Symbols: The Black Cube

Black cubes are connected to the system. They call it the “Cube of Saturn.” “Saturn is another name for Satan or Lucifer.” (1)

There are mysterious black cubes all over the world, some large, some small. Four large ones can be found in Denmark, California, New York City and Germany. Smaller ones can be found in Hamilton Ohio, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Southampton NY and Canberra, Australia. This video has pictures of many black cubes around the world.

Art Installations.

The cube in Manhattan is called the Alamo and is at a location called Astor Place. Interestingly, Astor is one famous bloodline surname in the Illuminati brotherhood. (2)

The one in Canberra, Australia is literally titled the Illumicube. (3)

Endover is placed at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. When I first read that title, my brain saw the word endeavor, but it’s really end + over. Interesting choice of a name. Endover is the cube in the featured photo at the top of this blog page (Photo credit Dwight Burdette, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons).

Many of these cubes are presented to the public as art installations. Endover, Alamo, and two others were created by an artist named Tony Rosenthal, who has apparently put many smaller black cubes on private property, as well. (4)

Pop Culture.

Black Cubes are also found in popular culture. The Star Trek robotic race called the Borg had a ship shaped like a black cube.

The popular British series Doctor Who did an entire show called The Power of Three with mysterious black cubes as their protagonist. Millions of small cubes appeared on earth, didn’t seem to do anything so people forgot about them, then suddenly one day they “activated” and opened but seemed empty inside. At the same time the cubes opened, millions of people had heart attacks, and a third of Earth’s population died.

Connection to the System.

Cisco Wheeler, Our Whistleblower (OW), and Kerth Barker all connect cubes to the Illuminati Brotherhood system.

Cisco Wheeler, in her book The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave talks about how people whose jobs in the system were to mind control children used cube structures to divide the mind into separate memory compartments, called alters. A typical cube will consist of a 13 x 13 grid of alters, and each alter will be accessed by the programmer with a color, number and magical name. (6, pg 82) “Alters within a Monarch servitude are conditioned to believe that their life is controlled by Satan, who is stronger than God.” (6, pg 240)

Wheeler also asserts that the Pentagon’s C3I system (pronounced see-cubed-eye) is there to protect the Luciferian New World Order structures from nuclear attack. (6, page 240)

OW describes the origins of the Black Cube as going back to Lucifer being cast from the heavens. She says Lucifer originally had a large breastplate (armor) with a large emerald stone in the center. It was knocked out of the breastplate by the Archangel Michael when he attacked Lucifer with his sword. (5) That stone, the emerald, fell to earth and became transfigured into a stone that is believed by muslims to be a holy stone from outer space, and is a cornerstone of the large, square Ka’aba building in Mecca. Muslims believe the stone was initially white like an opal, and became black as it fell from the heavens and collected the sins of man.

During ritual pilgrimages to Mecca, muslims walk around the Ka’aba building seven times, and at least once in their lifetime, as their prophet did, they try to kiss the Black Stone. From so much touching, the 2 foot stone has fragmented and is now shielded by a metal structure that looks something like an eye socket. Wikipedia calls this structure a “portal”.

OW is firm in her assertion that the black cube represents Saturn, and Saturn = Satan, and that assertion is backed-up by the existence of occult books such as The Cult of the Black Cube, a Saturnian Grimoire.

Kerth Barker also agrees with OW that in satanic worship, the black cube is traditionally used to represent the god Saturn, which is another name for Satan (8, page 61) The god Saturn represents “the god of child sacrifice, death and time.” Barker also says that the Black Cube cornerstone of the Ka’aba building “within its silver setting, looks very much like an eye, a demonic eye, the All-Seeing single eye of the Illuminati.” (8, page 62)

Barker says that “sometimes demons pretend to be Gods or goddesses,” and that they “may mentally connect with a person by using a statue or graven image as a focal point for spiritual and mental concentration.” He asserts that this is the reason that Christians are warned against worshipping graven images. (8, page 60) In addition to the second commandment, there are numerous other biblical warnings against worshipping idols, gods, goddesses and graven images.

Kerth asserts that the Ka’aba building is an ancient pagan temple from which the god and goddess statues were removed, and that both the building and the black cube cornerstone are both graven images. Even though most Muslims are not aware of it, they “do indeed worship graven images,” states Barker (8, page 61) “The highest leaders of Islam, members of the invisible Illuminati… .know that those graven images in Mecca were deliberately designed to represent Lucifer. But the average Muslim is unaware of what those symbols really mean.” (8, page 62)

Other cubes

There is a Stonehenge-like structure in front of the University of Illinois, Springfield library, surrounded by masonic-floor like red and black checkerboard.

In the very center of the Stonehenge structure is a grate pattered like a cube. OW says that this cube pattern helps mark a portal (also called stargate or spiritual gate and sometimes an ancient gate) , and that the layout of the university is a key code to open that spiritual gate. I found it interesting that the layout of the entire university is contained within a near perfect circle.

Cubes are further tied to freemasonry. Albert Pike in his book Morals and Dogma says that “a rough cube of stone represents the people in freemasonry.” The perfect two dimensional square is thought to represent the perfect man in freemasonry.

This website describes how to make the ideal altar for ceremonial magick. The ideal construction is of two cubes, stacked one-atop-another in an “as above, so below” configuration. Painted black, of course.

Another very modern reference to the Cube of Saturn/Satan can be seen in the official Logo of Operation Warp Speed, the US government’s response to COVID under President Trump designed to bring a coronavirus vaccine to market as quickly as possible. The cube is in the center of the seal, overlaid by a circular blue and red representation of a coronavirus particle. (7) I looked, but could not find any other cubes on official government seals or emblems.

Wikipedia. This photo is in the public domain.

End-time prophecies

Our Whistleblower also talks about five black cubes that are connected to end-time (Book of Revelations) prophecies. She states that when the cubes open, each will contain a black book. Each book will be opened by a man, and in the system they call it “opening the prophecies.” When they open the books and unleash the prophecies it would indicate a time for them to be fulfilled. (1)

Other good blogs with posts on the Black Cube that cover different information than I did are here:


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  1. Just going through your blog and this one reminded me about the arch of Baal they put up in London and in NYC… amazing to read all about this… hopefully you can dig into that as well. Love to read what you perspective is on it. ❤️


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