I ordered a book, MK Ultra Dark Labs 1959 to 1975 Testimonial Report out of mild curiosity a while ago. Truth be told, I probably needed it to get enough in my basket for free shipping. I started reading it this morning thinking it was one of the 3 I had of Kerth Barker’s, but it isn’t.

If you ever need to feel better about your own life, this might be the book to read.

Just when I think things I’m researching can’t blow my mind, there’s another deeper level.

Starfire is a code name of a girl who was descended from Illuminati European Royalty, was orphaned and then donated to a clandestine government research program in Florida to be used as a human experiment. A human guinea pig.

You may have heard of the implant that Cheryl Beck carries in her head behind one eye, an early model of what could today be considered the equivalent of Elon Musk’s neuralink, a device that will connect your thoughts and brain waves to a computer or other technology. Earlier this year musk was gleefully showing on Twitter how a monkey with a neuralink could play video games without controllers, just using his mind.

Starfire had these sorts of devices, and more, implanted, re-implanted, taken in and out of her brain throughout her childhood. She was used to connect to satellites, weather stations, electrical grid components, and more. But that’s not the worst of her testimony.

She was also a witness to Illuminati cult rituals, child sacrifice, cannibalism and she was a pedophile victim of her handlers and experimenters, who included her foster parent, a Catholic Monsignor, and multiple NAZI doctors brought to the US via Project Paperclip. The NAZI’s didn’t lose the war, they just imported its components and their people to the USA and kept right on with their experiments and the Nazi/luciferian goal of global domination via communism.

There are so many stories in this book that are worth bringing forward, but I want to begin by branching off from my hypothesis from three posts ago, which is the possibility that vaccines have always been a part of a government project/plan/plot to ultimately control humanity. That post talked about the ultimate goal of getting people to accept vaccines as mandatory, and then to roll out vaccine passports as a precursor to complete digital human control, by connection to a Central Bank Digital Currency system that controls us via a social credit score. Like is happening in China.

I’m not sure I can summarize what I’ve read better than Starfire does, so here are some direct quotes from her book:

  • I, a rare survivor, am of the belief that Americans used the Nazi’s scientists recruited for the space program to cover their own countries crimes against its citizens. Crimes like vaccines, mind control, and child sex rings for political blackmail. (page 10)
  • During World War II, Dr. [Siegfried] Ruff…. was tried and acquitted of Nazi war crimes (page 10) He had been the one to install a miniature two-way radio the size of a shirt button along my brainstem between my ears during my past years surgical schedule. (page 11) Ruff injected me [with red mercury and] I immediately had a grand mal seizure. (page 12) My brain was hooked-up to a big machine using long needles inserted into.. the pineal gland, the amygdala and acoustic nerves. (page 13) When I woke back up, I was different. I could not talk any more. (page 15). It was too late for me. I had autism, a life-long disability of the mind and body. (page 16).
  • After I got the red mercury shot from Dr. Ruff, I could not sit up. I could not eat. I could not walk. I could not talk. I could not open my eyes in the light of the sun. I closed my eyes when people looked at me. The American CIA kept me in the vaccine program to pair up with mind control for training people with autism until I was 15 years old. (page 42)
  • I have been under surveillance my whole life as a black box human experiment. (page 42)

Then Starfire goes further. She talks about part of the programming system that Cisco Wheeler was in charge of as a high-level hierarchy member of the Illuminati.

  • Under the MK Ultra project known as Monarch (maybe she reversed those–probably should read “under the Monarch project known as MK Ultra”), one key function was testing vaccines as weapons. The CIA intelligence officers did not want people to know what they put in vaccines. The Nazi’s designed them with their knowledge of toxic substances and especially undetectable poisons. (page 44)
  • Florida has been a secret research host location… to create a remote controlled behavioral program. That program was a joint program to complete what I call the New World Order.

So, in other words, Starfire ties Projects Monarch and MK Ultra together with weaponized vaccines, secrecy around the contents of the vaccines, remote-controlled behavior (I’m thinking graphene oxide and 5g this time around?), and these all together form the foundations for the New World Order. Vaccines and behavior modification. It’s no wonder she decided to publish this book in June of 2021, it’s like a historical primer for the present moment.

