Shorts–Alien Invasion

This book is pretty amazing. It’s hard to get past the title, so of the few of his I bought it’s the one I’ve read last. He tells great stories. Great, as in disgusting, but with the afterglow of “omg this group is THIS disgusting”. I’ve begun to believe that for a lot of people (myself included), we need the jolt, the jarring knock upside the head from a so-horrifying-its-unbelievable story that it wakes us up to what truly awful is going on. If we already know, a refresher in awful keeps us more on our toes.

Anyway, a couple of the paragraphs at the end of the book stood out to me and I thought I’d share them, while also encouraging you to, if you have the means, buy the book and read it. has links, or you can use this one to go straight to Amazon. It’s eight bucks, which is not much higher than the cost to print the book.

Kerth subscribes to the idea that “Satan and his followers could be described as archons, demons or simply hostile extraterrestrials.” Our Whistleblower does not subscribe to the latter. But many do, so it’s worth exploring. He says “I think that the alien invaders are like the bullies in the playground. Once you find your backbone and stand up to them, they back down and leave you alone.”

“I do consider the possibility that the ultra-violent criminal Satanists are reptilian aliens, or that they are possessed by reptilian aliens. This is why cannibalism and blood drinking makes sense to them. The Illuminati really is like an alien invasion. But we can’t fight back with weapons or mechanical technology.” “Until we see the Reptilian leaders for what they are, we are vulnerable to them.”

“Even if you don’t believe in the ET phenomena, you need to realize that literally or metaphorically, we are all under attack from a hostile, demonic, alien intelligence.”

Then he goes on to explain how he thinks we can get free of them, which is also interesting.

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2 thoughts on “Shorts–Alien Invasion

    1. Agreed, it’s all clear as mud. Gene decode used to give insights, but when I started listening to him over a year ago I didn’t care or want to know any alien mumbo-jumbo, so I rarely paid attention. But from what I remember, he’s more interested in the federations and the alliances (space people) than he is in the Illuminati. I do remember him saying that he stopped being able to watch the US congress because to him some really high % of them were reptilians, so, there’s that. I always wondered who WASN’T looking like a reptilian, but he never said. Then there’s this I found, so maybe all politicians are in on it.


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