to subjugate humans, “since ancient times”, that it’s deeply rooted in the psyche of humanity that masks are a signal by the wearer that they are owned. (8)

Masks as obedience tools haven’t escaped the general public’s consciousness, as seen by the tweet, below.

Cisco Wheeler talks about using wax masks in programming, and how they make the wearer feel like their face is melting off. They are given a ‘replacement’ face, a porcelain mask, which is an additional form of depersonalization, as they don’t have their own face any more. (9)

Our Whistleblower Jessie Czebotar says that when she was growing up in the system that “the full face mask was used as a sign of silence–that they were silencing the person,” and that it’s “a sign of complete mind control, that they’ve been ‘taken over’.” So, in the system it’s a mechanism of control and silencing of the mask wearer. (10)

Summary Point 4: Masks are used in programming and slave control in the Luciferian system

Jessie wonders if subjecting the entire population to reduced oxygen to the brain via masks has an even more sinister reason behind it, which is that sub-terranian tunnels are very low oxygen, and perhaps there were plans to take large numbers of people underground. (11) As slaves? For experiments? To feed the rituals? All 3?

6 Foot Distancing

At nearly the same time masks came into being, the 6 foot distancing recommendations began, as well. In the beginning of the Covid era, it wasn’t known if the virus was carried in an aerosolized from on tiny respiratory droplets, or not.

Later, the six feet distancing was reduced to 3 feet in some places like schools, and to zero in some, like on an airplane where distance isn’t achievable.

The Journal of Infectious Diseases published a study in April of 2020 that showed that most aerosolized droplets traveled well over 6 feet, sometimes as much as 26 feet. Our government public health scientists can read, they knew the conclusions of this study, and it was published well before the six foot distancing became widespread. So while the recommendation of 6 feet might have been a reasonable recommendation in the very beginning, why was it not updated with this new information? Possibly because they knew already this virus wasn’t prone to being transmissible by an aerosol (12).

Six-feet distancing requirements create a universal association with death, i.e. “six feet under”, in our brains. It’s an involuntary association, one our brain does with or without our conscious consent. (13) It’s also a distance that rumored to be used in…. drum roll…. satanic rituals, although I was not able to find any primary sources that confirm this.

A Wisconsin mother tried to tell her school board that both masks and 6 foot distancing were used in pagan rituals, and her Christian children were not subject to those practices, and she was roundly trounced in the media and on social media. One individual called her “confused, ignorant, blinded by religious superstition,” and threw in the tired adage “Satanic Panic” to boot.

The fact that we’ve gone from 2 weeks to slow the spread, to 8 slots on a vaccine passport plus still wearing masks even if you’ve been vaccinated, to some ultra-woke screeching that they want to infect and kill all unvaccinated concerns me mightily. It also seems to concern a lot of people, not just me.

There are other concerning things about the fallout of masking and social distancing.

  • @RuthieReh, Twitter, 1 December 2021 writes that her kids’ school wanted them to wear a yellow sticker indicating their mask exemption.
  • @NBSaphierMD, twitter, 28 October 2021 notes that her child’s school said “no” to halloween face masks–because they would “hinder the learning environment”. She wondered if they would note the irony, but they didn’t.
  • @JackPosobiec, Twitter, 28 November 2021, writes that he thinks that double maskers/double vaxxers who are lashing out at people were experiencing a pathological consumerism and were the victims of cult marketing techniques.
  • Children are more easily trafficked when they are wearing masks, whereas they are virtually unlikely to ever get or spread Covid.

Eve the Majestic 12, who might have better things to do, state that their next big agenda is helping children recover from the abuses of mask mandates. (14)

A quote on social media sums up the fear and control aspect quite nicely. “Most people are wearing masks because they’re afraid of their government, not a killer virus. If there was a real threat of a killer virus, no one would dare leave their home. People comply because they’re cowards, not because they fear infection.” Author unknown.



(2) Widely hyped mask study used to push mandates turns out to be a complete sham upon raw data release 6 December 2021

(3) Satanic ritual abuse is real – Interview with Teal Swan April 17, 2020


(5) Right on Radio Ep. 13  Satan chose Jessie.

(6) Cathy O’Brien interview May 15, 2021 How Trauma, Propaganda & Secret Gov. Programs Rule the World (and How Healing Is Possible) — Cathy O’ Brien, Survivor of MK Ultra Programs’brieninterview:a


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(9) Springmeier & Wheeler. The Illuminati Formula Used to Create a Total Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave.

(10) Reveal Report—Special LIVE report with guest Jessie Czebotar talking Black Magik – Psalm Magic 26 February 2021.

(11) still looking for this reference



(14) Majestic 12 Telegram New Account, 21 May 2021. Time stamp 14:21

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4 thoughts on “Masks: A Massive Ritual?

  1. Hi Veronica!

    The 6-Foot-association is a bit far-fetched –
    In englsih speaking countries – this might hava holding, but all metrics-based countries don’t seem todevelop that association at all.

    But whenever I see a “social distancing” – I read SOCIALIST DANCING.

    Best Regards,



    1. Hey, MT. So, no social distancing where you are? Here they put stickers all over the floors to show you where to stand. The 6 foot thing of course doesn’t work outside of the US, but that’s where I happen to be, and where the covens that use it have to not sure what to say except nothing is universal. I do like the socialists dancing… I think in my head I’ll add “on hot coals” to that, just to be sure the dancing isn’t fun for them 🙂 Blessings, V


      1. Hi V, thanks for your reply!
        Of course there are all mandates tightly in place here (in the heart of europe, btw).

        No chance to escape this, I’m just making sure to reduce the ill-making defects of these “measures” for my family and me are reduced to a minimum. [That is a herculanean task]

        It is important to focus on the detail:
        So, whenever I buy something and the clerk asks his robotic: “another wish?”
        I answer: “Yes, that this shitshow comes to an end soon!”
        You can lieterally see them rebooting again *fg*

        We will prevail!

        Best regards, MT


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