  • In the old days they used the black boxes on the electricity lines. (Now), they use the smart meters to produce sounds or lights to attract or repel. (page 112) The black boxes hung on the electrical lines… and pinged the homes in the target area. The use of such frequencies can cause uneven brainwave development during fetal development and into young adulthood. I suspect that the technology could be a major cause of autism and other such illnesses. (page 113)
  • For the hybrid vaccine development program, the plan from the military eugenics department was to give the babies the heavy metals in shots after birth to start the pitting process [brain damage] from the black boxes on the electrical wires. The military intelligence community did not want to alarm the public, so they do not allow any investigations. They did not want to be forced to stop their programs or pay damages to civilians. (page 113)
  • The black boxes hung on the electrical lines … pinged the homes in the targeted area…(and) customized the wavelengths delivered to the targets. During the Reagan years … every child in America was not left behind, they were tracked. (page 113)

What Starfire describes here is what Virginia at has been talking about to anybody who will listen for a long time. I first heard her on, and some of her old interviews may still be on that website somewhere. She lost her son to microwave radiation coming from a cell tower, and she’s warned people about the dangers of cell towers, smart meters, and microwave radiation from cell phones and your home wireless internet for a long time. While I have understood for a while that microwave radiation was dangerous, what I didn’t realize was that smart meters were being used for targeted, individualized attacks. Perhaps this is the case for cell phones, too. Maybe that’s why the Patriot Act insisted that every person be geo-locatable to a physical address, and without a physical address, you pretty much cannot function in society. Not for terrorism concerns; for ease-of-targeting. Everything has gone wireless. Even if you want to, these days it’s almost impossible to get a landline phone, and if you happen to have one, the infrastructure is not being maintained. I lived somewhere once where everybody’s landlines went down every time it rained, so they were pretty useless for about 1/4 of the year. We’ve all been forced onto a wireless grid.

Another entire chapter of this book talks about recombinant genetics and vaccines. This, in the 1960’s and 1970’s. DNA was supposedly “discovered” in the 1950’s, and recombinant DNA technology didn’t exist for modern mortals at that time. Couple this with the fact that Our Whistleblower (OW) has talked about breeding programs, and the genetics of the Nephilim, etc., that she was aware of in the 1980’s I’m wondering how long our government, and the Nazi researchers have actually known about DNA and how to manipulate it in labs. The Watson and Crick “discovery” has got to be a cover story of some kind. There’s no way they could have been doing recombinant DNA studies in the mid 1960’s except with secret, hidden technology that the general public simply did not have any awareness of.

Starfire further speaks of

  • Heavy metals and brain pitting caused by vaccines.
  • Fluoride causing the pineal gland to become shriveled-up and calcified, and that fluoride builds-up around the pineal gland and is useful for the government because as it solidifies around the pineal gland it reflects microwaves to other parts of the brain
  • Vaccines being linked, in her opinion, to a medical caste system, where groups like Eastern Europeans and Blacks would be lowest ranking.
  • She talks about feeling out-of-control, with extreme autism symptoms like flapping and rocking when her military handlers cranked up the black box frequencies on her.

And I’ll leave you with one last quote, from about midway through the book because I have to publish this and put this book down for now, I’ve digested about as much of it as I can handle today.

I was officially a retard. I could not get money for anything I did with technology, no trust fund, no social security and no disability. My foster family was using me for child prostitution to help pay my school expenses.”

If this all doesn’t make you think twice about what is really going on in the world, and thank your lucky stars for your life, which is likely easier than hers, I don’t know what will.

Oh, Give us help against the Adversary, for deliverance by man is in vain. Psalm 108:12

5 thoughts on “Starfire

  1. Oh my heck, you have to stop dropping these bombshells one after the other! I don’t even have time to process the few I’ve had time to read! Just kidding, you’re on fire! As a mother of a child with autism, I will definitely want to return to this, maybe sometime when my child isn’t incessantly asking me slight variations on the question, “Do you like the song ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’”

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    1. Lol. I thought of you this morning when I saw your message and then hit the publish button on this one. I am on a runaway train, it seems. I don’t want to cause overload, really! Just tell your kid that I said –“I let the dogs out, you let the dogs out, we all let the dogs out. Wuf.” Seriously, I admire your mother skills to parent a kid with autism, it’s not at all easy. I would probably be singing him “how much is that doggie in the window” or reciting “there was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile…” in response to that question. Anything to keep myself sane.

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  2. I’m trying to catch up to you and inadvertently re-read this one. I don’t regret it. I only fairly recently discovered a smart meter but n our home. I have no idea how long it’s been there. It’s near my autistic son’s room. Guess I will buy a cover . Have you seen any of Bride Ministries videos? This interview is in two parts and it is WILD.

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