Joe Biden and a Trafficking Story

Madison Marquette was trafficked for over a decade to individuals including the current “president” of the US. She rescues trafficked children now, and this is a heartbreaking current tale of one rescue at the US/Mexico border. The past 100 days have been “hell on earth” at the border, and this is courtesy of the people currently running the country.

Grab some tissues, this one is difficult.

(note on the multiple video links, as YouTube keeps taking them down I’m posting as many mirrored backups as I can so if one or more disappears you can still find it.)

Same video, just a different platform.

If the above 2 videos won’t play, try mirrors at this link for Bitchute, or this link for Brighteon.

If you’ve not time to watch the first video, here are some cliff notes:

  • Children are trafficked both from the USA to Mexico, as well as Mexico to the USA.
  • They are a commodity, like drugs or guns, each child worth from 30-100K
  • All age ranges are trafficked, from infant to teenager
  • There are teams of extraction experts who are often called in to pull trafficked children out of areas where they are being held captive
  • Some of the extraction team are civilians, some federal marshals and some FBI
  • The very top levels of government, i.e. the White House have been recently telling the marshals and FBI to stand down and not participate in extracting trafficked children.
  • Some children are dead on arrival of the extraction team. Some have already been abused so badly that they die before they are returned to their families.

Madyson also talks a little more about being trafficked to Joe Biden and George Soros in this next interview, and how she has gone after them in court.

There are a ton of people talking about military tribunals these days for the elite, but this woman is one of the only first hand eyewitness reports I’ve ever heard. She claims that she testified at over 100 military tribunals. I have no reason at this time to doubt her.

Mirrored from original Youtube

If the above video won’t play, try this link or this link for Bitchute.

If you’ve not got time to watch this second video, here are some cliff notes:

  • Madyson was trafficked via the porn industry starting at age 18/19 ongoing for over a decade, and it’s been about 12 years since she got out.
  • After she was gang-raped on set, she went to a mega church pastor in Los Angeles for help, but instead of helping her, he “delivered” her to the man who would then own her, Derek Hayes (spelling not sure)
  • (trigger warning) she was raped, beaten and tortured, chained to beds, walls and concrete, waterboarded. Worse things happened, as well, which she doesn’t like to speak of because she feels it is too difficult to believe for the average person (cognitive dissonance).
  • She is studying to be a lawyer, and is suing her traffickers. Her lawyer informed her one day that she’d been subpoenaed by the military to testify against over 100 different people in military tribunals. She is under a gag order and cannot release the location, but she can say that she was escorted to the tribunals by military plane, and that the only civilians in the courtrooms were herself and her lawyer.
  • The last person she testified against was Joe Biden, only the person that was sitting in the courtroom wasn’t the Joe Biden she’d known. The Joe Biden in the courtroom was either someone in a mask or some sort of “duplicate”. He didn’t write with the same hand, didn’t look the same as the Biden in the film that was shown in the courtroom with both Joe Biden and Madyson as evidence. (Clone?)
  • Madyson also “outs” Pelosi as ‘fake” and Obama as “fake” as well.
  • Madyson believes that we are in a dual-presidency mode at this time, Biden is the president of the US Corporation, and Trump is the 19th president of the Republic. She states that the 2nd Declaration of Independence penned by Trump is “out there” and you can find it if you look.
  • Tom Hanks–her first interaction with him was when he punched her in the face.
  • Jeremy Piven–she was also trafficked to him.
  • Matthew McConaughey–she was also trafficked to him, and she’s particularly upset about his run for office in Texas. She states that those involved in trafficking and other crimes that haven’t been arrested yet, this is what they are doing, trying to get into office so that they can continue the drug, arms and human trafficking (of the luciferian brotherhood..she doesn’t say this, but this is the organization responsible, according to Our Whistleblower).
  • Kim Kardashian–she calls her a “pedo”
  • Clare adds that she’s heard that Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Oprah are 3 of the 4 main satanic witches in Hollywood
  • Madyson adds that Angelina Jolie “kept going overseas” and what happened to all those kids that disappeared from Oprah’s school in Africa…
  • Greg Laurie–Madyson names him as involved in trafficking. He’s a megachurch pastor in Riverside, California
  • Rick Warren–Madyson also names him as involved in trafficking. He’s a megachurch pastor of Saddleback Church in California, and just this month (June 2021) is announcing that he’s stepping down from preaching there.

I just want to add as a personal note that there is probably a lot more to come on megachurch pastors. In other releases on Facebook, Madyson has also named T.D. Jakes of a megachurch in Dallas, Texas as being involved in her trafficking.

Be discerning of where you get your spiritual nourishment. Sadly, megachurch pastors, while there may be some good ones, many are “owned” by the Luciferians.

Teach me good discernment and knowledge, for I believe in your commandments.

Psalm 119:66

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29 thoughts on “Joe Biden and a Trafficking Story

  1. When is enough enough? America where is your outrage? The pedofile that stole the presidency is allowing this to happen. To arms fellow Americans its time to fight back damn it!!!!! These are children!!! I am so sick.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Try it now. There are only 2 videos, and if the embedded links don’t work, I’ve added click links below to take you directly to the Bitchute videos. The last 2 videos were the original YouTube, I know they don’t work, I’ve kept them for reference sake.


    1. I think your question is excellent, and I’m not sure I have a full answer for you right now, as I’m still learning more about it, myself. I became aware of these horrors in October of 2020 and it took me a full six months of almost full-time research to fully grok it. I think there are also a lot of interpretations of ‘involved’ and so that’s difficult to address fully, but honestly, right now, I think most of the world is asleep to this stuff and the first step is figuring out how to wake up our friends, neighbors and relatives. Sharing the videos, the posts, that’s a start. As for more active participation, there’s dealing with your health, so you’re strong, protecting yourself with the armor of God, so you’re shielded, praying. I’ve heard on Blessed 2 Teach that visualizing the best outcome for all of humanity (they call it visioning) is having a very powerful effect in the spiritual realm to thwart evil on the unseen realm. I’m not sure that more active participation as Madyson is doing by going and actively rescuing children is going to be a path that most of us can engage in, although I would love to see more men be able to get involved in this, and I think there is the will, but I don’t have the connections to direct anyone there at this time. I’d check with Clare Hocking Okell if you’re interested in that direction There’s an anointing project called that many participate in, but some don’t resonate with that, so check with your own God Intuition and see if that works for you. I’ve also gotten your question once before recently, and so I’ve started a ‘Solutions’ series that will probably run through July and August of this year. If you go to the home page you can find ‘Solutions: part 1’ with some random but powerful suggestions. I’ve heard from more than one person, on different venues that “Jesus is the Decode” to all of this evil, so Christianity and personal health is the place to start, in my opinion. You can’t fight the devil unarmed and sick. You’ll hear over and over that this is a spiritual war, and it really is. Spiritual, and information war. If you find any other answers to your question that are different than what you see here, let me know, I’d love to explore them, too. Blessings, V

      Also–the stories are important right now. If there are any of you out there who haven’t told your story yet, do. When the stories accumulate, the doubters will no longer be able to successfully ignore a mountain of evidence.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. This is from Madyson Marquette’s Telegram channel “Madyson recommends the below organization. Cammy has helped her in the past, they are involved in extractions, and help with survivor support. Tell Cammy that Madyson sent you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Madison……I’m so sorry for your trauma and trauma you shared with Angel and others. God has chosen you for such a work, a work of Mercy. Soon He will deliver justice….God Bless you!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. 1 Timothy 5:19 Do not entertain an accusation against an elder, except on the testimony of two or three witnesses.


    1. But those elders who are sinning you are to reprove (be reprimanded or censured) before everyone, so that the others may take warning 1 Timothy 5:20
      Also, “elders” in this section of scripture means those “who direct the affairs of the church”. 1 Timothy 5:17. So, context.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have always wondered what happened to the Milk Box kids. I knew a USAF TSgt who lost her son… the kid just vanished in Colorado Springs, Colorado and was never seen again. As the years have gone on t become decades I continue to wonder why such a child would never eventually turn up.. such a child would become an adult and make an effort to escape bondage if still alive… and then rumors started coming out of Hollywood..

    The Yacht parties… their hidden elaborate affairs… forced to strip down, and all luggage searched… given robes… of course these were sexual events that had grown out of the Swinger culture and were pre-Aid’s… and the meal of choice was human flesh. It makes for a Hollywood Horror film for sure, and then you realize that Hollywood tells on itself; as it did when it filmed “The Exorcist,” and it showed it’s Demon God in it’s fullness.

    We are living in the End days…. and it is only going to get worse.

    Now we have another Hoax DNC POTUS that is clearly possessed, and only functions well when it’s Demon is speaking thru him, and he was elected by STEALING IT. How long before the MSNbc goons are given Special Uniforms, and un pardonable power to delete those who speak out openly against them? Soon I believe… they are all homosexuals, or Transvestites, and are surely hidden Monsters.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am an admin on Richard Citizen Journalist’s Telegram site … There are soooo many questions my fellow patriots have, such as what will these children need in the coming days, months and years? How can we help? How can we prepare to support them? How can we help foster these blessed children? We would absolutely LOVE to have you as a guest on a live voice chat!!! We WANT to help!!! PLEASE tell us how we can!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. dr kola kolawole, male psychiatrist had been convicted of second degree felony, forcible sexual abuse, and third degree felony forcible sodomy molestation of three juvenile patients at the ontario facility where he worked and sexual assault of a highschool girl in a park.

    Liked by 1 person

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